Chapter 1: Hope on the horizon

Hello fans of the Inheritance Cycle. This fanfic is set the following day after the events of Brisingr in Fenister. This story will have a few characters of my own invention but most of my main characters will be from the original saga. By the way, one of the characters of my own invention will appear in this chapter. I hope you enjoy this story.

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Eragon woke up with a start in his tent. He had another nightmare about the deaths of Oromis and Glaedr. He tried to calm down but he was beginning to feel that, with his masters gone; now everything rested on his shoulders and he wasn't sure if he was up to the task.

Saphira glanced at him and reached him with her mind.

"Don't worry little one, even with our masters gone we will make ourselves sure that the last thing that Galbatorix sees will be the two of us," She thought me.

Eragon smiled softly but he knew that even if that day do comes it is still very far away. He also knew that even though Saphira was trying to reassure him, his dragon felt grief for the deaths of our masters; especially Glaedr.


Eragon can't imagine what Saphira must be going through. She is the last female of her kind and her first love is now dead. Eragon knew that Saphira had the hope that along with Glaedr they will revive their race. But that just wasn't going to happen. If Arya would die he was sure that his world will go dark but since that hadn't happen he just couldn't imagine it.

Eragon thoughts were interrupted when Blodhgarm entered his tent.

"Good morning Shadeslayer and Brightscales," He greeted.

"Good morning," Eragon replied. "What is it?" He asked the elven spell caster.

"It seems that an elven woman has come here all the way from Gil'ead and is demanding a meeting with Lady Nasuada, King Orrin, Arya Drotningu, all the elven spell casters that came to protect you, myself included, Saphira, and yourself," Blodhgarm informed.

"Does she have a message from Queen Islanzadi or something?" Eragon asked.

"I don't think so because if that would be the case the queen could always scry us herself," The elf said.

Then Eragon noticed that Blodhgarm looked tense.

"Is something wrong?" Eragon asked him.

Blodhgarm hesitated before answering.

"It's just that I have been alive for over three hundred years and I have never seen or heard of this elf," Blodhgarm said puzzled. "And it's not just me; the other eleven spell casters and even Arya don't recognized her either and most of us are from different cities of Du Weldenvarden ."

"Hmm, then that makes her a mysterious elf and since you have never heard of her you have no idea of what she wants, right?" Eragon asked.

"Aye," Blodhgarm replied.

"Well, you have picked my curiosity," Eragon said standing up, "let' go see this elf."

Eragon exited the tent followed by Saphira and Blodhgarm. The streets were crowded but everyone opened a path for them once the people saw Saphira. Everyone held the rider and his dragon a great respect; even the people from Fenister because he helped destroyed the Shade Varaug that could have easily slaughter many city dwellers.

Eventually the group reached the headquarters of the Varden on the city: The Tower of Lady Lorena, the former ruler of Fenister and the same place where Arya and Eragon killed the Shade.

The meeting will be in the top floor of the tower so Eragon climbed on Saphira's back and flew upwards while Blodhgarm ran upstairs. Eventually, they reached the top floor and Eragon entered the room through the door. The room and the wide door were big enough for Saphira to fit inside so she entered the room as well and Blodhgarm followed soon after.

Everyone else was in the room already. The elves and the leaders were all in their sits.

"Well, since we are all here already I can tell my guards to let the elf inside," Nasuada said and told Jarcha to go downstairs and tell the guards to let the elf in.

A few minutes later a female elf of stunning beauty, even by elven standards, entered the room. She was about the same height as Eragon. She had a long blond hair and that surprised most of the people present. The hair of most elves is black, silver, or white unless you alter it with magic. But Eragon could tell that her hair color was natural because he couldn't sense any magic coming from it. It looked golden and it shines a little with sunlight. Her eyes were storm gray, another uncommon natural color for elves. She was dressed in well-made silver robes. She also had sheathed sword her belt.

Everyone looked at her expectantly.

"Welcome to Fenister," Nasuada said. "I am Nasuada leader of the Varden."

The elf nodded.

"I am Delena," She introduced herself.

"What brings you here?" King Orrin asked.

She was silent for a moment or two before answering.

"The rider Oromis instructed me that if something happened to him, I was to come to the Varden and help Eragon Shadeslayer in any way I can," She answered.

"So," Arya said after a pause, "You are another elven spell caster sent by the queen to protect him?" She asked.

Delena shook her head.

"Then what?" Eragon asked.

Delena looked at him in the eyes for a few seconds. Then she removed the glove of her right hand and showed her palm to everyone present.

Everyone gasped when they saw the gedwey ignasia.

"Eka aĆ­ fricai un Shur'tugal," Delena said in the ancient language.

Her words literary meant "I am a rider, your friend".

Everyone stared at the elven woman in surprise. Even the other elves looked stunned. However, Eragon was shocked to the core. He just couldn't believe that he was laying his eyes on another elven rider.

"I have a story to tell so please pay attention," Delena said.

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