I love weekends when I have nothing better to do. This one is the final one, and like I said last time, there won't be a sequel. If someone wants to, it's fine with me. Just let me know. Thanks for reading. I hope it was enjoyable even with all the death, and injuries.

The Fire Lord was out in the training grounds with his two firebending children. The oldest, Dae Hyun was eight and looked much like his father. The middle one, at six years old, Eun-Mai looked more like her mother. Hyo, at four years, was the youngest one playing with the Avatar's son, Tenzin. Hana and Katara were around, chatting and playing Pai Cho. Katara had made a comment about trying to avoid the Fire Lord, so something else wouldn't get broken.

"The spectacles actually make you look the part of an ambassador." Hana said, "They don't look bad no matter what Lady Toph says."

"Well, Lady Toph is a blind jokester. She'll say about anything to make someone feel dumb." Katara laughed.

"Fire Lord Zuko," he heard from someone behind him, "The meeting?"

"Yeah, I'll be there shortly." He said, trying to ignore the councilman.

Zuko reached his seat, before everyone talked.

"The Earth Kingdom is asking about payment for-" by that time Zuko had already let his mind drift.

His farm probably needed to be checked on, although the villagers agreed to watch it when he was away. Hyo needed an earthbending lesson with his mother and then he brought himself back.

"They agreed on taking the ships since the Fire Nation is not allowed a navy."

"Stop." Zuko interrupted, "I don't care about any of that. What's the tradition say about the Fire Lord's wife."

"She's traditionally from a royal family." His ticket out.

"Well, since my wife is an earthbender from a small village, I'll be heading home." He stood.

The guards at the door blocked his path.

"My Lord, you don't seem to understand your role. You are no longer the leader but a figure head for the Earth Kingdom. You take orders from the Earth King."

Later that night, Zuko had a private meeting with his uncle and the Avatar. The room they entered was hot from Zuko being angry.

"You," he pointed at the Avatar, "sent your wife to bring me back into a living hell didn't you?"

"No, I swear the council did." Aang answered.

Turning to his uncle, he yelled even more, "Why did you let them bring me here to be a figure head?"

"Zuko, we never knew this was what the council was going to do. If you can truly find someone as qualified, I'm sure this can be fixed, but the Fire Nation is not in good hands at the moment."

"I could care less on what the Fire Nation needs and more about my family and farm that I was happy on! Put my father back on. He knows how to run things."

"He'll start a war again." Aang commented.

"Put Toph on, put Sokka on. Anyone; just not me." Zuko breathed, "Make your wife do it. She seems to love these kinds of things. I just can't be here, not after what happens all those years ago here."

That night, the councilman who was obsessed with keeping Zuko in the Fire Nation passed away in his sleep. No one understood why or how. Iroh was oddly quiet the next morning. So were the Avatar and his wife.

When the council went to decide on the next leader, the Water Tribe demanded someone who wasn't a lackey, but understood the need to help with everyone. Zuko recognized the face of the man who was choosen. He was older. He wore a sadden face. When Zuko saw the man's wife and young boy, he knew who it was, and smiled. Mai's brother Tom Tom, when he came of age would become Fire Lord.

"Ambassador Katara brought his name up." Iroh said, "She said the boy is interested in all of the cultures and is sadden that he never really knew his sister. You should talk to him."

"I can't." Zuko sighed, "Katara knew her well. She can."

He then walked off.

Zuko and his family waited for the announcement about the new Fire Lord before heading home. His children were quick to say how much they'll miss the young airbending boy. Zuko grunted, but he told them that the Avatar was welcome in his home.

"Come dear, we'll bring you home." Hana said.

"Good. This was some of the worst months in years." Zuko said.

His farm was still much the same when he returned. He smiled as he stood outside looking at the house. It was just as he wanted it. He walked around the farm until he found his spot near a willow tree and a brook. He sat under it to calm his mind. There was a nook in the tree where he kept certain things away from kids' hands. Pulling out a pencil and the only piece of paper he wrote before placing the paper back.

Dear Mai,

Although you've been gone for ten years, this piece of paper was the last one you sent me when I was out. Well, now that I know your family has been taken care of and I can live happily with honor, I figure this last letter will be my honor to you. I will replace it in the willow tree for you. I wish you could meet Hana and the kids. I still love you and miss you.

Love, Zuko

He went back into the house. The letter he wrote wasn't found in the tree the next time he came. In the tree was a small knife; the one he gave Mai all the years ago.