Evangelion Heroes: Fantastic 4

Disclaimer: Evangelion is the property of GAINAX; The Fantastic Four is the property of Marvel Comics, Stan 'The Man' Lee and Jack Kirby. I obviously do not own either, because if I did, this would have been made into a movie or three and I would make a huge amount of money by milking every ounce of my product licences.

The pilots are sent, along with Lieutenant Ibuki, into outer space for a simple mission. Unfortunately, fate decides to play yet another one of its sick jokes, and their lives are changed forever by a Cosmic Storm, in a most fantastic way…

Chapter 1: They got hit by Cosmic Rays

In the dark and unsettling office of Gendo Ikari, a deal was being made between NERV's Commander and a young, but brilliant scientist known as Victor van Damme.

Victor had proposed the idea of a special satellite defence system. This system would use the power of the sun to incinerate any oncoming angel's or at the very least weaken the angel to allow the Eva's an easier time while in combat.

'And are you certain that this Defence System will be enough to penetrate an A.T Field?' asked the ever stoic and cold Gendo.

'Of course, I have done the calculations over 432 times and used various simulations, it will not fail' replied Van Damme, possibly the only human being to not be intimidated by Gendo's choice of décor or Gendo himself, 'All I need is the Evangelion Units to assemble the parts together in space and a technician to run the start-up sequence. In return I want a look at the schematics of the Eva's'

Invisible to the human eye, Gendo twitched, but regained his usual posture and simply said: 'Very well. We will begin the procedure within three weeks. You are dismissed.'

A flash of anger passed over Van Damme's face. Regaining control of his emotions, Victor replied with a simple nod and left the room.

'Ikari, isn't this going to cause problems with the scenario?' asked Fuyutsuki who materialized from the shadows of the back of Gendo's office.

'Not in the long term, in fact if SEELE ever discovers my plans too early, we will have another weapon to give us the upper hand' said the Commander with a slight, twisted smile slowly appearing on his face.

****4****Evangelion Heroes: Fantastic 4****4****

'You mean you want us to go into space?' an alarmed Shinji asked, being the timid boy he was, going to outer space was not on his to-do list.

'Oh quit whining you baka, only you would complain about being the first 14 year old boy to go to outer space' said Asuka, the fiery, red headed pilot of Unit 02, who was ecstatic about the idea of going into space, 'what do you think about our destination wondergirl?'

'I do what is ordered, it does not matter where it leads' replied the quiet Ayanami Rei who seemed neither thrilled nor concerned about the idea.

'Whatever doll' said the disgusted Asuka, who decided it was time to find out what they were going to do in space, 'So why do we need to go into space anyway, have we found out where the angels come from?'

'No, but we have a fancy new weapon that we need the Eva's to help put together' answered Misato Katsuragi, 'this weapon should give us an advantage when the angels arrive, apparently it might be powerful enough to wipe out the angel before it reaches the earth.'

'So does that mean that we might not even need the Eva's anymore?' Shinji inquired, a spark of hope going through his mind that he will no longer have to pilot Unit 01 anymore.

Asuka's blood ran cold when she heard that and with any situation like this one she retaliated with anger, 'WHAT! That's…that's not fair! How could they do that to us, besides Dr. Akagi said that nothing could penetrate an A.T field, so what kind of weapon could ever hope to do that.'

'MY weapon could, Soryu' replied an annoyed Van Damme, who had just walked into the debriefing room.

'What! You're letting this crackpot work with us?' screamed an enraged Asuka.

'Asuka, can you please just remain civil for at least 5 minutes' Misato said more than asked as she glared at Asuka to help the message sink in.

With a grumble, Asuka decided to keep her mouth shut, as she did not want to lose her trip to space or end up in another team work training exercise that she had just escaped only a week ago.

'Oh Mr Van Damme, it's a pleasure to meet you face to face' said Misato, who put her hand out for the Western greeting known as the 'handshake'.

Not obliging the Major's kindness he simply said in a cold tone that was possibly on par with Gendo, 'Its Doctor, and the only reason I'm here is to make sure that your pilots and technician are aware of the delicate nature of the equipment', looking around the room he was only able to see the three pilots and the major, 'Where is the technician?'

Suddenly the door burst open, revealing an out of breath Maya, 'I'm sorry… {Pant}… I only found out today that I was…'

'I hope on the launch day that you are not so tardy or incompetent' Victor said as he glared at Maya, causing her to gulp in fear.

