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Cool Smooth Woman – Chapter 2

The target was nothing but a charred lump of metal in the middle of the shooting range, where Ironhide and Chromia had moved to after testing each other out on the sparring mats in the sparring room earlier. They found that, although Chromia was lighter in mass and bulk, she made up for it in quick, decisive movements, attacks and defences, and also a cunning use of bits of Diffusion and Circuit-Su she had picked up in her way about life. Thus, even though Ironhide was larger, physically stronger as well as being able to predict a lot of her attacks from experience he had, they had not been able to gain ground against the other in their sparring.

So now they were on the shooting range, showing of their impressive weaponry and skills.

"Nice, nice," Ironhide murmured. He was impressed, not only with the way Chromia handled her weapons, skilful and sure, but with the weapons themselves. She told him that she had made her own guns, and he could see why she did. They were uniquely Chromia, moulded to her steady grip, the barrel sleek and smooth, not a scratch on them. They weren't long and rifle like, they were small and navy coloured, but packed a powerful punch, as shown by the decimated target out on the range. Before the target had been blown, tracking scanners on Chromia's plasma rounds had shown that she had hit the bullseye perfectly.

"Mmm…they do the job that I need them to do, don't they," said Chromia, turning to smile at him. He smiled back.

"Mah turn. How's this for firepower?"

With that, Ironhide got his cannon mounted on his arm, aimed for the furthest target and let loose with an impressive volley of plasma rounds, the heavy recoil barely jarring him as he fired. Chromia stood there, watching the hypnotic movements of his cannons as they fired again and again and again, the light and heat washing over her, the vibrations making her body tremble. She sucked in a gasp as she realised she was just a bit…turned on by his very masculine display.

Ironhide grunted and stopped firing, satisfied by the target that had gone into a practical non-existence from the force of his cannons. He smirked and turned to face Chromia triumphantly, and saw the wide-opticed look on her face. "What?" he asked gruffly.

"Why in the Pit would your last partner leave you for another mech? That right there is damn sexy," Chromia smirked back, cheekily nudging the red mech's side.

"Not even first date and ya're temptin' meh femme," snorted Ironhide.

Mock-surprised, Chromia said, "How can this not be a first date? Light, music, attraction, it's all here! I don't need to go anywhere else."

Frowning, the weapons specialist said, "I though' ya said ya ain't gonna be no rebound frag."

"I'm not…after watching you with your boys," Chromia stepped closer, still smirking, and ran her hand slowly down his cannon, "I'm pretty sure I want to stick around. It's not every day that a mech makes me warm just from watching him fire off. That is…if you don't mind."

Ironhide gazed into those mischievously bright optics, to see if she was just kidding the whole way through, but found sincerity. It floored him though, that he had gotten her interested just by showing his firepower! No other femme he had met was like her. She was pretty, she was tough, likeable and as weapons obsessed as he was, adventurous and determined – and this was all the vibes he had gotten from her in the span of two orns. Suddenly in time to this conclusion, his spark throbbed hard as if trying to reach for Chromia. A sharp gasp from Chromia alerted the warrior that the same thing had affected her too.

A spark call.

Those only happened when there was attraction between two mechanisms that were truly meant (some thought Primus meant) to be together. Couples who got together and received a spark call were the ones most likely to continue being happy and those destined to bond.

They looked into each other's shocked optics, and Ironhide instantly knew that she was the One.

Regardless of if they had only met the night before, regardless of the fact he was coming off a bad relationship, this…this was destiny.

Chromia seemed to break off from her shock, and looked at him square on - a glint in her optics, and in total seriousness said, "So Ironhide…what are your views on interfacing before the first date?"

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