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"Love Or Something Like It"

Chapter 20: Of Devotion And Revelations.

"You're here again?" Yzak greeted Athrun as he entered the kitchen alongside Dearka and Shinn, they just got home from school, only to see the bluenette was at the exact same spot as he was seated the other day.

"Hmm..." Athrun glanced at him and back at Kira who was pouring some juice for the both of them, not bothering to answer as it was obvious and since he wasn't in the mood. He went straight to Kira's dorm after saying goodbye to Cagalli and the rest of the sisters, they were supposed to get back early sunday and as for the date, things were left unsettled. Flay told him it'd be fine even if he wasn't there but Cagalli had to go on that date, the redhead made him choose and it was either he goes with her or he lets her go off on her own, not knowing whatever could happen.

"He'll be staying here for the weekend." Kira was the one who answered, reminding the guys about the sisters' visit to their mom.

Yzak frowned but before he could give a reaction, Dearka interrupted the train of thought. "The fuck is that?" The blonde pointed to the seemingly strips of bread crusts that Athrun was eating.

Athrun stared at what he was holding before shrugging and taking another bite. "Cagalli and Lacus made sandwiches earlier for them to eat while they were on their way."

"And...?" Shinn opted him to continue.

"They didn't like crusts."

"O-kay." A brief pause before grabbing a can of soda from the fridge and Shinn went out. "I'm out of here."

Kira chuckled with a sweat-drop, placing a glass of juice in front of Athrun while Dearka forced a pokerface.

"So, what's the last trial?" It was weird, because it was Yzak who brushed off the supposed teasing just to bring up a matter that shouldn't even be of any interest to him. "You look like you failed even before you tried."

True enough, Athrun was a mess. Kira tried to shrug it off since Athrun doesn't seem to be in the mood to talk but Yzak couldn't care less as usual. "She wants me to chaperon Cagalli on her date with some other guy." The bluenette grimaced at the thought.

Both Kira and Dearka were stunned, but Yzak couldn't be anymore stoic, he then remembered what Dearka told him yesterday, that Athrun got a ring for Cagalli. "As soon as you get your package, get your ass out of here."

"Yzak!" Dearka and Kira were both puzzled by their friend's sudden cruelty, sure he was grumpy all the time but not like this.

Athrun only stared at him, he doesn't have the energy to argue with the silverhead now.

"Their mother, Via is going to tell them about her agreement with your parents, that you're already engaged to Cagalli since several months ago." With every word that comes out of Yzak's mouth, Athrun's eyes were slowly widening. "My engagement with Shiho was a hoax, they got my mother to plot something with them to test the waters and as soon as the seven sisters find out the truth, my engagement with Shiho will be called off."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Dearka couldn't believe anything, just as much as Kira and Athrun.

"It means, they used Shiho and I as an example for Cagalli so that she'd be able to easily accept something that was long planned out for her." Yzak stared intently into Athrun's eyes. "They never called off the arrangement, even when you ripped off those papers."

Athrun felt his jaw drop.


Cagalli couldn't believe what her mother was saying, she was already engaged to Athrun?

Shiho was just as surprised and although she felt relieved about her own engagement, she felt a little guilty for what happened to Cagalli. She was the eldest, she was always supposed to be the one to go first. And to think she was even the one who brought up the topic. She stared at Cagalli, she was in utter shock, who wouldn't be? But the real question is, what should they make out of this? Is this supposed to be good or bad? Only Cagalli could answer that.

Lacus approached Cagalli and placed a hand on her shoulder, she never expected things to turn in this direction but it isn't a complete disappointment, shouldn't they be happy about this or something? She then noticed Flay, the redhead had been very quiet since the start of the discussion, completely resigning herself from everything that had something to do with it. It wasn't hard to figure it out, she knew.

Flay kept her head down, she's known about it long ago, she found out when her mother slipped while talking to her over the phone regarding Athrun's stay with them. She could still remember all of it, those words never left her alone, though she would never be the one to say so.

Athrun Zala? Isn't he the son of Patrick and Lenore? Well, it's all right, they're already engaged anyway... Oops!

