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Chapter 8: Comrades Part 2

Several minutes before the black out…

'So, it uses a palladium core to absorb the excess energy and then redistribute it to make it essentially renewable?' asked Maya, the device that Reed and Stark had designed was incredibly interesting to her and he explained the concept and workings of the device like an expert.

Reed smiled when he looked at one of the few people that had been able to keep up with his words and understand them, greater was the fact that she was actually interested in it, 'Yes, Tony actually found another element that increased the power output a hundred fold, but a friend of ours wishes for the element to remain unknown at this point in time.'

While the two scientists continued discussing advanced science with each other, Peter was trying to get to know Rei better, which he discovered to be a very difficult task.

'Uh…so what was your name again' Peter asked.

'I already informed you, did I not?' asked the (inwardly) puzzled Rei.

'Oh, no I meant your super hero name, you know when you…do…super…stuff…' after that sentence left Peter's mouth, he wanted to kill himself.

'They call me the Invisible Woman' she said, a bit taken aback that a stranger was willing to engage in conversation with her.

'So, you can really turn invisible? Do you know how you manage that?' Peter asked. He was intrigued that someone would be able to affect the visible spectrum in such a manner.

'Yes, and no I do not know how I am able to achieve it, I simply can,' she answered.

'Um, hope you don't mind me asking, but uh, could I maybe see you turn invisible' Peter asked, feeling a bit like a dumb fan boy, but there was something about this girl that was…unique, well besides the fact that she was a super hero.

'I…suppose it would do no harm,' she said, feeling her cheeks heat up slightly, before she did what the photographer asked.

Peter gaped in amazement as the girl disappeared from his sight, leaving only her clothes visible, 'Wow, that must come in handy.'

'I do not see why it would "come in handy"' said Rei, as she became visible again.

'Well, I just mean that…' he stopped in mid sentence and spun his head to face the other direction, like there was something important that caught his attention, '…sorry Rei, but I…uh…need the bathroom!' he declared before making a quick exit to the restrooms, brushing past the excited crowds that had begun to stream in.

Rei felt an odd feeling overwhelm her. She felt…saddened by his departure and wondered if she had perhaps offended him in some way and caused him to want to get away from her.

What Rei didn't know was that Peter had an uncanny ability to know when trouble was about to happen and once again his ability was correct, as the power went out, plunging the Expo into darkness.

****4****Evangelion Heroes: Fantastic 4****4****

'Mein Gott! How can these egg heads let a simple power outage affect them?' Asuka thought out loud.

'Well, maybe all the experiments and stuff just ate up a lot of it' suggested Shinji, he too was unsure why the power was out, it was really dark in the Expo building and the scientists around them had already begun to complain, as well as the crowds of people that had started to enter.

'Alright everybody shut up and keep it down, or else there's going to be a problem, understand?' came a voice with a European accent, from a man flying above in what looked like a silver and red beetle-like suit of armour.

Everybody in the building seemed to have some sort of experience in this type of situation, as all of them did what the "Beetle" person said, aside from two of the crowd who were not so normal anymore. Asuka ignited herself and flew after her unsuspecting enemy.

'Hey, dummkopf!' Asuka shouted as she tossed a fireball at the intruder, who promptly turned and dodged the projectile

Asuka sent as many fireballs as she could at her armoured foe, but he was too quick and experienced it seemed.

'Enough of this,' he raised his arm at Asuka and fired some odd beam of energy out of his armours gauntlet at the Human Torch.

Asuka cried out in fright, as the blast of energy hit her, square in the chest and sent her sprawling to the floor.

'ASUKA!' Shinji cried out as he rushed to where Asuka had fallen, she was obviously hurt by whatever the Beetle person had hit her with.

'Anyone else? How about you, monster?' the man asked Shinji, 'No? Good.'

The man then started to look at what the scientists had been about to show at the Expo, taking the few that he found interesting, he could make a goldmine with all the things he would be able to sell now.

****4****Evangelion Heroes: Fantastic 4****4****

'Rei, are you still there?' asked Maya worried about the fact that the power had gone when this building was filled with some of the greatest minds in the world.

'Of course, Li…Maya. I am unharmed.' Rei stated.

'Great and Dr. Richards?' she asked.

'I'm alright, but I don't understand how the power went out. The security Tony put in place ever since Vanko…it should have been more than enough to stop a simple power outage,' the Doctor mused, concern filling his features.

