It's Easter! Yay! Chocolate bunnies and eggs and of all joys! So, here's a BBRae fic for you guys, because I haven't given them any love at all. They're older, like, 22 maybe? You decide. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own the Teen Titans. Deal with it.

"Aww...come on Rae!"

"Don't call me Rae!"

"Right...hehe, sorry Rae...I mean, Raven!"

"Smooth, grass stain, smooth."

"Shut up, Tin Can!"

"Whatever. I'm leaving," Cyborg grumbled, stomping away from the pale empath and the green changeling.

"PLEASE RAE!" Beastboy begged.

"No! I don't want to! So leave me alone!"

"But it's just one little Easter egg hunt!"

"I don't want to! It's stupid."

"It's a tradition!"






"Fine. I leave you know choice, Rae. I must use...the face." And with that, Beastboy changed into the most adorable green kitten ever, with big hope-filled eyes, and a tiny, delicate tongue that lapped gently on Raven's hand.

"GAH! Curse the face! Fine, okay, alright! I'll do the stupid Easter egg hunt!"



Ravens sighed in exasperation. "You almost ready?"

"Yeah! Just give me a minute!"

"Hurry up!"

"Don't rush me!"

"I swear...I am going to..." Raven muttered obscenities under her breath while Beastboy continued to meticulously hide the Easter eggs.

"Okay, I'm done!" Beastboy called, sauntering back into the room.

"Finally!" Raven said in exasperation.

"Now go look!"

"Fine. How many are there?"



"Be nice, Rae. I could have made it more."

"It's RAVEN, not Rae."

"Whatever, Rae. Now go look!"


Raven triumphantly plopped the eggs down in front of Beastboy. "Hah! I found all sixteen!"

Beastboy blanched. " were gone...for like...a minute!"

"You didn't say I could use my powers."

"...curse you and your loophole finding are you gunna open them or not?"

Raven rolled her eyes, but picked up the plastic purple eggs and opened them one by one. Tiny slips of paper fluttered out. "Paper, Beastboy? Wow, I realized that our economy is bad, but...paper?"

"It's what's on the paper that counts, Rae," Beastboy said, while Raven unfurled one of the slips of paper.

"It's an L."

"Yep!" Beastboy explained, wriggling in excitement.

"An L."

"God, Rae, why d'you hafta be so difficult? Just open the rest!"

Raven did, and soon she had a stack of sixteen small sheets of paper. "Two M's, two L's, two R's, two Y's, a W, an I, an O, a U, an A, an E, and question mark."

"Rae, I thought you were smart. You gotta unscramble the letters to make a sentence."

"Oh. I'm pretty good at these."

"I know you are."


Beastboy patiently waited as Raven continued to work out the puzzle. She was fast, granted, but it still took her a bit to figure out.

"Can I please just use one of my spells?" Beastboy sighed.

"No, Rae, you hafta figure it out yourself."



"You done yet?"

"Beastboy, I am going as fast as I can!"

"Right. Sorry, Rae."



"HAH! I figured it out!" Raven exclaimed triumphantly.

"And...what does it say?" Beastboy prompted with a grin.

"Will...will you marry me?" Raven whispered, blushing slightly. Beastboy got down on one knee holding an indigo Easter egg, which he quickly cracked open to reveal a diamond ring, set in platinum with a silver band. Raven gasped.

"Raven...would you do the honor of marrying me?"


AH! I always thought it would be a cute idea to do, this was pretty bad, wasn't it? Oh, well. Happy Easter to all who celebrate!