Chapter#25: Farewell.

Dear Meredith

I'm sorry I didn't show up to our date but something suddenly came up. I can't tell you exactly why but let's just say that sometimes the innocent has no justice.
I wished things turned out differently, who knows? Maybe someday we'll meet up and have a decent date?
That is, if you agree to give me another chance.

With all my love,
Morgan Wilson.

Ms. Gross literally beamed the next day.

"Thanks Phoebe." Joey whispered to Phoebe who was sitting next to him.

No, thank Arnold…

Speaking of 'who'.

She wasn't sure if she should go, he was leaving in a couple of hours and she figured if she locked up herself in her room time would pass by quickly like it always did and she wouldn't have to go through those miserable moments of saying goodbye.

But the only reason that time passed by quickly was because she was with him…

"Arnold." Phoebe ran over to Arnold Gerald following behind.

"Did you talk to Helga?." He asked her eagerly.

Phoebe shook her head. "She'd never pick up the phone and nobody is at her place… at least I think."

"Yo Arnold I think you should go to her place instead." Gerald suggested.

Arnold looked at his family putting the things in the car and looked at his watch. There was an hour and a half left, he had time.

The gang saw him bolt over to his girlfriend's house and they followed.

This was gonna be lame. It was going to be just like those lame soap operas or teen drama series and maybe when she looks back at this day from the future she's gonna think 'How lame was I?."

But her heart was ready to give up pride instead of getting regret, so she grabbed her pnk sweater, tied her ponytail with her pink bow and ran outside. Desperate to get on time. Desperate for his eyes. Desperate for his hands… desperate for him.

She ran. He ran. They both ran as quick as they could until their footsteps eventually led them to each other… halfway.

Both of them were out of breath, standing there waiting for the other to make a move. She gave in and ran over to his welcoming arms as she bawled out words only he could understand… he was one of the only few who would ever understand her.

And with a last kiss on the cheek because they were too embarrassed to lock lips in front of his parents (they had already done that an hour earlier anyway) the blond couple bid their goodbyes and promises to write to each other. And visit whenever he could.

Arnold Shortman left, his last few hours in Hillwood. The most trying day of his life, he had to choose between two things he loved equally.

So long my love, you will forever remain in my heart…


Author's Note: Sucky ending, yeah sorry… but we already know Helga's stupid stubbornness and Arnold's heartbreak, we've read it all. So I just summarized it… I hope it didn't suck very much.
Well there's a sequel to this, I'm glad I finished this fic before I get back to college next week. The next sequel is going to have events that, in my mind, will be a precursor to 'The Patakis'. And you bet it's going to involve even more juicy drama mama ;p.

Going out of context, a couple days back this bum kept following me around and I was dum enough to tell him my name because the way he was asking me I thought he knew my dad because everywhere I went somebody knew my dad… so he saw me go to the police station and tell the police on him. You think he'll be up for revenge? My college is just near the place where I bumped into that sucker.