She didn't wanna believe it at first, why would their mother let that happen? Then, she found out about Athrun's parents, that they knew about his hidden agendas and all those other stuff. She kept her gaze away from Cagalli and Shiho, they're gonna kill her for that.

Seeing that noone would get over this anytime soon, Meyrin stood. "So, this is a good thing, right?"

Yes? Well, it's supposed to be a good thing, right? Cagalli rested her forehead on her palms and heaved the deepest breath she could muster, what is she supposed to do now? So many questions running around her mind, she doesn't even know where to start. Finally finding her voice after a prolonged silence, she asked the first question that came to mind. "Does Athrun know?"

And yet again, they fell into silence.

"Yes." Her mother confirmed and Cagalli didn't know what to feel about that.

Athrun was lying to her the entire time? That it didn't matter whether he passed all the trials or not, they still be together in the end, because she doesn't have much choice, does she?

But Athrun did gave her a choice, didn't he? He waited for her to accept him, didn't he? He went through everything her sisters could put him through, didn't he?

"His parents weren't very happy when they found out about you." Her mother continued, as if she wasn't done yet. "And the things he does because of you."

"You knew about that too?" Cagalli couldn't believe her mother knew so much, even more than the rest of them.

Via nodded. "Both Lenore and Patrick said Athrun wasn't like that before, that he's not a bad guy and he just really likes you, that's all. They asked me to give him a chance, to let him stay beside you and prove himself to you, without any of us interfering."

"So, why are you telling me this now? You're interfering now aren't you?" Cagalli struggled to keep her tears from falling, she knew it was for her good and for Athrun as well but why did they have to keep it from her? Just to say it now like this? It's as if they were challenging her and him.

And that's when she realized.

"Because this is my test." Via answered her earlier question, it was obvious that she's been seriously worried about letting a guy, let alone a stalker, stay with her seven daughters. Granted they weren't very defenseless but they were still all girls, so this was the catch. No wonder she let Athrun stay with them all this time, because she's got her own plans.

"What do you want to happen now?" Cagalli had already lost all of her strength, her eyes were starting to beg. "You want me to dump Athrun now? And still get married to him someday? You want to just tear down everything we've established so far? You want to ruin us now and still put us together later on?"

How cruel.

"None of the sort, Cagalli." Via looked at her with an apologetic smile. "I just want you to decide for yourself, your future and everything in it. It's all or nothing."

"That doesn't even make sense!" Cagalli finally yelled, shaking her head in great confusion, giving in to tears before turning around to make a run for it. What the hell was going on? How could they do this to her? How could they do this to him? It's not fair...

Athrun tried again, pressing the speed-dial he tried calling Cagalli for God knows how many times already that night. But still her phone was off.

He sighed in great exasperation and anxiety, why wasn't she picking up? This was one of those rare times when he doesn't have her phone because they were separated and it had to be turned off? He gritted his teeth, he can't help feeling that something's wrong. After everything that Yzak told him, Via could've told them everything by now.

But it wasn't his fault, he didn't ask for that and God knows how hard he tried to hide it from his parents. He wanted for everything to be natural, he'd get to know her, court her, be her boyfriend, propose and live happily ever after. That's simple enough, any guy does all of those things, except for the trials and stalking part, of course.

He sighed again as he pulled on his hair while walking to Kira's door. Then, he knocked. "Kira, could you please try calling Lacus and ask her about Cagalli? I'm getting worried."

Kira opened the door to let him in before grabbing his cellphone. "You should've asked sooner."

Athrun only watched as Kira started walking back and forth, was he always like this when calling Lacus?

"Hey, Lacus. Good evening, I'm just calling to ask about Cagalli. Is she all right? Athrun's been calling for hours already but her phone is off..." Kira sounded so casual but Athrun could clearly see a little change in the atmosphere.

"She's fine, Kira. I think her phone's battery just ran out and she's sleeping already. Do you want me to wake her up?" Lacus patiently waited on the other line, she knows this shouldn't be the time to feel all giddy but she can't help it when Kira's the subject of the matter. When she she saw his name on the caller ID, she was instantly delighted, then after a while, she remembered that Athrun would probably be there. Does he know their mother already told them? If so, then how?

