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She had stared death in the face many times. She had stared death right in the face too many times, and every single time she had longed to make it through, so she could have one more chance. Just one more chance at life, so she could do everything she had yet to do.

In her first year at Hogwarts, she had almost died three times – the first time, Ron and Harry had saved her life, saving her from the troll that would have more than likely resulted in her death. And then of course, Fluffy, she couldn't imagine anyone would survive such a large beast once it's teeth clamped around them. She had so much to thank Hogwarts for, and her brains; she had been able to repay Harry and Ron for them saving her life earlier in the year.

And then of course second year; tormented for being a 'mudblood' by Draco Malfroy, made to feel so much more inferior than the pure bloods. She hated it, she hated the thought that she wasn't as good a witch as everyone else because of who her parents were. She had hated the fact that she could have died because of this belief.

Her third year in Hogwarts was relatively... calm for her compared to the first two years. Her heart thumped when she thought Ron was dead, or hurt, and she honestly thought she was going to die at the hands of Sirius Black. She could never have guessed that she would end up being one of the people who would save his life, and then she had one more person she could add to her list of 'good deeds'.

Her fourth year, she had realized she was falling for Ronald Weasley. She had developed a crush on him before then, but she was falling for him hard and quick. The year had been a quiet one for her, apart from arguments. She wasn't faced with death like Harry was every year.

And then fifth year came and went, she could have been killed by a death-eater, she could have been murdered right there and then but she survived. She had cried, and begged in her head to someone out there to let her live, let her have a chance to tell Ron exactly how she felt. She pleaded for just one more chance, one more chance to live. And she was given that chance.

But she was never able to tell him. She giggled nervously when he touched her cheek, and she smiled when he looked at her. For a while, she thought he felt the same way she did, until Lavender Brown came along. It had broken her heart. She couldn't believe she had begged for a chance, and had ruined it. She had asked him to go with her, but of course.. Lavender Brown had ruined everything. She could have Ron for an extra year, she could have had him all to herself. And then he almost died, and she felt like her heart had been ripped out when she heard the news, the thought of him dying without knowing, the thought of him leaving her without them even talking. She owed Harry her life, because she wasn't sure if she would be able to live without Ron by her side. And so she held his hand, taking good care of him, waiting for him to wake up and tell her how he felt. But of course, it was just her luck that he wouldn't remember, and yet again, she felt her heart was being trampled on. And right then, she wasn't sure if she'd rather be facing another near death experience, or another heartbreak from the one and only Ronald Weasley.

Ron had yelled when he found out she was one of the individual's who would be acting as Harry Potter when they moved him. He didn't want her putting her life in danger, and she felt the same way about him. Both of them knew they had to do it, for Harry and for the Dumbledore and for the light side to win once and for all. She had almost died, and she had imagined someone telling her that Ron was hurt, or even worse.. so she had wrapped her arms tight around him the moment she saw him.

The closest she had ever come to death was at the hands of Bellatrix. The curse would haunt her for as long as she lived, the pain was like nothing she had ever felt before and she felt like she was going to die, she felt herself – for the first time, and not for the last – wishing she was dead. She closed her eyes, and hoped the pain would stop, willing herself to lose consciousness, so she could have just a moment's break from the horrendous pain.

And now here she was. She found herself facing death one more time, but she wasn't scared, she wasn't begging for a chance to live, she found herself dropping her wand and looking at the crazed death-eater who had just murdered the love of Hermione's life. She closed her eyes, waiting for the green flash, she welcomed it into her body, falling back the moment it hit her. Her hand caught onto Ron's, and then she was with him again. She could be happy in his arms. She was happy when she was with him.