It was like 50 against one or mouse against lion. The Piminy street people didn't stand a chance. The characters came charging towards them, weapons in hand, emotionless faces and cold eyes, focused and dangerous.

In a blind moment of panic, the residents of Piminy street people set everything they had upon the lethal army. Rocks were thrown, swords drawn and magician hurled magic at them – all had little effect. They were seemingly invincible. Retreat now seemed like the best option but no one turned to run.

What was there to run to? Back to the Bloors? Back to the dilapidated houses they had spent the last 5 months in? Was that really what they wanted? They had lost once and were left with nothing. Was it really worth running back to the half-lives they now lived? Silently, they all agreed to continue the fight.

Their attempts seemed feeble compared to those of the army and though they were fighting in vain, not once did they regret their decision to stay and battle. Their forces began to fall but the enemy showed no sign of wavering. They were fighting a losing battle, but then again, hadn't they always been? The good win, the bad lose. That was life.

Manfred and Larissa had heard the sounds of battle and sped up. The injured lay where they had fell and those still able to fight were becoming weak from their hopeless attacks on the army. Manfred sighed for the millionth time that day and turned to Larissa.

"Try and get rid of them."

"I don't know how."

"What do you mean you don't know how? How do you usually get rid of the people when you've brought them alive?"

"Umm… I just wait for them to go away…"

"And how long does that usually take?"

"A few days, a week maybe…"

"We don't have a week!" Manfred sighed, shook his head and rolled his eyes, racking his brain for anything useful that he had read about endowments. Suddenly he remembered something – perhaps all that tedious reading old Ezekiel had made him do wasn't exactly pointless after all.

"Close your eyes and imagine shutting all the characters back into the books."

Larissa tried this.

"Has it worked?" she asked eyes still closed, the sound of fighting still loud and present.

Manfred didn't bother to answer.

"It's not working," Larissa opened her eyes in defeat.

"Then try harder," Manfred snapped.

Larissa tried once more and eventually the characters began to fade away. The people of Piminy Street lay beaten in the deserted road.

History repeated itself as Manfred walked away, Larissa close behind. The Bloors hadn't got what they wanted and it was a lot easier to leave someone else to clear up the mess.

But this time the people of Piminy Street weren't not left with nothing. Their determination to take revenge on Charlie Bone had grown and this time they wouldn't need help from the Bloors. They had nothing but could gain everything. Perhaps Dr Bloor hadn't been talking complete rubbish when he'd said 'falling victoriously' - Charlie Bone was living in a happy world, peaceful, care and risk free. No one would be expecting a surprise visit from Piminy Street. From falling once, they had learnt a lot – get up, dust yourself off and start again. They still had Amos Byrne's plan to use and they were powerful people if given half a chance.

Nothing was everything to them – it made them stronger and gave them a better reason to succeed.

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