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"All I'm saying is…" Wes began, "Best is the superlative to 'good', not 'goodest'." Wes finished his small English lesson and continued to walk down the corridor with David and Kurt on his sides.

David sighed, "Whatever. I'm gooder than you at English anyways."

Kurt slapped his face with his palm and shook his head at David's fail. "It's 'better', David."

David smiled, "See! Kurt agrees that I'm better too!"

Wes laughed. "Ok, Dave. Just be happy you can sing."

David just ignored them and kept walking. He began to wonder just when they decided he was stupid, but David knew he wasn't as stupid as they said, and he'd prove that one day. As for Wes, he had his smart moments, and he's had his blonde moments… even if he isn't blonde. Kurt was a matter-of-fact type of guy, he seemed smarter than others, but that may just be the way he speaks. As for Blaine… where was Blaine?

David was the first to notice his absence, and turned around a bit baffled at his loss. He scoped the hall, but no Blaine. He then turned to Wes.

"Hey, where's Blaine?"

Wes shrugged and turned to Kurt. "Where's your boyfriend?"

Kurt smiled at the 'boyfriend' reference. Sure, they weren't dating... but Kurt could dream, couldn't he? "I'm honestly not sure… Should I call him? He said he'd walk with us to the Lima Bean…"

Wes grinned. "I'll call him!"

"NO!" Kurt shouted. "Do you remember what happened last time you called him?"

Wes snickered. "Not my fault that he can't annunciate his words correctly…"

Kurt's eyebrows knit together. "How on earth did you hear 'menstruate' instead of 'sorry I'm late'?"

Wes shrugged once more. "It was an honest mistake… and it was HILARIOUS!"

Kurt rolled his eyes. "It wasn't funny. Now, how about David? You call him."

Wes interjected. "Hey! He got us banned from Papa Gino's because he hassled them so much! Don't you think I should get to call Blaine if anyone?"

David seemed kind of crestfallen as he mumbled. "I can call Blaine…"

The two other boys didn't hear him.

"Ok, ok fine. You can call him, Wes." Kurt decided.

"Sweet!" Wes dialed his phone and waited patiently as it rang. Finally someone answered.

"Hey, Wes!" Blaine answered. "Sorry, I know I'm not there. I was ambushed by Sue Slyvester!"

Wes was intrigued, seeing as he had no idea who 'Sue' was. "Sue? …Is she hot?"

Blaine seemed disgusted. "Dude! She's old!"

"What? Like a MILF?" Wes asked, taking it into consideration.

Blaine laughed, wondering how Wes had no idea who Sue was. "Ew! No, Dude! Never. Trust me."

"Wait does this mean you're straight now?" Wes asked.

This caught Kurt's attention. "What? Who are you talking to, Wes? Not Blaine, right?"

"No, I'm not straight." Blaine answered.

"Yeah," Wes answered Kurt. "Blaine's straight now."

"Wait…" Blaine heard Wes answer Kurt. "Who are you talking to? You're not talking to Kurt right? Don't tell him that I'm straight! WES! I'M NOT STRAIGHT!" People walking by Blaine gave him odd looks.

David spoke up, "Can we get some Blaine Pizza?"

Kurt gasped. "He's straight? Let me talk to him!" Kurt wanted to remind Blaine of the last time he dated a girl, AKA Rachel, and how that went terribly wrong.

"No, Dude." Wes answered Kurt.

Blaine thought Wes was talking to him and began to get worked up. "Yes, Wes! I just told you, I'm gay!"

"Come on," Kurt spoke to Wes. "Let me talk to him."

"NO! I'm talking to him right now!" Wes answered.

Once more, Blaine thought Wes was speaking to him. "YES! DAMNIT! TELL HIM I'M GAY!"

Due to Blaine's pestering, Wes thought he'd pass on the message… though just like the day before, he heard it wrong. "Blaine says 'hey'."

Kurt was baffled. "Oh? Tell him I said 'hi'."

"Kurt says," Wes began, "That he thinks you're sexy."

Kurt gaped. "Wes! I didn't say that!"

David spoke again. "No, but that's what you meant."

Blaine answered, "Sexy? Well, that's random…" Blaine then got lost in his thoughts of Kurt, but decided he wouldn't flirt with Kurt through Wes. If he was to flirt with Kurt, he'd want to say it to Kurt himself.

Wes transferred the message to Kurt. "Blaine said he thinks you're gorgeous and would like to know if you would join him in the shower today."

Kurt was taken aback, but he smiled. It didn't really sound like Blaine… but he wanted to believe it, so he did.

"Really?" Kurt asked. "Tell him I said thank you, but I'll take a rain-check on the shower."

Wes smirked. "He said 'Thanks' and that he'll take a shower with you tomorrow."

Blaine was utterly shocked. Mostly confused, but shocked nonetheless. He was about to answer, but his phone beeped implying a new call.

"Hold on, I have another call…" Blaine switched to the other call.

"Hi, I'd like to order one Blaine Pizza and-"

Blaine interrupted him. "David?"

"Yeah." David answer. "BLAINE? OMG! Does Papa Gino's have you AGAIN?"

Hearing David screaming, Wes and Kurt looked over to see him on the phone.

Kurt decided to comment. "David, are you talking to Blaine?"

Then Blaine said, "Hold on, I'll three-way."

David translated this. "Kurt, Blaine said he wants to have a threesome."

Kurt gaped. "What? Give me the phone!" Kurt reached for the phone and snatched it. "Blaine?"

Blaine let out a sigh of relief. "Hey, Kurt. Hold on, I'm going to three-way." Blaine pressed a button on the phone to link all of the calls together. "Ok, hello?"

Wes and Kurt answered, "Hello."

Blaine went on, "As I was saying, I was stopped by Sue Slyvester, and that's why I am late."

Kurt raised an eyebrow, speaking into the phone. "What did she want?"

"Isn't that your girlfriend?" Wes asked.

Blaine sighed. "No, Sue is this woman who coached Vocal Adrenaline."

"You're banging the enemy's coach?" Wes gasped.

"NO! I'm not doing anything with her!" Blaine began to get frustrated. "Just forget it; I'm right down the hall." Blaine hung up the phone.

"Soo…" Wes talked into the phone to Kurt. Kurt just rolled his eyes and hung up. Wes looked over to Kurt who was still right next to him. "Dude, why'd you hang up on me?"

Kurt shook his head at Wes's ignorance. "I'm standing right next to you, why would I need a phone?"

"Hey, guys!" Blaine walked over to them. "Where's David?"

Kurt turned to see David was missing. "I don't know, but I have his cellphone."

Blaine's phone started to ring. He sighed but picked it up.


"Hello there, Dapper-Young-Lad." The other person answered.

"Sue? What do you want?" Blaine asked.

"Well, I just wanted to tell you to come pick up your stupid Glee loser, David. He just attacked me, but it's okay. I corralled him and stored him in the trunk of my car." Sue smiled proudly.

"What? Let me talk to him." Blaine demanded.

The sound of her trunk opening was heard, and then David answered the phone. "Blaine?"

"David? What happened?"


Sue yelled, "I'm a lady!"

"Mama Gino is kidnapping me!" David corrected.

Blaine sighed, "Just calm down, and give the phone back to 'Mama Gino'."

Sue spoke again. "Well?"

"Okay, we're coming to get him right now." Blaine hung up.

"What happened?" Kurt asked.

"Where are we going?" Wes joined.

"We're going to pick up some 'Dave Pizza'." Blaine answered.

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