Chapter 40: Battle of Dras Leona Part 3

Read carefully my readers. This is the last chapter of The Rise of the New Order. It will be a little slow at first but the most important part will be in the end. Also, please read the a/n at the bottom.

The dwarves arrived at noon. Their army consisted on the combined forces of twelve of the thirteen clans, since the Az Swelden Rak Anuin was exiled. It totalized 18,000 dwarves, most of them armed with axes and hammers. Now that the dwarven faction joined the armies of the Varden, the Surdans, the Elves, and the Urgals, in total, they estimated roughly 50,000 soldiers.

The imperial army, however, received reinforcements as well. Their schedule 8,000 soldiers that came from the south arrived soon after the dwarves expanded the rebel camp. The city lost nearly 10,000 men in the last battle so, with the new backup, they were about 28,000 men.

The alliance's army was nearly twice as big as the imperial army. It should be an easy fight if the soldiers were going to fight on their own. However, since Murtagh and Martel weren't spot again, if they weren't going to fight then the creator of the Lethrblaka will take the field again. The army hadn't seen him again since that terrifying night but everyone knew he hadn't left the city because a creature that massive could be spotted many miles away.

The elves were informed of the creature and their thousands of magician were prepared to put him to sleep. Then Angela was going to use one of her indirect powers to imprison him. How, she didn't say.

The elves decided to transport Islanzadi's body back to Du Welden Varden with a transportation spell. Technically, the elves know that people can be transported magically. The only reason they don't do it is because to do it you need to borrow the power of spirits or eldunarya. However, now that Islanzadi is dead, her corpse can be transported like an object.

Arya wasn't sure what to make of the fact that her mother was dead. Sure, she had disown her, exile her from a certain point of view, refuse to aid the riders, act like a coward in the throne by not letting her subjects help the Varden until recently and Arya hated her a lot for 70 years.

But she still was her mother.

The imperial soldiers knew they were fighting a hopeless battle but they knew that if they deserted Galbatorix will ordered their deaths. They rather die with their honor intact.

The clashing metal continued to vibrate in the plains as the Alliance gained ground. The casualties the rebels received were more numerous among dwarves and humans but even the elves were getting their share when they were being outnumbered in a specific area. By sunset, the imperial army was seriously considering to retreat, since not even the catapults could keep the enemy at bay and the battle was becoming a massacre for both sides but mostly for the Empire.

And just when the commanders were about to give the order everyone heard the same silence shattering roar.

The creator of the Lethrblaka rose to the air and flew to the battlefield. That was the cue for the imperial soldiers to leave. Everyone rushed into the city once the gates opened.

Needless to say, the elves and dwarves that hadn't seen the huge airborne were taken aback. But the resolution of the elves to win the battle for the sake of their deceased queen made them hold their ground instead of fleeing.

When the creator was at range distance, the elves opened fire. It was truly a sight to behold; thousands of multicolored beams of light were shot from the ground into the air, most of them hitting the colossal beast.

The creator shrieked as all those sleeping spells hit his body. He began flying slower and falling down but before he could hit the ground he used his long talons to rip a dozen of elves apart. When he did hit the ground he looked at the verge of unconsciousness but he opened his beak to prepare another lighting of his.

And that was when Angela joined the fight.

She approached at an inhumane speed and placed her hands in his featherless wings. A blue wave expanded from there to the rest of his body and, after one more shriek, the creator of the Lethrblaka, the scourge of the human race, was overwhelmed by magic.

Everyone started to cheer as they saw the monster asleep. The elves looked proud too but sad that he could torn apart 12 elves in matter of seconds.

And then, something unexpected happened.

A black shadow started to engulf the massive beast. At first everyone thought he was going to wake up and attack them again but then then shadow faded. To the astonishment of all the armies, the ridiculously enormous beast shape shifted into a 6 feet tall Ra'zac with a dark colored exoskeleton.

"That's his humanoid form," Angela said. "All creators from animalistic races have a humanoid form so that they don't draw too much attention," She explained.

Then the rebels received a messenger from Dras-Leona stating that they surrendered.

The siege of Dras-Leona ended.

The most rebels stayed in their camps because they don't want to overpopulate the city but the leaders and most magicians moved to the city in case the Lethrblaka woke up and start wreaking havoc again. They keep him in a cell in Dras-Leona's jail watched by elven spell caster all day long.

Eragon slept a little more than usual that night and woke up almost at noon. After he cleaned himself, Blodhgarm told him Nasuada was calling him. He left Saphira sleeping in the roof of the house they stayed for the night and head for the jail where the Lethrblaka creator was kept.

The elves let him pass and he found the creator in his Ra'zac form asleep, with shackles reinforce with magic in his wrists and legs. Nasuada, and Orrin where there and so was Arya, Elva, Aiyana and Orik. Elva was the one closest to the creator and was looking at him with a focused expression.

"What is it?" Eragon asked.

"Elva is trying to look into the creator's mind to know what Galbatorix offered him in exchange for his services," Nasuada explained.

"And it is harder than it seems," Elva said looking tired. "This is the hardest reading I have ever done. I can only get fragments; he must be blocking me or something," She explained.

Suddenly, Elva looked around and frowned.

"What is it?" Arya asked.

"I can feel another life form approaching," She informed.

Then, out of nowhere, a tall man with blond hair, blue eyes, and pale skin and a scar in his chin appear in the center of the group. Everyone became alert at once. They draw their weapons but the man didn't make any attempt. Instead, he turned looked around as if looking for someone.

"Eragon Bromsson?" He asked looking at the young rider.

"Who is asking?" Eragon said.

"Sorry, if I startled you, it has been a while," The man said.

Eragon blinked.

"Do I know you?" He asked.

"Sort of," The man said. "My name is Eridor," He introduced himself. "I am a half elf from the future and I have a message for you."

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