'Guess now's not the time to worry about that,' Maya said, she had no idea who this Vanko person was, but he must have presented a danger in the past if he was mentioned in Reed's musing on the Expos security.

Maya was about to offer to take Reed to where they drew power from and help put it back on, until she heard shouts and cries from the entrance of the Expo.

'Stay here Dr. Richards, Rei come with me.' Maya then started to make her towards the sounds of possibly hurt people with her abilities and Rei followed with a small force field beneath her feet.

'Wow…' was all Reed could manage to say.

The scene that Maya and Rei came upon was…unusual to them. There where three men, the first was a chubby looking man in a trench coat and dark glasses held in the air by four metal legs coming from his back, another odd sight was the man who wore a green suit with a long wicked tail, giving him the appearance of a scorpion, the third one of the group looked less…stranger than his companions, he merely wore a dark insulated suit with a mask covering his face.

'Now, now ladies and gentlemen, please settle down. All we want is to collect a few things and we will be out of your hair,' the chubby one said, with a twisted smile.

'Can't we just hit a few people at least?' asked the "scorpion".

'Not now Gargan, later. First we must collect a few parts from the second incarnation of the Arc Reactor,' the cubby one said.

'Just one' the man's tail went a bit too close for comfort to an elderly man with grey hair, large sunglasses and a moustache who gulped in fright.

'You're gonna screw up the plan you idiot! Now just listen to the doc!' the man in the insulated suit seemed enraged at the scorpion mans lack of respect for the leader of the group.

'Do you know who you're talking to?' snapped the scorpion man.

'Someone who's about to be fried into next…' the man in the insulated suit began to threaten him.

'Maxwell, Gargan calm down. We do not have the luxury of time, you can sort out your differences after we are done with our mission,' the man with the metal legs seemed to have calmed his associates down (barely), and the trio where heading to their destination, until they noticed two females standing in their way.

'Please ladies I wish you no harm, but we will require you to move out of our way,' the man with the arms said.

'No…we can't let you' Maya said defiantly, but inside she was really worried about how she and Rei would keep these men away from Reed and the reactor.

The two who followed the doctor exchanged confused looks, 'uh, doc do you have any idea what they're saying?'

'No, but…' he had taken the liberty to notice that most of the foreign people who where visiting the Expo had small black electronic earpieces and deduced that they must be a translator of sorts, he used his extra limbs to retrieve three for each of them from members of the crowds, 'these should make communication easier.'

'Now then, what were you saying?' asked the doctor, in a formal manner.

'We can't let you hurt these people.' Maya repeated, her confidence ebbing.

'I'm afraid you have been listening to my associate Scorpion too much, no one will be harmed if we can have the items we require without hassle or any interruptions,' the doctor explained.

'What!' shouted Scorpion, dismayed at the thought of no fighting and angered by it.

'I don't want to fight, but we can't let you steal either…' Maya said, her small amount of confidence slowly leaving her a lot faster now, the three men looked a lot tougher up close and Rei was not offering any words of encouragement.

'Very well, Gargan please be gentle' the leader beckoned his more aggressive follower.

'Finally!' he lashed out with his tail at Maya, who swiftly weaved herself out of the way, much to Scorpions astonishment, 'What…how?'

His moment of indecision gave Maya the opportunity to give a solid punch in the jaw, which was not very effective, '…ow!' Maya clutched her throbbing hand, punching this man was like punching a wall.

The doctor's spare limbs soon caught Maya and held her in the air, 'sorry, my dear, but we have much more important things to do today.'

'How the hell did she do that?' Scorpion wondered out loud.

'Hey, wasn't there a girl with blue….' Maxwell began, but was cut off when an invisible and solid force hit him and sent him across the room, 'Arrrrgh!'

Rei then became visible and looked at her aggressors without fear in her eyes (or any other emotion), 'please put the Lieutenant down and leave before more trouble is caused.'

'Both of you possess abilities? Interesting' the doctor mused.

'Lets see just how interesting it is when the little b*tch has acid eating her face' screamed an enraged Scorpion, using his mechanical tail to spray acid at an unsuspecting Rei.

Rei was able to contain the acid in a small bubble in the nick of time, and dispose of it on an unoccupied section of the floor which was eaten up by the corrosive liquid.

During this, Maya was able to slink herself out of the mechanical arms and start to fight back against the trio of villains, 'Everybody run!'