"Oh, I see. Thanks, Lacus. Bye." Kira quickly tried to shut the phone but placed it back near his ear when he heard Lacus call out. "What?"

"If, by any chance that Athrun comes here tomorrow, I think it would be better if some of you guys would come with him." Lacus said and all in one breath, then she hurriedly shut the phone closed.

"Eh?" Was all that Kira could mutter after being advised of such a peculiar request. Does she know? Already?

"What did she say Kira?" Athrun asked, interrupting the brunette's thoughts.

"She said Cagalli's already asleep, we should just head out there tomorrow." Kira said as he glanced back at the bluenette.

Athrun raised an eyebrow. "You're coming with me?"

Kira nodded unsurely. "Lacus said go with you if you go there."

"She knows?" Athrun's eyes widened.

"Nah, I don't think so." Kira waved him off. "Go get some sleep, Athrun. We head out early tomorrow."

Athrun didn't answer anymore, he instantly got lost in his thoughts, what if Cagalli knows already? What the hell is he supposed to do? He let Kira push him out of his room and walked aimlessly around the hallway until he bumped into Yzak.

"The fuck is wrong with you?" The silverhead snapped at him, bringing him back from his thoughts.

"Yzak, can you call Shiho for me? Just to check up on Cagalli, please?" Athrun held him by the shoulder, completely ignoring the intended insult. He was frantic.

As if on reflex, Yzak quickly slapped his hands off. "No, I don't wanna talk to that woman and since its about Cagalli, that's your problem." He yelled back at Athrun as he walked fast to get back into his room. Athrun chased after him, pleading for this one small favor but Yzak was as cruel as he can get, he slammed the door closed on Athrun's face.

Athrun banged on his door. "Asshole!" He yelled before completely resigning to his room, its a good thing he wasn't hit by the door or else, he wouldn't have stopped until he tore that door down.

After closing his door, Athrun let himself fall into his bed. He took out his phone again to try for the last time to call Cagalli, he already knew she wouldn't pick up but he just had to try. And yet again, her phone was still turned off. He sighed, that's the only thing he seems to be able to do this past few days.


"Cagalli?" Lacus called out after entering the blonde's room, after the call from Kira she decided to check up on the blonde to see if she was still awake or just to know if she's okay already. But she wasn't there. "Cagalli?"

Unbeknownst to Lacus, Cagalli was just across the hallway inside another sister's room.

"So, are you sure about this?" Flay questioned her one last time, there's no turning back once she makes this call.

Cagalli nodded, determinedly. "Yes, I'm sure."

"You can't back out of this, you got that?" Flay warned before walking out to her balcony for a more private space, then she made the call.

After Cagalli heard her start talking, she exited the room. She was going to do this, she already decided.

She loves Athrun.

That's why she's gonna do this and she's gonna do it all even before he finds out. She loves him and that's enough of a reason. That's right, he's done so much for her and this isn't even half or a quarter of his efforts. She doesn't wanna hurt Athrun, so she decided to get it all done without him. She isn't gonna let him suffer anymore, it's time she makes the move on her own.

She's going on that date.

After seeing Cagalli walk out of Flay's room, Meyrin entered unannounced. She waited for her twin to finish talking to whoever it was on the other line before settling down to sit on the bed. "Cagalli decided to go on that date?" She asked, knowing fully that there's no other reason for the blonde to talk to Flay.

"Yeah, she said she didn't wanna put Athrun through anything more." Flay crawled on the bed and stretched before lying down.

Meyrin merely nodded before voicing out another question. "About your test, you did that because of me, didn't you?"

Flay rolled her eyes and yawned. "Don't flatter yourself, it's simply just an idea I got from you."

"You're punishing Athrun for something that I did? He's had enough and if we put too much strain in their relationship, they might actually break, you know." Meyrin wasn't disappointed in her supposed date, she was honestly quite relieved and at the same time, happy because she didn't know Auel could be as fun to be with as that.

"Wow, you're the one to talk." Flay rolled over to lie on her stomach, grabbing a nearby magazine to distract herself.

"Flay..." Meyrin was about to burst, why can't her twin be nice to her like Cagalli was to Stella? Just like what Athrun said, they're still twins, aren't they?

