He is Risen

By: Shannon

NOTE: The song stanza at the end does not belong to me. I took it from a song we sing in church (if someone knows the name of the song, give me an email or indicate it in your review).

He came into this world,
Knowing His role,
As Messiah and Savior
To every heart and soul.

He healed the sick
He brought life to the dead.
He comforted our biggest fears,
The ones that we all dread.

Though He healed
And He preached
He knew his fate
And He knew it must be reached.

Once He was kissed
He was wisked away
By Roman soldiers
And those led astray.

He was mocked
He was spat upon
He was teased and abused
Until the awakening of the dawn.

A slab of wood
He was forced to carry
To add on to the punishment
That made Him wary.

He was then laid upon the wood
Nails driven into his palms
While crowds cheered and mocked,
Those with Him sang their psalms.

Blood shed down His head
Trickled from His scalp to his face
Ran down His arms and down his body
Knowing that He was taking our place.

"Abba, Abba,"
He cried out to the Father
"Why have You forsaken me?"
The pain in Him throbbed harder and harder.

From that moment on,
He was between Heaven and Earth,
Those with Him filled with sadness
Those without Him filled with mirth.

The skies grew black
And the clouds merged together
The wind gained strength
To create a gloomy kind of weather.

He was taken from the Cross,
And placed in a grave
That looked dark and damp
And more like a cave.

The next morning,
The rock was moved
The wind was calmed
And the weather was soothed.

They came into the grave,
Nothing but an angel hidden,
Who said unto them,
"He is Risen."

"I looked upon the Cross where You died.
I'm humbled by Your mercy and I'm broken inside.
Once again I thank You.
Once again I pour out my life."