Here's a new one. I'm trying something different. I usually write about Katara or Sokka, so here's my attempt to write about Zuko and Mai.

(Edit 1 May 2011) Warning: There are lots of mature themes that are war-related in this story. For those who have been or knew anyone who has been to war within any of the last wars, I truly don't recommend reading. Since I've started, I've had a veteran have to stop reading. I'm not trying to bring those dark feelings up for those who have PTSD or memories of lost ones. I feel horrible for causing this veteran pain and I don't want to have anyone else have to.

So please, take my warning with care. To those who continue to read, please enjoy. For those who don't, I WILL NOT be offended. I would rather you not it than read people's reviews that have had to stop.

(Edit April 2015) Okay… So I know that I said I was going to fix this story's ending. Well, I'm just going to edit it all and fix the ending do it does not seem as rushed. There may be new content throughout the story. It will depend on if I think it needed something.

And oh boy, it's been a while since I've done anything with A:TLA. Hopefully it all works out in the end and isn't completely ruined.

For once she can remember that she was surprised. One of the Royal Family's servants showed up and handed her a letter. It was from Zuko.

Dear Mai,

I know that we have not been on the best of terms, but I want to consider you a friend. Since the Fire Lord gave me my punishment for being a coward at the Agni Kai, I have been without one. Uncle was not allowed to follow me to the Earth Kingdom. I am younger than all of my soldiers by a few years and because of my rank, I cannot talk to them in a friendly way.

Since I've arrived to the 41st Division, the weather was been snow, and because I'm the only firebender here, I have not slept much. I hope you write back. I need someone on my side…