Flay rolled her eyes and sighed audibly. "Look, Mey. It's not about you but it's true that your trial gave me a good idea for mine and this is completely different from yours in a lot of ways. I want Cagalli to see what she has and not in the scaring way that you came up with, rather, in a way that she'll meet a guy far different from Athrun. I just want her to make a comparison and to do it all on her own."

"You mean, you set up Cagalli with a really disgusting guy?" Meyrin asked awkwardly, trying her best to understand where her twin was going.

Flay laughed. "Nope, even worse."

"A pervert?" Meyrin was starting to run out of guesses.

Flay dramatically shook her head. "Do you remember how Athrun and Cagalli first met?"

Meyrin looked thoughtful. "Yeah, she didn't come home because she was mugged and Athrun was the one who saved her..."

Flay smirked. "Cagalli's going out with that guy who attacked her."

The next day, Athrun groggily sat up while rubbing scratching the side of his head. He wasn't able to sleep well due to too much thinking, he certainly couldn't put his mind at ease anymore. He swung his feet off the bed and walked over to the bathroom and took a quick shower, he had to get out of there fast, the faster he moves, the sooner he gets to see Cagalli.

Putting on casual but appealing clothes, he walked out of his room. He strode in haste, not noticing much until a rag hit him on his way out the door. It came flying from the kitchen so without thinking, he went there. "I don't have time for this, I gotta go." He swiftly threw the rag back on the counter before getting back on his way.

"Wait! Your package just came in!" Kira chased after him, handing him the small red box.

Athrun just stared at it for a while before breaking off into a wide smile. "Thanks, Kira."

"No problem." Kira patted him on the back as the both of them turned to leave.

"You're really coming with me?" Athrun asked, a little bewildered.

Kira laughed slightly with a nod and when he opened the door and Yzak was waiting for them by the car.

"What the fuck took you so long?" The silverhead greeted them as they walked over.

Nicol was also there, already seated behind the wheel. "Shall we, gentlemen?"

"Let's go." Athrun and Kira said in unison as Nicol started the engines for a few hours worth of drive.

Lacus, Milly, Shiho, Meyrin and Flay were hiding behind a car across the street from a café where Cagalli was waiting for the arrival of her date. Most of her sisters got surprised that Cagalli chose to go on that date and even more when they found that it'd be today. She said she doesn't want Athrun to experience being a chaperon to her date, it'd hurt him so she'd get it all over with now before he even finds out.

Flay already told Meyrin who Cagalli's date was, but she made Pigtails promise to not tell the other sisters, or else. So, Meyrin kept mum the entire time, whenever she would feel guilty she looks at Flay for encouragement or in this case a glaring warning. Suddenly, a thought hit her. What if Cagalli recognizes him? That's possible, right? In that case, if anything goes wrong, we'll be here.

Lacus stared at Meyrin, she could've sworn she saw Flay give her twin glares ever so often since breakfast. Now, she doesn't have a clue to what is was about but she's sure, it has something to do with Cagalli date. I just hope Cagalli gets out of there fine. She turned her attention back at the blonde sitting by herself near the windows, with that look of determination on her face, she'll surely be fine. And of course, since her sisters would only be across the street.

"What the hell's taking him so long?" Shiho hissed, they've been waiting there for twenty minutes now.

"Is he even coming?" Milly looked beside her at Flay.

"He's coming... he has to, or else." Flay answered, not minding if the question was rhetoric or not.

Meanwhile, Cagalli fidgeted uncomfortably in her seat, this was of those stupid occasions where she's forced to wear a skirt. Why does she even have to look pretty for a guy she has never met and surely she won't gain any interest in him, right? She sighed, if only she was going out with Athrun instead. Come to think of it, have they ever dated before? She remembered that time when she was supposed to treat him but he ended up treating her instead. Maybe, they should go out one of these days? They're official now anyway.

With that thought in mind, Cagalli ended up not noticing a guy approached her.

"Hello, Miss Cagalli." A rather tall guy with curly purple hair stood next to her.

Cagalli smiled awkwardly when she saw him, he seems nice but for some weird reason, there's that creepy feeling tugging in her gut. "Hi, nice to meet you."

