A/N: This could be Teen!chesters, or the adult boys. Your choice.

Summary: This is the long version of the drabble I wrote for the weekly E/O Challenge. Drabble word: fall. Figured I'd post this puppy and call it a day. The Apocalypse is nigh, but Dean doesn't want to call do-over. Just a normal day in the evil Winchester household over in that AU. Dialogue only. Word count? Way over one hundred words.

"So, dude. Where do you wanna start first? The Vatican?"




"We're destroying the earth today, remember? The End of All There Is? The fall of mankind?"

"Oh. Yeah. That."

"What's the matter now?"

"I just don't feel like it, Sammy. 'm bored."

"Sammy is a chubby four year old. This is my very first Apocalypse! It's your second. How in the hell can you be bored?"

"Been there, done that. If you've seen one global wave of death and destruction, grasshopper, you've seen it all. We go out, end everything, and Mom and Dad will hit the reset button. Each time things come back different from before. I like the pie just the way it is this time around. And the women. Don't get me started on the women."

"That why you created that website?"

"Yep. Soyouwannabeadeangirldotcom. All those who worship at the altar of Dean are welcome. Chicks only. Just so we're clear."

"Does Mom and Dad know about that?"

"Uh huh."

"What'd Dad say?"

"He laughed."

"Huh. Damn."

"You go on, rampage without me."

"I can't do that!"

"Sure, you can. Eve thinks you're cute."

"Ewww! Dude, Eve's fugly! Got that gross damn Khan worm hanging around her neck."

"Well, duh. Evil, remember? And watch the potty mouth, you hear me? Just because we're evil doesn't mean you gotta curse like that."

"I can curse as much as I want to, damn it! You're my big brother. You have to show me the ropes!"

"Don't wanna, not gonna, don't have to."

"Mom! Dean doesn't want to help me end the world! He's got a conscience again!"

"Dean Michael Winchester, didn't I tell you to put that awful thing away? Stop putting a moral dilemma on your brother!"

"You are such a pushy bitch, Samantha."

"Emo jerk."