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"Love Or Something Like It"

Chapter 1: My Ridiculously Handsome Perverted Stalker!

7:24 am, Sunday

(Cagalli's Point Of View.)

With my eyes squinting from the light of the sun, I woke up to the sight an unfamiliar ceiling. On impulse, I turned to look around me and that's when I saw him. He was staring down at me with the most expressive eyes of emerald, his hair was of some hue of dark blue which reached just under his ear lobes and although, he seems feminine at first glance, his manly physique can be easily seen through the light cloth of his shirt. He seemed really worried, I can see it from the way his eyebrows furrowed. Now, he seems very familiar and I think I've seen him somewhere before.

However, I do not know this man.

"who are you?" I asked, barely making it a whisper, I still feel so weak and my mind won't even let me think, it was just blank.

He stared right into my eyes and if I was in my right mind I swear I would've furiously blushed, but no, I think I was still in a slight daze that time as I was able to keep it in. He came closer and I prepared myself to listen intently to his explanation, whatever it may be I think I would believe him.

"I kidnapped you and now I want to rape you." his voice was as stern as the look in his eyes.

I blinked, twice. "eh?" Then, realization hit me. "AAAAAHHHHHHH!"


Okay! Take slow deep breaths, Cagalli. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale... No, I'm not talking to myself, this is actually playing inside my subconscious mind, so technically, I am not insane.

Let's stop on that scene right there because even I can't help covering my ears from my own high-pitched scream and because I am sure a lot of you are in great wonder as to what happened which led me in this very uncomfortable situation.

Let's go back a couple of hours before this fated meeting, shall we?

There I was, sitting comfortably in my favorite spot, near the window inside my favorite café, 'the fortunefield'. I was just eating my favorite chocolate parfait in peace, minding my own business, when all of a sudden...

2:37 pm, Saturday (a day before.)

(Normal POV.)

"Cagalli!" a redhead called out.

"great, they found me." she thought.

"phew! so this is where you went. we were looking all over for you!" Meyrin slumped on the chair in front of her then another blond sat beside her.

Cagalli raised an eyebrow. "hello, Meyrin, Stella. where are the others?"

"well, Shiho, Lacus and Mir went to buy groceries... As for my twin, we lost her on our way here." Meyrin said with a giggle.

"typical... so, how was it? did you enjoy yourself Stella?" Cagalli turned to her twin.

Stella nodded. "Stella really had a lot of fun... but now, Stella's tired."

"I can see that, want to eat ice cream?" she asked.

"yes!" Meyrin and Stella nodded in unison as Cagalli called a waiter for them to order.

4:30 pm

It was already half past four when the other girls met up with them at the café . Shiho, Lacus and Mir were carrying big bags of groceries which could last for a month but in truth, those will probably last for only a week or so. Flay was the one who arrived last, she had a lot of shopping bags with her and they quickly scrutinized her for that but thankfully, she did bought some things for all of them too so that should make up for her compulsive shopping.

After over an hour of mindless chatting, the seven sisters finally decided to call it a day and arranged all the bags inside the van, thankfully it was big enough to store away all the bags and stuff they got. When they were already about to board Cagalli decided to stay and walk around for a while.

"why? is something bothering you?" Lacus asked with worry plastered all over her face.

"no, nothing! I just felt like walking for a while. you know, to unwind or something. I want to let my mind wander off somewhere, just that." Cagalli assured her.

"all right, if you say so but are you sure you want to go off by yourself? I can go with you if you like." she smiled.

"no, it's all right. I'll be fine on my own, besides I know Flay gave you girls a really hard time earlier and you need your rest." she said.

"I heard that!" Flay yelled form inside the van.

Cagalli and Lacus looked at her and giggled before looking at each other again.

"well, just be sure to call if something happens and make sure you're home before dinner, okay?" Lacus took her hand.

"yes, yes. I'll be home before dinner. I promise, now go." Cagalli turned her around and pushed her to get on the van.

"okay, okay. I'm going." Lacus got on the passenger seat beside Shiho.

"by dinnertime, Cagalli." Shiho instructed as she held on the steering wheel.

"roger that, commander!" Cagalli gave her a mock salute.

With that she waved goodbye to her sisters and went on her way to the park.

5:27 pm

Cagalli sat on a bench near the edge of the cliff, she watched in great awe as the sun seemingly diverged and united with the sea on the horizon. The sky was painted in different lively colors of red, orange, yellow and purple. It was a wonderful sight, simply breath-taking.

When was the last time that she was able to watch the sunset like this, she can't really remember but one thing is for sure, she is in peace whenever she watched her day end like this. The sunset was a reminder for her that she was able to live through another day.

"what the hell am I doing with my life?"

Time and time again, she would ask herself the same question. She lived her entire life like this, just a normal day where nothing interesting ever happens and everything was just fine. Now, don't get her wrong. She has a happy family, five wonderful sisters—yes, she's leaving Flay out of it, a loving mother, a great uncle and although they had lost their father, he will never be forgotten. Cagalli was the fourth daughter of a wealthy family, she was quite intelligent, very athletic, artistic beyond measure, has a lot of hopes, dreams, goals and had many suitors, friends and no enemies. She was also allowed to do whatever she likes, crazy or not. So, how is it that she felt this empty? What was missing?

