ok, this is just something that wouldnt leave me alone. Also, I wanted to see if I could do a sex scene, as I would like to put one in my Bones story. I havent read over this, I just wrote it. Probably been done thousands of times. Let me know how I did.

If you recognize it, it's not mine

"Buffy, its time for bed."

"OK mom." Buffy calls to her mother, rising and turning off her lights. She returns to her seat on her windowsill, hugging Mr. Gordo, looking out into the night.

Her body is tired after fighting the Bezoar and saving the citizens of Sunnydale once again. But that isn't what is bothering her; she misses Angel. She had hoped that he would come and visit her in her room, to check if she was ok after hearing about what went down at the school. But it's been hours, and he still hasn't shown.

"I guess I really got him made this time," Buffy says to Mr. Gordo, referring to the argument she and Angel had the night before.

"You don't ever think about the future?" Angel asks.

"No." she answers truthfully.



"You really don't care what happens a year from, five years from now?"

"Angel," she says, trying to get him to understand how much she loves him. "When I look into the future, all I see is you. All I want is you."

They stare at each other, their gazes full of love and sadness.

"I know the feeling," he says as he leans down for a kiss.

Their kiss is quickly passionate and Angel presses her into the stone behind her. Angel's thoughts are full of her, how much he loves her. He would give anything he could to make sure she was happy and safe. His wishes with all of his unbeating heart that he was human, that he could give her babies and watch them play in the sun.

Knowing she needed air, he moves his kisses to her face and down her neck, where he can feel her rapid pulse.

"Angel." She pants, running her hand into his hair.

"Hmmm" is the response from him.

"I want to be with you forever." Angel lifts his head, but she continues before he is able to talk. "I mean it. Forever…You're kind of forever."

Angel stares at her in shock. She can't be saying what he thinks she is.

"Buffy." He whispers fearfully.

"Turn me Angel." She says as she tilts her neck to him. "Be my sire."

"How can you ask me that?" he says, his voice full of rage. He grabs her arms and lifts her to her toes, still pressing her into the stone.


"No! Do you hear me? No!" he shouts at her before releasing her and leaving.

Buffy wipes a tear from her eye as she looks down at her stuffed pig, knowing she ruined the most important relationship she will ever have in her life. She gets up and moves climbs under the covers, still snuggling her pig.

"Hey," a deep voice calls softly from the window. She sits up and sees Angel looking in.

"Hey," she returns to him

"Can I come in?" he asks hesitantly.

"Yeah." Her voice is quiet and shy. He climbs in and takes a step towards her bed.

"I heard about what happened. Are you ok?"

"Peachy. Just another day in the life of the Slayer."

He nods, and looks down at his hands, which are fiddling together.

"Angel, I love you." She tells him. His head snaps up.


"No let me say this." She gets up and walks to him. " I understand why what I asked got you mad, but I can't stand this anymore."

She wipes the tears falling from her eyes.

"All these people that I save, they get to live their lives, have relationships and be happy. But I don't. All I want is to be with you and half the time I don't even get to do that." she moves past him to pace, anger seeping into her tearful words. "And it's not as if I'm the only Slayer anymore. Kendra loves being the Slayer, I mean, would love to be THE Slayer, not A Slayer. Why shouldn't I just turn my back on it? What good has it ever given me, besides you?

"Do you love me?" she stops her pacing and walks to him.

"Buffy," he says, sounding tortured.

"Do you?" she says as she stops within inches of him.

"Yes," he whispers.

"Do you want to be with me forever?" she reaches up and cups his face. "There isn't any other way, Angel. I know you, eventually you'll leave."

"Buffy," he starts to deny.

"Yes you will. You'll think that I deserve a normal guy, someone who can take me out in the daylight. But I only want you."

He looks into her eyes and sees she means everything she is saying. He knows he will turn her, and his heart breaks at the thought. He leans his forehead against hers, wrapping his arms around her warm body.

"I only want you," he whispers. "Forever."

He lowers his mouth to hers, pouring all of his love into the kiss. She instantly returns it, wrapping her arms around his neck. Wanting to bring her pleasure before changing her, he changes the angle of the kiss, running his hands lightly over her body.

She moans into his mouth, arching into him as his hand molds her left breast. Without breaking the kiss, Angel lifts her up and carries her to the bed.

Slowly, they undress each other, kissing and caressing the skin exposed to them. Angel is intoxicated by her sounds as he touches her, the quiet gasp as he suckles her breasts. Buffy is beyond thought, lost in the feel of Angel making love to her. She runs her hand through his hair as his kisses take him past her stomach and to the core of her heat.

Buffy arches up, her eyes rolling back in her head and she breathes his name as Angel uses his tongue to please her. Angel is lost in the taste of her; in all his years he has never tasted a woman as sweet as buffy. Feeling her orgasm quickly building, he increases his sucks and thrusts of his tongue.

"Oh god, Angel," Buffy says as she comes. Angel continues, bringing her down from her fist orgasm, and building her up for the next. Once he knows that she is again close, he stops and moves up to her head.

"Angel," she whimpers, bringing his head down for a kiss.

"Are you ready, love?" he asks, positioning him. At her nod he slowly enters her. He whispers soothingly to her as the pain comes. Once he is fully inside her heat, he waits, letting her adjust to the feel of him, caressing and kissing her skin.

"Angel," she whispers, moving her hips to urge him. With a deep kiss, he begins to move, slowly at first but quickly building up to frenzy. He can't believe he is making love to her, that she is his. Thrusting into her, feeling her nails dig into his back, he presses his face into her neck. Feeling their release coming, he changes into game face, kissing the pulse point on her neck.

"Angel, angel," she is panting as she nears her orgasm.

"I love you,"he says into her ear, causing her to come. Feeling her walls clamp around him, Angel erupts inside of her, and bites down on her neck at the same time.

Buffy's mouth opens soundlessly at the pain, her eyes wide. As the pain slowly subsides, she wraps herself around his body, stroking his head as he drinks her life from her. angel is beyond reason. He has never had blood like hers. It is rich and warms and fills the beast within him with power.

Neither knows how long he drinks, but soon he hears her heartbeat slow to an almost stop. He stops his drinking and leans up, leaving her body in the process. He bites his wrist, and brings the bleeding wound to her mouth. After a few drops, she begins to suckle, still weak from being drained by her lover.

After a few moments she stops and leans back, her eyes closing. Hearing her heart stop, Angel is hit with the reality of what just happened. He sits up and cradles the body of his love, uncaring of the tears that fall on her.

"Oh god, Buffy," he sobs. "I'm so sorry."

He rises and dresses them both, packing a bag for her. He carries her home to his apartment. He fears what will happen when she rises; knowing her friends and Watcher will be angry and try to kill them both. But mostly he fears that he has lost his love and replaced her with a demon.