Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I felt like finishing this up properly. I was going to change the title, but... D'oh I Missed the opportunity to do so. So yeah, there you go. Enjoy.

Leavanny and Maractus were still falling in a deep, dark abyss towards their impending death, not having anything to grasp on. The two were thinking of screaming for their lives, but they have been falling for so long they decided to not to. So they kept falling to their eventually demise. And falling.

And falling.

And falling...

...And falling...

...And... falling...

"Basically, our life at this point is one giant fart," Maractus lampshaded as she sighed.

Leavanny folded her sharp arms, nodding her head in agreement. "Yep. We're basically glorified pieces of nothing at this point."

Suddenly, a huge shiny colored male Swoobat gobbled up Leavanny and Maractus, ending their endless fall.