"Yes, I'm Yuna Roma Seiran." The guy sat in front of her and started talking.

She pretended to listen and look interested in whatever crap came out of his mouth, nodding every now and then, when she sees his expression becoming sort of excited. But the truth was, he instantly lost her at 'Hello'. She sighed inwardly, if she gets out of this alive, Flay's dead.

"Well, he seems..." Lacus paused to think of a better term, but couldn't find any since Athrun was the one setting standards, her silence was broken by Meyrin.

"He's nothing compared to Athrun." The pig-tailed redhead commented while standing up from where she was crouching a while ago, not caring anymore if Cagalli or her date sees. Her excitement died in no time, this guy wasn't even a fight to consider. She walked away, it was a bit hot and she already lost the interest in watching, if it's that guy then there's nothing to worry about.

"Where are you going, Mey?" Milly shouted at the retreating figure.

"I'm gonna buy something to drink, it's hot and things just turned too boring to bear with." Meyrin said, not turning back, she doesn't care anymore.

"Are you sure? The show hasn't even started yet?" Flay called her back as well.

It was only then when she remembered that no matter how foolishly incapable that man may seem, he was still the one who attacked Cagalli. Well, that was what Flay said. Suddenly, Meyrin heard silent gasps from the rest of her sisters, she immediately turned to look back at the café and that's when she saw it, the show Flay was talking about wasn't just about Cagalli and that man.

Nearly three hours of drive, Athrun along with trusty friends finally reached the countryside where the Clyne mansion was located. They parked nearby a café to get some lunch first, since they left pretty early in the day. And besides, Athrun needed a break, he's so close to having an anxiety attack, he might not even make two steps into the Clyne household.

Quickly exiting the vehicle, Athrun was lead into a simple café where atmosphere was too good for a change. Kira and Nicol immediately walked over to the counter and Yzak remained standing next to him, both of them looking for a good spot to sit.

There wasn't anything much interesting in there, but it wasn't bad. He turned, heading to the table near the windows and that's when he saw her.

Even from her back, that was definitely her and there's no way he could be mistaken. Cagalli was there, sitting a few tables from them, a man with purple hair—wait, purple hair?

Athrun saw red.

It was him. That man he nearly killed the first time they met because of what he did to Cagalli, he'll never forget that poorly developed face of a baboon, just the sight of him caused Athrun to feel that great thirst to kill and he will too. He took a step closer but instantly found a hand on his shoulder, Yzak was stopping him.

"I won't do anything stupid, not until Cagalli's gone." He said, shrugging off his friend's hand. He's not stupid as to not figure out what's going on, he knew the moment he saw them together. What's bothering him is the question 'why', why would Cagalli even decide to go through something like this on her own and why didn't she even told him about it?

Athrun silently sat behind Cagalli, he'll wait until it's all over before making his move. Also, he was curious as to why she got herself in this situation.

Not far from them, just a street across from the café, Shiho held Flay by the collar while helplessly watching whatever happened inside the shop. Since Athrun walked in there, Meyrin found herself walking back to her earlier position, beside her sisters. Who would've thought Flay was capable of plotting something this evil?

"But I didn't do anything!" Flay defended, trying desperately to pry Shiho's hands off. "Lacus was the one who told Athrun to come here!"

"What?" Shiho, Milly and Meyrin abruptly turned to their pink-haired sister.

Lacus laughed sheepishly. "Actually, I just told Kira that if Athrun would come here, he should go with him."

Shiho raised an eyebrow. "Why would you tell Kira that?"

"No reason." Lacus said quickly as she looked away with a hint of pink staining her cheeks.

"Well, anyway... What do we do now?" Milly looked back inside the cafe, Yzak sat in front of Athrun and both of them seem to be merely waiting for whatever happens.

Kira started walking back to where Athrun and Yzak were at, noticing the figure behind Athrun, he gave Yzak a questioning stare but the silverhead didn't say anything, he just looked out the window. Kira looked at Athrun, sparing a last glance behind them, he sat beside his best friend. A little while later Nicol approached them carrying their orders, he was surprised at first but figured he wouldn't make a fuss about it since they wouldn't want Cagalli to figure out they were there. He sat opposite to Kira and thus, they started eavesdropping.

