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I waited on him in a room pooled in darkness. I had seated myself comfortably on a plush chair directly by the fire. It was such a warm atmosphere I could feel my eyes testing me for sleep. But I had much to discuss and refused to fall for such a trap.

The door closed behind me with a light nip, almost inaudible.

"Milady, the hour is much too late for you. Go to bed." He whispered hoarsely almost overcome with sleep himself.

I stared at him. How very tired he looked.

"I have questions I would quite like to press to you" I responded simply. "Please take a seat"

I heard him shuffle behind me, and settle himself down into an armchair opposite. His face was tilted downwards, and his hair lay limply shielding his eyes from my view. His chest rose harshly against his tight overcoat, and I could tell his breathing was deep. How I longed to absolve his fears, let him rest peacefully for one night.

"Milady if you do not start asking soon I'm afraid I may succumb to a slumber" he laughed softly, however his body remained much in the same position.

I considered him quietly, not knowing when to start my pressing questions.

"Apologises, would you like some tea?" Suddenly aware of a ghostly chill nipping at my bare ankles, shifting I tucked them gently underneath my chair.

"No it is fine." He replied.

I took a deep breathe and glanced to the fire. I immediately felt a rush of heat surge into me, giving me comfort. The fire was almost like a reassurance that gave me a silent confidence.

How beautiful were the flames which danced about in the hearth. Many shapes and heights they reached each taunting the other into reaching a higher height before they dispersed into the other mass of flames below them. I braced myself to speak. "What worries you?" I asked, my eyes slightly burning from the overbearing heat

"Nothing, Milady." It was not the answer I was seeking.

With a deep sigh that tickled my head dizzy I continued. "Do not assume me the fool Xerxes. I know something has been playing on your mind. I want to know what that is. Please let me in." I pleaded, without taking my eyes off the enchanting flames.

"Do not let it worry you. My problems are mines to face alone. They do not concern you."

My heart wrenched at the coolness of his words. Suddenly I wished to simply lift something heavy and hit him with it in order to install some sense of my pain. I could feel the tears rising, but I swallowed hard, stubborn not to let them fall.

"No they are not. " I began. "If such a thing were true my heart would not be fit to burst right now" I replied, choking back tears. I raised the back of my hand in front of my eyes, not letting him see how red and dry they had become. I knew I had failed however as I could feel that familiar heavy wet thud upon the silk of my nightdress.

"Sharon" I heard him mummer. I could hear him raise from his chair, and suddenly felt my hand being drawn back softly from my eyes. I would not open them. "Sharon." He repeated. "Look at me."

I obeyed his command, opening my eyes slowly to find him kneeling softly in front of me. His eyes black in the dimly lit room, I could see the concern behind them.

"Your tears are wasted on me." He hushed. " I do not deserve them. Please stop crying." He smiled gently, pressing my hand comforting within his own. I could feel them distinctly hard and callused. How his hands betrayed his profession, it was obvious the difference between statuses. Only those accustomed to war and hard work had hands such as those. All the young dukes, and noble men that entertained me had hands almost as soft as a woman's. They lived lives of pretend duels, and piano residuals. Before me kneeled a man who had in my heart of hearts deserved such a title he would never have.

This simply made me cry all the harder.

"But….You have been so withdrawn…." I choked out. "You follow after Alice and Oz…and you obviously shun the company of Master Vincent…I simply cannot understand why." I shook my head. Tears falling upon my naked cheek. " I want to help You!" I cried, choking back my tears as I could, but they simply served to follow all the harder.

I felt his fingers bite into my forearms on either side as he quickly drew me down to him upon the floor. I could feel my raw knees upon the harsh carpet, threatening to draw into my flesh.

"Listen to me Sharon. What I will tell you now is very important." My eyes widened in shock, drawing a silence from me. He was content with this. His eyes burned into my own, however he maintained his body's distance by his arms length. " You must Stay away from Vincent Nightray."

He stressed each word yet I still did not understand.

"But whyyy" I searched his dark eyes quizzed.." I simply do not…. He was nothing but the perfect gentleman."

"Perfect Gentleman" He laughed letting go of me quite harshly. I fell upon the carpet easing the weight upon my knees but now my bottom was quite sore from the landing. He took a similar position. Running a large manly hand through his silver locks drawing them back from his forehead. He laughed whole heartily before starting. "I would have thought your type would be more to Master Gilbert, you certainly have a attraction to dangerous men Milady. What will I do with you?"

I felt myself blush deeply. How I hated him for making me blush so easily. After all these years of men's flirtatious comments I had guarded myself well from betraying my youth with a simple blush. Letting my emotions overcome me I grabbed the nearest violet cushion to slam into his jesting face. We both fell as I did so finding myself fall directly into him in such a manner that I was straddling him. I did not notice this. I would not remove the cushion however, I simply hit him again and again.

