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"I don't think this is working out."

Eames blinked, and put down his wine glass. "Excuse me?"

"I don't think this is working out," Robert said, smoothly. "I have a position to maintain, and you don't really suit it."

The other man blinked again, and took a sip from his wine glass. "What doesn't suit?"

"Well…" Robert Fischer's porcelain pale forehead creased as he toyed with his fork. "You're not very…classy. Smooth."

Eames started to blush. "Well, I can always get a new jacket. Or maybe not wear bright orange," he joked, but his smile started to freeze as he saw Fischer was refusing to even contemplate the notion.

"I'm…sorry," Fischer said, seeing and recognising the hurt that was beginning to flicker across Eames' face. "But it isn't working, and its that simple."

Eames swallowed. "I'm-"

"I know," Fischer said, smoothly. "Its not your fault, Eames, its just a matter of breeding. But still," he commented, reaching for his wallet, "I'll get the bill, ok?"

Eames nodded dumbly, watching as Robert's smooth fingers pulled out his platinum AmEx card. He shifted in his seat, wishing the ground would open up and swallow him.

"Seriously, Eames," Robert said smoothly. "Its just a question of class, really. I mean, you're good to look at, but we don't really connect."

And with that, Robert Fischer picked up his Russian leather wallet, and swanned out of the restaurant, leaving Eames staring despondently into his wine glass.

"I don't get it," Dom said, frowning, "he dumped you? Just like that?"

"Yep," Eames said, listlessly, taking a sip of beer.

"But why?"

Eames sighed, and turned to his best friend. "He thinks I'm not smooth enough. Good looking enough. Classy enough."

Dom's face creased sympathetically. "Ouch. That's tough, it really is."

"Indeed." Eames took another swig of beer. "I do know how to pick them."

"But…" Cobb said mischeavously, "if you're really honest, what interested you in Robert was his ultra good looks, right?"

"Dom!" Eames turned in mock outrage. "That was not my only reason for my interest in Robert. He has dignity, self-assurance…and a platinum American Express card!"

Cobb shook his head. "Eames, honestly. Maybe you should stop going for men on the grounds of how they look."

"I don't." Eames sulked. "Besides, would you be with Ariadne if she had a face like a bag of spanners?"

Dom laughed. "Well…yes."

"Oh, really?"

"Eames. Ariadne is sweet, gentle, considerate, and impulsive. She makes me laugh, makes me glad to be around her."

"So…I should find the male version?"

"No, just stop thinking your relationships have to be so looks driven."

Eames sighed. "And how do I do that?"

Cobb got up. "OK. Here is a book I bought when I was getting over Mal." He presented it to Eames, who looked at it, doubtfully.

"How to see perfection, Eames read out. "Oh, for God's sake, this is psychobabble!"

"Maybe." Dom grinned. "Keep reading."

Eames flicked open the book, and turned to page 1. "If you look hard enough, you will see beauty in anyone." He pulled a disgusted face.

Dom shook his head. "Eames. Just accept it. You need to alter your perspective, it really is that simple!"

"OK." Eames muttered, disgustedly. "So, how do I alter it."

"Look." Cobb rummaged in his CD rack. "Here's a CD I found very useful – you should try it."

Eames picked it up. "Hypnotise your way to happiness. No offence, but when did you get into this?"

"I'm not saying it'll change your life, only that it might alter your perspective."

Eames shrugged. "Yeah, all right. Shall we give Yusuf a bell? See if he wants to come out for a drink?"

"Don't you mean drinks, plural?"

"Yep. I intend to get extremely drunk tonight and forget about men called Robert."

"OK, lets go…but do listen to the disc,"

"Will it shut you up?"

"Of course!"