Turning around Victor left the room without so much as a 'good bye' or 'Hey thanks guys for sticking your necks out for my science project'.

'Wow, what a jerk' Misato said.

'I can think of a few other words to describe him' said Asuka, anger apparent on her face.

'Um…Asuka do you know him from somewhere?' Shinji asked timidly, as he was afraid of Asuka exploding and accidentally/purposefully killing him, but curiosity won out in the end.

'Yeah, he was in College with me, he was always so stuck up and acted like he was better than anyone else, just because he was supposedly some kind of royalty' Asuka answered her tone making it apparent how much she despised the man.

'It's a shame though; he was good looking, but I guess you can't have it all', Misato said and then adding teasingly, 'unlike Shinji-kun of course.'

'M…Misato!' said Shinji, now blushing at the compliment.

'Humph, well the baka is a step up from "Doom"' Asuka agreed (somewhat), noticing the looks she received for using Victors old nickname she decided to enlighten them, 'He got that name because of the way he would stare down people "beneath him" and then he would humiliate them in front of the entire campus.'

'I think we should hurry on to Sempai she wants to explain what will be happening on the launch' said Maya, wanting a change in topic as she found there was something unsettling about "Doom" as Asuka put it.

****4****Evangelion Heroes: Fantastic 4****4****

A short time later found the five discussing the plan with NERV's top scientist Dr. Ritsuko Akagi.

The plan was rather simple. The Eva's and their pilots would be launched into space, with various boosters and other such equipment to allow the Eva's to reach space and have some form of propulsion, piece the satellites together and then Lieutenant Ibuki would be sent in a one man space vessel to begin the start up sequence. Afterwards one of the units would hold Ibuki's vessel and all would slowly descend back down to earth.

'So are you all for it?' asked the Major, who held some reservations for the plan as it could endanger the pilots lives, but she decided in the end the three would no longer have to suffer combat if the plan worked.

They all replied with a unanimous, 'Hai', although Shinji and Maya were not as enthusiastic as Asuka or as neutral as Rei, but they had faith in Ritsuko (Maya had more than Shinji) and it was enough to get them to agree on the mission.

****4****Evangelion Heroes: Fantastic 4****4****

Three weeks of preparation later, found the three Eva pilots in space and the fourth person from NERV on her way.

{{So far so good}} thought Shinji, the plan was going quite well. So far, all three Evas where in space and had just finished piecing the Satellite together without any hiccups, in fact it was going so well that Shinji actually put a smile on his face as he looked out at the stars, marvelling at their beauty and forgetting that he was in an almost unstoppable biomechanical robot that was earths last defence.

['Hey, Baka! What are you thinking about? It better not be anything perverted!'] Asuka asked, she was rather bored now; going to space did not seem as exciting as she thought it would be.

['What? No, I was just looking at the stars, that's all!'] Shinji attempted to defend himself against Asuka's accusation, which was rather pointless as Asuka had a view about men that made her decide that the entire male populous were perverted and disgusting (except for Kaji).

['So, who where you thinking about? Me or the Doll?']

['I do not understand why it is important if Ikari-kun was thinking about us.'] Said Rei, clearly not understanding what Asuka was accusing Shinji of.

Before Asuka could reply, Ritsuko cut her off by informing them that Maya was a few minutes away and that they should get ready to leave.

Just a few seconds before Maya reached her destination, Shinji observed a strange colourful…cloud that was moving towards them at a fast pace. As he had not heard of many clouds being in space, he was about to ask Ritsuko about it, but his communications window was only showing static. He suddenly felt a feeling of dread overwhelm him, as the cloud was coming closer and closer and did not look friendly. Turning his Eva to face the Earth, he waved his Eva's arms in an attempt to get the other pilots attention, unfortunately their Eva's backs where facing him. Seeing no other option, he activated the thrusters, sending Unit 01 towards his comrades and the bridge bunny. As he neared them, he stretched the Eva's arms wide so that he could catch the lieutenant and push the other Eva's out of harms way.

Unfortunately, he was too late. The cloud hit them, bombarding them with unnatural and intense levels of radiation. The pain was so intense that they were unable to even conjure up the thought to spread their respective Eva's A.T field.

Thanks to Shinji's quick thinking, they where at least going to die on Earth, as they made their way, tumbling down, radio contact was restored, allowing the whole of NERV to hear their pilots and technicians' cries of pain…