Perhaps someone in the crowd was able to translate what was said or perhaps it was the tone that Maya used, or maybe they were used to this type of situation and knew to make a run for it when super powered good guys started to fight the super powered bad guys, whatever the reason the whole crowd decided to make a run for it and not look back.

Maya tried to wrap up the Doctor who used his extra limbs to make this task incredibly difficult for Maya, while Rei used her force shields on Scorpion to stop his tail from stabbing her.

'Your skills, while impressive are rather amateurish' the Doctor mocked Maya, as he easily got her elongated body of his metallic arms.

'What kind of a doctor are you?' Maya asked, while she dodged the lightning fast arms that were trying to gut her.

'The kind that does what is necessary for discovery…and funding' he said, 'I am Doctor Octopus and you are only delaying the inevitable.'

He then continued to swing his arms around to stop Maya from getting to him.

'You can hide in your little bubble, but you are gonna have to get outta there some time!' shouted Scorpion, who was bashing the invisible shield that Rei had protected herself with.

Rei knew that he was right, she felt every blow he laid upon her shield and it was mentally taxing.

Maxwell picked himself up from the ground, shaking his head; he was going to make that blue haired freak pay. His mask collapsed itself, showing his face which was a glowing electric yellow and he made his way back to the fight.

****4****Evangelion Heroes: Fantastic 4****4****

'Asuka…' Shinji asked the red-headed German that he held in his hands (this seemed to be happening a lot).

'I'm…ugh…fine' her voice was strained and she was obviously hurt, and this made Shinji really mad. Who did this guy think he was? Just flying in here and acting like he owned the place, he would make him sorry.

Shinji laid Asuka against a table, and stood up, 'Hey! Beetle…person over here.'

The armoured man turned around and looked down at the orange rock of a person, 'Didn't I make myself clear?'

'Why don't you fly on down here and see?' Shinji dared.

With an audible sigh, he pressed a button on his gauntlet, 'Rhino, please take care of this fool.'

Shinji raised an "eyebrow" and looked in the direction of the sound of a heavy person running at him, which allowed him to catch a glimpse of a large man in a Rhino outfit before the man collided into him with the force of a speeding train and sent him across the room.

'Not so tough now, huh?' the Rhino said, when he looked at Shinji as he lay on the ground.

'Ugh…' Shinji grunted, this was one of the few times he had felt pain since he gained his powers and he was started to get really annoyed with these creeps, 'We'll…see who's tough...'

'Don't tell me ya don't speak English, how am I s'posed to know when you're beggin' for mercy?' the Rhino said with a smirk, as he cracked his knuckles.

The Rhino then charged at Shinji, who was also running at his enemy. They collided again, and both went flying back and were trading as many punches at the other as they could.

****4****Evangelion Heroes: Fantastic 4****4****

Maxwell sent an arc of electricity at Maya, which caused her to let go of the Doctor that she had finally been able to wrap up.

She lay on the floor, the shock had been really painful and right now she was defenceless against the criminals.

Rei decided to turn invisible, to escape the mentally taxing procedure of maintaining a field and help Maya, which left the Scorpion confused, 'Damn! Where'd she go?'

Suddenly Maya disappeared from sight as well, enraging the Scorpion and Maxwell, but Maxwell had more self-control than his partner and was able to come up with an idea, 'Scorpion, hit the fire alarm!'


'With water coming down we can see 'em you idiot' he replied as he closed his mask, remembering past endeavors and deciding it would be counter productive for him to get wet.

'Excellent plan Electro' Doctor Octopus congratulated his comrade.

The Scorpion used his tail to set off the alarm, and Electro was right, they could clearly see the shapes of the two elusive women.

'Maxwell, Gargan deal with these two, I will handle the requisition of the Reactor!'

There was an odd "Thwip" sound and Electro was suddenly stuck to the floor by a strange silvery substance, leaving everyone in the room staring shock and making Electro remark, 'Oh crap, not him.'

'Aw come on, Electro am I really that annoying? Okay don't answer that' a voice exclaimed as the person it belonged to swung onto the roof and stuck there.

'Spider-Man! What in God's name are you doing here!' said the surprised Doc Ock.

'Duh! You're busy fighting two girls and losing. Did you really think I was going to miss this?' he said with chuckle, 'Oh, no offence ladies' he added.

'This is not the time for humour' said Rei; this red and blue costumed stranger had an odd way of acting during a fight.

'Sorry Blue, but that's just how I roll.'

