We're not nine anymore.

Author's Note: So this takes part after Arnold finds his parents and realizes his love for Helga

Chapter#1: Beginnings.

"You think this'll work Gerald?." Arnold asked his best friend as they stood under a tree in front of a certain blonde's house.

"Positive man, just climb up already before anyone sees us!."

Arnold climbed up the tree and took out some scotch tape from his pocket with which he taped his letter with on her window.

As soon as he slid down the tree, Arnold and Gerald started throwing pebbles at her window till they saw a shadow in her room approaching it and they made a run for it.

"Why couldn't we just send her a email?." Arnold asked his best friend as they kept running back to his house.

"Romance man, chicks dig romantic stuff like that."

"You think Helga'll like it?."

"You did say she was the romantic type didn't you?."


"There you go." He concluded as they reached the boarding house stoop and looked at his watch, "so now you got exactly twelve hours to get her reply."

Arnold sighed feeling a bit jittery in his stomach. "I just hope it's not gonna be from her fists."

"I wouldn't be surprised if that happened." Gerald told him indifferently as he led hed himself to the kitchen.

Arnold blinks twice before sighing and following but the hallway phone rings.


"Arnold… "

He lay in bed with a sigh and a smile as he kept replaying her smiling face that beautiful summer afternoon at the cheese festival and then again today when he came out of the arcade with Stinky, Harold and Joey.
Her beautiful brown hair now reaching down her back, lovely blue eyes and her warm pink skin … what made her even more beautiful was the fact that she didn't wear braces anymore.

Maybe Junior high wasn't going to be so bad after all but… she's a high school junior.

Author's Note: Only got bits and pieces as to where this is going, but I'm sure I'll pick up ideas along the way.

Don't worry, I haven't run out of ideas on my other unfinished fics.