"You stupid, self confident, Buffoon!" I shrieked, putting all my force into hitting him. "Why wont you ever take me seriously!. You make me so…so~"

"Sharon" He laughed gasping for air.

I stopped for a moment but still kept the cushion in front of his face. I sat in silence gazing down at the it where his face would be. Slowly and unsurely he raised a well toned arm, reaching for the cushion. He grasped my wrist instead attempting to draw it away, but I remained steady.

"No" I whispered. His hold slackened. "Please Xerks-nii. Just let me speak. I pray don't interrupt me."

I felt his body tense slightly, but he let go of my wrist.

"I want some kind of explanation. I trust you with Master Vincent, and I agree not to approach him without another present." I looked at the intricate detail upon the cushion almost as if studying his face. What would his impression be? " What I do ask for however is what your searching for. What is it that burns in your eyes when you look at mistress Alice? Is it that you love her?" I choked. "Does she remind you of a past love? It does not look like affection in your eyes however but great pain. What effects you so much?" I spoke the last sentence feeling my throat tighten and my tears threatening to rise once more. They betrayed me once more however as I could feel their coolness flow feely down my cheeks. I choked back a sob.

"Sharon." I heard him speak a tone of worry in his voice beneath the cushion. His hands threatened to pull it away again.

"No. I don't want you to see me cry. I am a strong woman Xerxes. Please just….Trust me! " I choked out, closing my eyes. I felt his strength drawing the cushion away, and felt myself being lifted to his lap.

I would not open my eyes as I could not bare the look in his own.

I felt the board stretch of his chest against my breasts. The familiar scent of male sandalwood, mixed with musk, and uniquely to himself a sweet smell of mint. My heart threatened to leapt from my chest and once again I grew the colour of a raspberry. How did he raise such a reaction in me? I was crushed to his chest in a comforting embrace, and tensed immediately. Feeling the warm brush of his breath upon my cheek he spoke into my ear.

"You little fool. Of course I do not adore Alice" I was melting into his warm embraced. I have never felt the embraced of a man before and it made my head light. " What obsesses me is what I feel following her."

My head drew lighter.

"Following her? Whatever do you mean?" I breathed softly. I felt his own body tense.

"A very bad memory from my past" He said. I pushed away from his arms, looking up at his eyes , my own narrowing in suspicion. He did not look back at me, but lent back upon his hands. "Miss Sharon. This is what I hoped to shield you from. A promise I made with your mother years before."

I did not move from the spot I sat in. I did not speak afraid of breaking the spell that afforded his honestly to me.

"A promise that regarded revenge. I wish to find the Will of the Abyss to seek revenge upon a wrongdoing done to myself" My heartbeat raised, a heat rose in my cheeks.

"What wrongdoing is this?" I spoke softly, my gaze upon him as he looked down at the carpet.

"My Left eye, milady" he spoke while raising both his right hand to his eye unconsciously and his gaze to my own.

"What did she gain in return?" I asked defiantly, holding his gaze.

Without breaking it he continued to watch me without letting his emotions reveal themselves. After several seconds of silence he responded "Your safely"

I could fell the heat rise in me, while the butterflies in my stomach wished for an escape. Nevertheless I never broke that unyielding gaze we shared with each other. The tears wished to rise again I could not let them.

"I see." I replied. Putting a hand to the carpet I pushed myself upward, closing my eyes whilst I did so breaking the chain that had linked he and me for that short period of time. "Thank you. That was all I wished to know."

He rose as well standing before me. Raising a callused hand he brushed a stray hair from my forehead. "Sharon. I understand your concern but there is things about me your will never understand. I only tell you this for your safety. I view you as very the dearest sibling, I would never forgive myself if you found yourself in harms way." My heart leapt into my throat. " Promise me you stay away from Vincent Nightray"

"I Promise Xerks-nii" I replied in a whisper. Staring back at the fire.

"Thank you" He said studying my face in worry. Leaning forward he pressed a kiss to my temple, again that sweet scent of Mint and sandalwood filled my nostrils, and once more the heat rose in my cheeks. How I hoped he would not see. "Pleasant Dreams Milady" He spoke before leaving the room in several long strides.

Pleasant Dreams were not what welcomed me that night, but floods of tears. I could not understand my feelings for this Man. How he so easily revealed no attachment towards me except that of Mistress and Servant. All these years I spent building up my defence to the male sex and he so easily had my heart leaping from me, and reducing me to naught but a blushing child.

How much I hated him so.