"I am telling you, it would be better if we blow this sorry joint and head over to my place." Yuna gave her a sinister smile that instantly sent shivers down her spine—and not the good kind. "My pants aren't comfortable but my bed is."

Okay, that does it.

She can take the long hours of torture, breathing the same air as him and she even suppressed herself from retorting to him. But she will not let him have the pleasure of even just thinking that a lame pick-up line like that would get her on his bed.

Cagalli stood up and with one swift movement, flipped the tables on him. A loud crash with everything on the table thrown off and she stomped out, not even muttering a word, he wasn't worth it. Nicol ducked his head to make sure Cagalli doesn't notice him when she walks away and luckily she didn't. The entire shop merely stared at the retreating figure and then at the man under the flipped table but no one got near him.

Athrun watched as Cagalli got out of the shop and immediately flagged down a cab which went away just as fast as she walked out. Then he stood and stared at the pitiful creature, crawling from under the table and whining about the blonde being such an amazon, while struggling to wipe off some icing from the cake the blonde didn't even touch.

"She'll pay for this."

Athrun heard him hiss and without second thoughts, the bluenette casually walked over and just like Cagalli, he gave him a swift blow in the gut, the guy didn't even realize what hit him.

"The next time I see you near Cagalli, I'll kill you." Athrun whispered which such venom that none of his three friends dared stopping him. "And I'll do it too, seriously."

With that, he let Yuna stumble and immediately lose his consciousness as soon as his head hit the ground. Athrun turned around to walk away, noone followed after him as he got out, boarded the car and sped off.

As soon as he was out of sight, Kira approached the manager, apologized for causing the scene and payed for the damage. Nicol just stared at Yuna, silently contemplating if he should help him since noone seems to have the heart to do so, he looked back at Yzak and that's when he noticed that the silverhead had obviously not been paying much attention to the commotion since it started.

Yzak was still looking out the window, Nicol absentmindedly followed his gaze, eyes wandered around only to land on six girls standing in a parking lot across the street. How long have they been there?

"Let's go, we might as well greet them since Athrun left us already." Kira broke the two out of their thoughts as he lead the way outside.

Athrun parked the car just outside the Clyne residence, he walked from there and contemplated how he was going to go about his plan with every step he took. For sure, Cagalli wouldn't be the one to open those doors for him when he gets there, it would most probably be her mom. The woman who signed those damn papers, how the hell is he supposed to speak to her?

He brooded over and over the things he could say, slowly shortening the distance between himself and the porch. The villa was big and proud but was also quite humble, it wasn't his first time here, being Cagalli's stalker, he's already been here a few times before. He walked up to the door and rang the door bell.

And just as he expected, it was Via who greeted him upon opening the door. "I've been expecting you." She smiled and surprisingly, he felt her sincerity.

"Likewise." He bowed in respect and smiled trying to imitate what the lady had done.

"Come on in." She stepped aside to give him space and walked to the direction of the living room, expecting the lad to follow shortly. Immediately after taking their seats in front of each other, Via spoke again. "I guess, there's really no need for introductions. But just for kicks, I'm Via Clyne, Cagalli's mother."

"Athrun Zala." He bowed again.

"Let's cut to the chase shall we?" Via motioned for him to state his business, both of them already knowing well about what's going on.

"I'm just here to see to Cagalli." Athrun answered, he didn't really wish to delve on that engagement thing again, he just wants to see Cagalli to just check up on her and maybe, talk about stuff if she wants to.

"Well, I'm sorry to say this but I don't think she'd want to see you right now." Although having said that, Via knows Cagalli wants to see Athrun after that traumatic dating experience, anyone could easily tell upon first glance that Cagalli seriously didn't enjoy the company of whatever horrible creature that was.

Athrun fell into silence, he didn't know how to bring things up to Cagalli's mother, how should he start? He's engaged to Cagalli but he doesn't acknowledge that for fear that Cagalli might not want it, then again, he came here carrying a ring in his pocket, didn't he?

Seeing that he's not gonna speak any time soon, Via called for his attention again. "What are you planning to do now?"