She took a deep breath of the salty sea breeze and then decided to head home, it was getting dark. She decided to walk home since it really wasn't a great distance form where she was standing and her mind was still wandering off on it's own to actually suggest riding.

She was already walking by herself down the streets on her way back home when she thought she heard something behind her, she quickly looked back and rolled a fist. But there was nothing there. She then decided to turn to a corner, in a dark alley. Just in case, someone was following her, she won't lead them into their house and she wasn't defenseless, she could take on five men three times her size if she really wanted to, she was a black-belter after all.

She stopped in the middle of the alley and turned around.

"okay, come out already! I can take you!" she yelled but noone answered.

After about half a minute, she heard something from her back. She instantly turned around and to her surprise it was just a cat.

"you scared me a bit back there." she was relieved.

She went near the cat and patted it's head, the cat purred in response.

Then, the cat suddenly screeched and Cagalli knew someone was on her back.

She quickly turned... and everything went black.

"the Gods must be crazy!"

"this world's coming to an end!"

"it's the apocalypse!"

"we're all gonna die!"

"it's every man for himself!"

"run for your lives!"

"I really need to expand my circle of friends." that was the only thing Athrun could mutter as he smacked his hands to his face in great embarrassment and his friends weren't making things any easier.

"oh, come on Athrun. Old buddy, old pal. You know, we were just messing with you!" Dearka slapped hid back hard while trying to stifle his laughter.

"of course." Athrun said flatly, he was desperately trying to fight his own scowl.

"yeah! I mean who knew!" Shinn was still rolling on the floor, laughing.

"didn't know you got it in you, Athrun." Auel narrowed his eyes while lightly hitting on Athrun's side with his elbow.

"you guys are not helping!" Athrun yelled at all of them with his face as red as it could be.

"sorry, Athrun. it's just... that was so unexpected?" Nicol commented, glancing on the other guys for support but nothing came. Dearka, Yzak, Shinn, Rey, Heine, Auel and Sting were all still caught up in their joy and laughter form teasing the blue haired friend.

"oh, forget it!" Athrun quickly stood up and was already walking out when he almost bumped into Kira when he opened the door.

"hey, what's up—?" Kira tried to greet all of them but was instantly dragged away by Athrun.

After Athrun and Kira were out of sight, Nicol turned to the other guys and said. "I can't believe you guys laughed at him for that."

"what? it was funny!" Shinn reacted.

"yeah! I mean, Athrun is a stud. Noone can deny that so why stalk a girl? it just doesn't make sense!" Heine added.

"it's just crazy—no, scratch that, he's crazy!" Auel laughed again.

"and he's been doing that for three years already, three bloody years! can't believe he kept it a secret for that long!" Dearka just couldn't believe it.

"maybe because he knew this would happen." Nicol answered with a sigh while walking out the door.

5:00 pm

(Athrun's POV.)

My name is Athrun Zala, I'm eighteen years old and I'm currently living in an exclusive dormitory owned by my best friend, Kira. He's the only guy I trust the most in this entire mansion, well, I trust Nicol as well but not as much as Kira. Anyway, Kira is the only person who knew of my one and only dirty little secret—but not anymore... the others just found out.

"so they finally found out, huh?" he paused and glanced at Athrun. "your deepest darkest secret..." Kira stated as he leaned over the balcony.

"I don't get it! What's the big deal? Dearka hits on girls—different girls for that matter—every single second of every single minute of an hour of everyday and he's practically sexually harassed all of them too! but noone makes fun of him!" Athrun was walking back and forth, waving his hands around in exasperation.

"well, you've been stalking her for three years now, Athrun... and up to now, all you know is her name." Kira said, trying his best to not make it sound awkward.

"that's not true! I also know her daily schedule!" Athrun crossed his arms in defense as he looked away, trying to hide his red face.

Kira chuckled. "right."

"why don't you just talk to her?" Nicol asked as he walked over to join the two of them in the balcony.

"that's the problem." Athrun looked down.

"Athrun, try to just approach her, talk to her. You know, just be casual. I'm sure everything would be all right." Kira walked over to him and patted his back.

"yeah, we'll support you." Nicol cheered him.

"I guess, I should just do it, right? Thanks, you two. " he smiled weakly at them.

"no problem." Kira and Nicol said in unison and after a few moments.

"so... I bet you know where to find her, right?" Kira smiled knowingly with somewhat a mischievous glint in his eyes.

7:24 am, Sunday (the next morning.)

(Athrun's POV.)

And that's what led me in this situation—No! I wasn't the one who knocked her out! I had nothing to do with that! No, I'm not being defensive! I honestly cannot do anything which would displease her! Although... No! Dirty thoughts, go away!

"I kidnapped you and now I want to rape you."

Did I just say that?

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