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Thinking about it, the past summers are now a blur.

It took a while, and all of my strength, to get to the point where my mom would say, "Conrad and Jeremiah want to see you, Belly. Or at least answer their phone calls," and I would reply, "Conrad and Jeremiah who?"

My Twilight series books were packed away tightly along with other novels of girls choosing between two guys.

Similarly, Conrad and Jeremiah were stored away in the darkest corners of my mind. Two boys who captured my heart would have to vanish for the best. When I was with one of them, or both, I could feel my sanity depleting. It was a constant battle on my heart, deciding which one of them I'd choose. So I settled on none of them and figured I won.

But I didn't.

Taylor chatted away about how she missed the "old me" dearly and was going to lock my old-self away in an empty nail polish container for her to keep.

"Oh, look at us! Old besties going to the beach! To see ... you know who," she exclaimed. I swear, her voice must be one of the reasons why car accidents are at an all-time high.

"Belly, if I flirt with them, you won't get mad at me, right?" Taylor pouted flatly.

"Tay, you can have both of them for all I care. I'm only coming here to make my mom happy and to get a tan," I replied, examining my pale skin.

I drove up to the drive way and cut the gas. 'I don't need them. There are plenty of fish in the sea,' I thought to myself.

"We're here! Come on, Belly! I swear, Conrad and Jeremiah are totally rich," Taylor gushed, already outside of the car before my seat-belt was off.

I sighed and aggressively removed the keys. I grabbed Taylor by the wrist, despite her protests of "wanting to make herself look sexier than she already was", and headed for the door.

I saw a glimpse of pure blue eyes behind the window.

My heart stopped.

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