Athrun looked up at her but looked down again, without saying a word he took out a little red box, opened it and stared at it. He doesn't care anymore, he's here already, he might as well do as he planned, right? Gathering all the bravery he could muster, he showed the ring to Via, placing it on the table between them.

Via raised an eyebrow. "If I'm not mistaken, it's my daughter you want and not me, right?"

Athrun chuckled nervously after hearing that. "Yes, but I would just like to ask for your blessing first before facing Cagalli with this in hand."

Via remained passive and waited for him to continue, he was impressive so far but she wants to see more.

"I've been aware of what my parents tried to do and if it's just that, you have nothing to worry about because I have no intention of forcing Cagalli into something she might not like. And honestly, I didn't come here to propose, it'd be too early for Cagalli since she's only known me for roughly a month." While talking, Athrun kept his head down, it's not that he was embarrassed to profess his love for her, heck he was prepared to yell it out to the world. However, talking about this with her mother proved to be most awkward.

"I don't really know what I want to happen myself, I'll probably just go with whatever Cagalli wants." Athrun finished lamely, shaking his head and after taking the a few breaths, he looked up at Via. "Why did you sign those papers?"

Via shrugged. "It was worth a try." Then, she suddenly stood up to leave.

"Wait, where are you going?" Athrun called back to her as she turned to leave.

Via looked back at him. "Well, you said you just wanted to see Cagalli, right? So I'm leaving you two to talk." And with a satisfied smirk on her face, she walked away.

Suddenly, Athrun heard a familiar laugh, that one which he has come to love all this time. She was laughing at him. Jesus Christ, where does he hide his face now?

He didn't want to look back, he seriously didn't wanna face her now. He couldn't—he wouldn't!

But with every passing second, her laughter only seems to grow and bury him in deeper and deeper into shame.

He slowly glanced behind him, she was laughing so hard, one of her hands hugging her stomach and the other aiding her jaw. What was so funny?

Oh, that's right. It was him. He's always the one who's so funny because he's the one in love with her, at least, that's what she always says. He didn't really get it and it kinda hurts to think like it that way. But she was laughing and he has to admit, he loves seeing her like that.

Maybe, it was fine like this.

"Aren't you done yet?" Still, it's a bit irritating.

Cagalli wiped a tear forming at a corner of her eyes before gasping for air, laughing so hard never felt so good. "You're so funny, Athrun." She muttered, shaking her head while approaching him.

She stood in front of him in close proximity and stared at each other for a while before hugging. When they broke apart, he held her hands and again they stared at each other. There was nothing funny but they both feel so giddy, they just have to smile.

Neither of them said a thing, neither of them made a move to let go.

Suddenly, Athrun remembered something, he left the ring on the table. He glanced at it and Cagalli followed his gaze, then they looked back at each other and laughed.

"Well, it's not like I have much dignity left, right?" Athrun chuckled, releasing one of her hands and grabbing the ring on the table. He showed it to her.

Cagalli stared at it, then looked at him. "Don't you dare, Zala."

With that Athrun laughed, but he ignored it and knelt in front of her. Then he placed the ring in her left ring finger. "Will you marry me, Cagalli?"

Cagalli stared at the ring in her finger, then she briskly waved off the hand that was holding her. "Nope, but thanks for the ring!" She laughed at the look on his face before running away and disappearing from sight.

Athrun was left dumbfounded, still kneeling with his mouth hanging open. What the hell?

Cagalli stirred, feeling weight all over her form, there was another breathing just beside her face and all of a sudden something was pressed onto her face. Her eyes shot open, Athrun was kissing her!

He then pulled back, smirking as he towered over her. "Good morning, princess."

"You're in my bed again." She greeted back deadpanned. "And this is my mother's house, if you haven't forgotten."

He smiled lazily at her. "It's fine, we're practically married now anyway."

Cagalli pouted at that, but he ignored it and laid back down on top of her, he pressed his cheeks onto hers. Resistance had always been futile when it was with him, although, he could always say the same with her. She smiled and raised her hand to look at the ring on her finger.

"I love you, Cagalli."

She heard him say and she answered with a giggle.

"I know."

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