Woah… 2012's like the end of the wooooooorld. So, I have a couple hours until New Years and I got the Fire for Christmas and I'm really rusty on the series but regardless it's AWESOME! So, with me all pumped up in the Witch and Wizard mood, I'm going to make another chapter! I would like to dedicate this chapter to BookAholicsAnonymous, who, reminded me much of myself, and then filled me with guilt when I was AWOL. So, this chapter is for them, the readers, especially that one.

My cellmate is rather intriguing. He has tangerine orange hair that looks very natural. His green eyes are mostly hidden by his pasty eyelids, for he rarely opens his eyes, he prefers to stay deep in thought. His name is Riley. It doesn't seem to fit his personality, though.

His item from home is a pair of pearly white ear buds, you know, the kind you plug into your MP3 player. But that's all there is, no actual music device, just the buds. Regardless, hehas those in his ears full time. He never talks; neither do I. Except for now.

"Do you buy this junk?" He asks, "I sort of think I have to, you know? I mean, it's the only way I can sleep at night, thinking that our government doesn't belong in the loony bin. And besides, with the past experiments, it seems pretty possible." I look down at my lipstick. My infinite amount of strawberry red lipstick. Riley sees my gaze change and jumps on the opportunity. "Was that your item? The lipstick?" I nod and whisper, "Can you keep a secret?" he nods solemnly, and I know he can. "This lipstick, when I put it on, everyone does what I want them to do. With this on, I have full power over everyone I talk to. I literally just have to say the word." Normally, I don't feel too good when I give out secrets, but now, I just feel… bonded. Unionized. "You know my ear buds," he whispers, holding them up in his palm, "when I put them in, I hear spells, talking to me in my father's voice. Like, he's telling me what spells to use." He doesn't seem any older or younger than me; he must miss his parents more than I do.

God, I miss my parents so much. How on days when I was tired, or hurt, or just looking for direction in my life they would tap their fingers on my cheek and say "The world will never be enough to live up to you." I could really use a shot of that right now.

"So then I guess it's settled. I'm a witch, you're a wizard." I close my eyes and remember my parent's smiling figures, "The world will never be enough to live up to us." My shoulders righted and I found new purpose. I found the feeling of family, of someone you want to protect.

The world has brightened. And I recognize the truth; I am the Wicked Witch of Cell 37-E.

And boy does it feel good.

So, happy New Year everyone! Eat, Pray, Flamethrowers.