The costumed man then shot a web out of his arm and swung towards Doctor Octopus, who attempted to bat him away with his arms, but the red and blue acrobat seemed to be able to know were the arms where going before they got there and easily avoided all of them.


Doc Ock took a punch to his stomach, which proved sufficient enough to knock the wind out of him. This gave the acrobat time to encase the doctor in webs.

His eye pieces went wide, and he leapt into the air to avoid being cut in half by Scorpion's tail, 'Sheesh Scorps, showing off for the ladies already or are you just mad that they picked me for the Avengers?'

'Just shut UP!' he lashed out again and again, but Maya and Rei quickly stopped him by Maya wrapping around him and Rei placing a force field over his head, stopping him from fighting Spider-Man as his attention was turned to the fact that he could not breath.

'Thanks,' Spider-Man then webbed up Scorpion and tossed him against a wall, just to be sure that he wouldn't be getting up soon, 'so, you two have fun?'

'What! Are you insane! We nearly died!' exclaimed Maya, how could this man be so calm after a fight.

'Okay, I'm sorry. When I got my pyjamas on I usually act a little…overboard' the man said, 'uh, well the names Spider-Man and you two would be two of the Fantastic Four, right?'

'Yeah, I'm Ms…Fantastic' Maya said, feeling a bit stupid at sharing her Super hero name.

'Invisible Woman' Rei said, unsure how to act with the odd "Spider-Man".

'Cool names,' he said, 'I think we'd better check on the other side of the building, just to be sure that Mr. Starks Expo is alright, otherwise Iron Man will kill me.'

Spider-Man then started to swing towards the other side, with Rei carrying herself and Maya on a force field.

****4****Evangelion Heroes: Fantastic 4****4****'

Rhino spat some blood out of his mouth after Shinji punched his face, 'You're tough freak I'll give ya that…'

Shinji was panting from exhaustion and pain, this Rhino person was probably just as tough as him, but he was more experienced with his skill set than Shinji, too bad he couldn't have brought Unit-01, that would have made this a lot easier.

Shinji shouted a small battle cry as he charged at Rhino, this time hoping to hit his face and not stop until Rhino was K.O'd. The Rhino did his own cry and charged at the thing in front of him, they smashed into each other, grappling and trying to overpower the other, but both were evenly matched.

The Beetle decided that Rhino was taking too long and decided to help him, but first wanted to see how far Octavius was. Pressing his gauntlet, he tried to contact the doctor, but there was no answer.

'Damn! Rhino, we have to leave now, I don't think that the Doctor has succeeded in his part,' he called out, but his comrade was not listening, he was too engrossed in his grappling match with the rock person.

'Oh, come on more of you?' said Spider-Man, as he stuck to the roof.

'You!' cried out the Beetle in shock, Spider-Man was not meant to be present at the Expo, then again, neither was the pyrokinetic and the rock person.

'Yup, and guess what! I brought some more of my Facebook friends' he exclaimed, just as Rei (who was invisible at the moment along with Maya) hit the Beetle with force field.

The Beetle was sent careening through the air, his suit unable to regain its proper flight path.

'Nice one, Blue!' Spider-Man exclaimed.

Maya made her way to Asuka, who she had noticed was leaning up against a table, 'Asuka, are you alright?'

'Maya? What doing…here' Asuka asked, still feeling out of it from the blast.

'We came to help out…' Maya explained.

'Whoa, rock guy! Nice to see you again, having trouble with Rhino?'

'Well…yeah' Shinji couldn't think of any other way to state the obvious.

'Just wait till I'm finished with this freak, web-head!' the Rhino threatened, failing to notice that Spider-Man had shot a few strands of web at the back of his feet, and Rei had formed her own force field around his legs as well.

Both Super Heroes pulled their own improvised "ropes" and yanked the Rhino off his feet, causing the large criminal to land on his face.

Shinji picked up the Rhino and smashed his horn into the floor, causing a humorous scene as Rhino had trouble getting his horn loose.

'Ouch! Rhino, what the heck did you do to this guy? Not that you don't deserve…' Spider-Man stopped mid-way through his sentence, and paid more attention to Beetle who was holding a woman hostage and his gauntlet had an energy blade near her neck, 'Nuts.'

'Now then, I would like the five of you to collect a few things for me or else…well, Spider-Man can explain how this works' the Beetle commanded and his tone made it clear that he was willing to carry out his threat.

