hello. this is my second story...

on my other one i made a letter saying i wasnt gonna write stories any more, but XoXbloodyaliceT.T said i should keep writing. so, i will^^.

heres an ongoing transformice story. enjoy!p.s.,dont read my other story. it sucks.


all she heard was silence.

she opened her eyes, her mind feeling a little empty. she couldnt remember who or where she was. she thought it mustve been a dream. her vision cleared and she saw the strangest thing- letters, text, just hanging there in midair, no strings or posts to hold them there.

'whats going on...?' she thought. she was completely dazed. how could letters just float in midair?

when she looked closer at the yellow text, it read:


little mouse

she sat up in the bed. 'little MOUSE? mouse?' she thought to herself. suddenly, she felt something fuzzy and squirmytickle her back. alarmed, she jumped about a foot into the air and crashed to the floor.

she looked back up at the bed, looking for whatever was touching her back, but couldnt find anything.

she turned around and looked over at a mirror, and couldnt stop staring. there in the mirror, staring back, was a brown mouse wearing a pink bow and a red, white, and blue scarf. she raised her fuzzy paw. the mouse did the same. she still saw the text above her had followed, just hanging in air, unmoving.

'did...did i become a mouse?'

she stood up, and looked around the room. it was a small cave with a bed, a mirror, a table, and two doors- one unlabled, and one with a small board that said:


she tried to walk over on two legs, but she just fell over. 'oh well, looks like ill just have to get used to walking like this.' she thought. she carefully walked over to the door, feeling kind of natural walking on all fours.

she stopped and opened the door to find a bigger, deep cave with a ladder. the cave was bigger than her own, only it was empty.

she closed the door and turned around, looking back at the mirror. 'what is going on? who am i...why cant i remember who i am?' and how are these letters-'

suddenly inturuppting her thoughts, she heard a door close behind the unlabeled one. she slowly walked over and heard a few more doors close. and then voices...

"alright, everyone calm down. the shaman will be here soon."

"i hope i get the first this map..."

"quit pulling my tail!"

"you there! go wake everyone up. its time."

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