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Mission 2110: Battle Rites

Chapter One

"The war isn't over."

The words rang in both their ears.

"What?" Caleb exclaimed for the both of them, he seized the radio equipment cranking up the volume "Hello!" He replied, spilling over in eagerness, "Come in! Come in! What are you saying? Who are you?"

"Caleb? Caleb is that you?" The voice, man middle aged by the sounds of it, its gruffness raising, almost clamouring for an answer.

"Yes." Caleb agreed readily, "Who-?"

"Oh Caleb! Meddler! It's really you!" There was real joy in that voice, real relief. Weirdly, to Lexa at least, it sounded almost familiar. "Now, both of you listen closely, I don't have much time. The war isn't over. The Roboidz factioned in the east, they turned from Neuros and followed another."

"Like, like Arkon?" Caleb was incredulous.

"Worse, much worse." The gruffness returned in full, heavy in severity, "The Droid is known as Raze. They've been fighting against Neuros and her subjects for years-each trying to gain the upper hand with mankind stuck in the middle."

"They always need shades for their dirty work." Noted Lexa bitterly.

"Who's that?" The voice questioned sharply, "Who's there with you?"

She answered automatically, "Lexa, Axel from-"

"It doesn't matter where from anymore," He we're all fighting the same cause. Now listen, this is vitally important." He paused, as though trying to impose the gravity of his next sentence, "They are coming."


"Caleb, just listen!" The voice, the man, was growing impatient. Lexa recognised that tone. He was a leader. Used to being followed. Caleb didn't have her discipline. "The renegade droidz, the only reason the conflict didn't reach Futuregate was that it was the stronghold of Neuros, fiercely defended by her and her Roboidz. Now, you've destroyed her, the forces have ceased to function. Raze's droidz are heading for Futuregate as we speak."

"WHAT?" The both of them cried in shock. This was impossible! After everything! More droidz hammering at their base. This was not good. On an Epic Level.

"They're coming to destroy you Caleb!" Declared the man, his tone frightening in it's sincerity, "Destroy you both!"

"But why?"

"Because Futuregate is the symbol of Neuros!" He explained hurriedly, "They want to remove all trace of their opposition so you have to get out, get out now!"

"How?" Add to that who, what, when, where and why for good measure. This was totally crazy! Thought Caleb, Roboidz! Alive! Coming for them! It couldn't be true and as if they can just up and leave Futuregate like that?

The voice clearly wasn't taking no for an answer.

"Rendezvous with me." He ordered, "Resistance code coordinates; 'God's bridge, speared and dropped."

Lexa started scribbling the words furiously.

First of the wave markers. Lightning's home.' Get that Ion to translate it. Fast. Get here as quickly as you can. Your lives depend on it." He paused, gathering his momentum and trying to sound encouraging, "We've got a plan," His resolved hardened, conviction powering his words.

"The resistance is here! Together we'll beat them, once and for all! Over and-"

"NO! Wait!"Caleb all but yelled, "Please! who are you? Just tell me who I'm looking for!" He cried the desperation rising in his voice.

"My name is Simeon Lansing."

Both the rebel's jaws dropped.

"I'm your father Caleb." The voice softened a fraction, allowing warmth to creep in, "I hope we meet soon."

They could almost hear him smile.

"Be quick son."

The radio crackled empty

"M-my, my father?" Eyes reaching the size of juggling balls he turned back to the radio, trying to recall the signal, "Dad! Dad! Come back! Please!"

"Caleb," Lexa put her hand on his arm, hoping to steady him worried that he would damage their only radio in his eagerness. What the hell was going on? Caleb hadn't really mentioned his father, other than his own imaginings and what was in the records. A temporal scientist wasn't it? But that was sixty years ago! Her mind was fizzing over at the revelation only managing to form the single word she could articulate "How?"

"I don't know," He looked so confused, "He-He was vaporised, So Cybele," He corrected quickly, "Mum, said."

"But what does that even mean, vaporised?" This was all new vocab for her, seriously, how had she assumed she knew all about Caleb and Futuregate? Idiot girl. There must a huge amount she didn't know yet. A week wasn't enough time for anything. Except saving the world. Apparently badly. And by the way, how was that even fair?

"It's a long story, one I really don't have time to tell you right now but in short if you're vaporised you're sent somewhere else, off Futuregate." He went very serious, "My Dad built it years ago. It was meant to be a time experiment but he disappeared in his lab one day. Cybele, mum, said he was there one minute, gone the next. Vaporized. Like the recruits."

"The recruits? What were they doing on there?" This was getting more complicated by the minute.

"Like I said, long story, I'll tell you later." Caleb's look said it all, they really didn't have time to mess around.

"Alright. Okay focus. Where does it send you?"

"I don't know. I don't think there were any coordinates set."

"Right, well I don't know where he was sent either by the vaporizer thing but I do know where Simeon is right now."

"What? How?"

"I translated the code like he said." She flashed him a brief grin, "Brought up resistance style remember"

"And I've never been more grateful," He looked at her hopefully, "So?"

"The biggest island of Japan, in the city of Tokyo, well, what's left of it."

"Japan?" His jaw dropped, THAT would take some trekking or transporting or whooshing, however it was Lexa managed to appear on Futuregate "How is he in Japan? How do you know?"

"Like he said," She explained simply, "resistance code."

"That stuff about gods and bridges?" He exclaimed, "THAT'S a resistance code?"

"Yep, look we don't have time to go into it now but basically, we humans like our stories and the more decimated and digitalised we got the more people liked to remember the time before, before all this." She paused, trying to find the right words, "It a creation story. The story of Japan. Each country was coded to how it began. Because we're going to have to start again after this. Start again and do it right."

Wow. That was an eye opener. He couldn't help the sudden sick feeling that sunk into his stomach. There was so much he didn't know. That wasn't a newsflash but being reminded of just how much? That was a kicker. Once this was over he was going to have a serious info grab with Lexa. Right now though, so long as she was by his side, they had more important things to be doing. Like battling more Droidz. And finding his father. His Dad. In Japan. Japan.

"But that's the other side of the world!" He finally said aloud, "Can your transporter get that far?"



"I have no idea."


"Look, you leave me to worry about that. I locked part of the transmission. If I can key in the code we can follow the waves back to the source."

"Instant transference?"


He beamed, total belief clearing his face, "You're brilliant!"

"Only if it works." She countered. This was going to be one hell of a test of her construction skills

"Right. Yes. I've got to see Cybele, I mean, well, she needs to know everything."

"Too right! I'll do what I can here."

"I'll get supplies too," He chuckled mirthlessly, "Never a quiet moment."

"Never! Be back soon."

"I will."

They clasped hands quickly. Then he turned, darting off down the corridor, "Good Luck!" Lexa cried to Caleb's rapidly disappearing back.

'No pressure Lexa' she muttered to herself as she tooled up with pencil and pliers.


So there we have it guys! Start of a new adventure! Hope you enjoyed this chapter! Let me know what you thought!

Btw, I'd picked the setting of Japan months ago long before all the current problems. I mean no offence with the setting, it was and is purely the most logical choice for the story arc. The myth Lexa is referring to is part of the Izanagi and Izanami story who stood on the Floating Bridge of Heaven using the heavenly jewelled spear to stir the ocean below and let the water droplets fall to form the islands of Japan. Type in Japanese origin myth to wiki if you want to know more! :D