'Okay, just tell us what you need' Spider-Man said, he had gone from his talkative, annoying self to a serious person in under no time, much to the surprise of the others.

'The rock freak and you need to start dismantling the…oh shi-' the Beetle was cut off when his suit seemed to have lost its power and he started to tumble down the air to the ground, losing his grip on his hostage in the process.

Rei caught the falling woman with a small force field, while Spider-man grabbed the Beetle.

'Boy; that was anti-climatic' Spider-Man said, his humour had returned to him, much to the dismay of the others.

'[Well, I usually go for the more dramatic entrances]' said a red and gold armoured individual who flew down from the roof.

'Hey, Boss. What took ya?' Spider-Man asked.

'[Had to deal with Ghost, who was having some fun with Mr. Stark's security systems]' Spider-Man's "Boss" explained, he then addressed the crowds and scientists, '[Mr. Stark apologizes for the…unexpected guests, but the Expo will be postponed to a later date. All of you who are injured please make your way to the entrances, medical personnel are en route and Mr. Stark will cover any expenses.]'

The crowds made their way out, most thanking their Gods or speaking about the super brawl that had taken place.

'[So, the Fantastic Four]' the armoured man said, '[names Iron Man, nice to meet you.]'

'Uh, hi' said Shinji, not sure how to react to meeting Mr. Starks personal body guard and member of the Avengers.

Rei greeted him with a small nod, and Maya helped a reluctant Asuka to her feet.

'[Mr. Stark and I would like to thank the four of you for assistance today, you were a big help]' Iron Man began, '[and if you guys ever need anything, you can give the Avengers a shout.]'

'Hey, why don' guys help with the Angels?' Asuka asked, while she didn't want to lose her status as a pilot, it was a question that had been nagging her for a while.

'Angels?' Spider-Man repeated, unsure what she meant by angels, weren't angels meant to be good?

'[For some reason, the UN and S.H.I.E.L.D have not allowed us to even fly over Japan, but if you do need help we'll be there whether they like it or not.]' Iron Man declared.

'You don't look so hot today red' said Spider-Man, when he noticed Asuka.

'My previous threat still stands pyjama boy' Asuka said through gritted teeth.

'Where is Peter Parker?' Rei asked, remembering that she had not seen Peter since he left just before the black out.

Spider-Man and Iron Man shared a quick glance, and Iron Man said, '[JARVIS can you get a location on Mr. Starks understudy: Peter Benjamin Parker…he's there...alright, thanks.]'

Iron Man then looked at Rei, who surprisingly had a visible, albeit small, amount of concern on her face, '[He's fine, just snapping a few pictures here and there at the entrance.]'

'That's good, wouldn't want my favourite photographer to be hurt or anything…' Spider-Man stated in an odd voice.

'What are you two gay or something?' Asuka teased.

'Geeze red, does everything have to have some dodgy meaning when you're around?' retorted Spider-Man.

Asuka blushed and kept her head down, unable to make a comeback as no man has ever had the guts to snap back at her. Maya and Shinji laughed at the way Asuka was taken down so easily.

'Oh, Iron Man. Can you see if Dr. Richards is alright?' Maya asked. She was sure that the criminals had not reached him, but she would rather be certain.

Iron Man relayed the request to his A.I. and told Maya that Reed was alright and so was the reactor.

'[Well, I hope this incident has not had a negative impact on your experience, and don't worry about your batteries, Mr. Stark will have them shipped safely to Japan.]'

The six heroes then bid farewell to each other, the Fantastic Four heading back to the car that will take them to the Mansion for a well earned rest and the two Avengers heading off into the center of the Expo for a damage report.

****4****Evangelion Heroes: Fantastic 4****4****

'[So, what did you think of the Invisible Woman?]' Iron Man asked his companion.

'Well, y'know...she was pretty cute' Spider-Man explained uneasily.

'[I would have thought you'dve gone for the red head, that's your usual M.O.]' the Iron Avenger said, with a chuckle at his young friends expense.

'Hah-hah. Now, can we please just change the subject to something like...what you did to tick off Pepper?' retorted Spider-Man.

A moment of silence ensued after Spider-Man's retort.

'[...I should fire you for that]' replied an unhappy Iron Man, his humour seemed to have left him.

'Aww don't take it too personally, besides it wasn't your fault...' began Spider-Man, happy that he had got his boss back.

-Chapter 8 end-

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