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denise was starting to get a little pissed. not only did she not know where she was, but now she's scrambling down rediculously long hallways, being shoved through random doors, and it was getting her nowhere.

a loud slam interuppted her thoughts..

the door..

without thinking she jumped up and started kicking the door like mad, pulling on the handle as hard as she could. but it was no use. she squeezed her eyes shut and grabbed her ears, nearly pulling them off, but then she realized..

there must have been twenty other mice there in the room, this place.. 'wait...what is this place..?' she thought.

ignoring the embarassment of the staring crowd, she looked around. she was in a massive room, on what seemed to be a beach landscape. on a grassy island on the other side of the water, she saw a big, glowing swiss cheese triange. 'glowing?'

she saw the mice start jumping into the water, swimming to the island. the first mouse that reached it literally jumped out of the water got to the cheese. in a flash of white dust, the chese was on his back. but... then it was still on the ground... the same thing happened for all the other mice.

xgen started running for the water and turned his head around. "guys, cmon!" her and sammi jumped in. the water felt like the cleanest, most refreshing she had ever been in. she started playfully paddling to the island.

once she got there, as if there was a platform, she jumped right from the water onto land like a dolphin and ran to the cheese. she touched it, and it magically appeared on her back.

she turned around to see that all the other mice were looking for something. then someone called out, "found it, over here in the tree!"

they all swam back across, and denise was curious to see what it was. sammi explained that it was a mouse hole, that you can only see when you have the cheese. she jumped in, suddenly seeing herself fading...


in a flash of light, she was back in the room she first woke up in. by instinct, she scooted over to that cheese labeled door and went to throw it in. but when she slid it off her back, she noticed what sammi meant by that u only get a quarter of the cheese.. she sighed and threw it down the hole.

suddenly denise heard a scream out in the hallway, along with a familiar voice. she opened the door just a crack, looking out into the hallway. to her horror, a mouse was being dragged by a fatter mouse in a camo hat (sound familiar?) to a door just across from hers.

"you havnt been gettin' me 'nuff cheese, " she heard the voice say. "so im afraid u'll av' to go. hehe."

she stared as the mouse was thrown into the door, his scream getting fainter and fainter as if he was thrown into a bottomless pit.

denise gasped. what if...?

the fat mouse heard the gasp. he turned around, and to her utter shock, it was-


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