A/N: Sooooo, this is my first time at writing a fan fiction, I usually dont write, because Im not that good with words (I use drawing as a way of expressing myself), but I just had to try my luck and (lack of) skill with this story. It could be left as a one-shot, but if you guys like it, i might try to write more chapters :)

P.S. Isabela might seem a little OOC, but everyone acts out of character when they are scared :P

Before her lay the Arishok, his eyes already glassy, staring at the ceiling of the Viscounts Keep. She was exhausted and bleeding severely from two large cuts, one on her left arm, the other on her stomach and one pretty big stab wound in her right thigh, and that's not counting bunch of smaller cuts. But she wasn't concerned about that, she knew Anders could fix her, he was the best healer she knew. The object of her concern was behind her, near the far wall, held back by two large Qunari warriors. When the other Qunari began falling back, after their leaders demise , they unleashed their hold on her, and Isabela darted forward as fast as she could, towards her Champion. Hawke looked at her running, small smile on her face. She's safe. Hawke thought as she stopped fighting the unconsciousness that threatened to take her over even as she was slaying the Arishok. Last thing she remembered was Isabela's voice, screaming something, and someone's hands catching her, before she hit the floor. Then everything went black.

"Hawke!" Isabela screamed, when she saw that the woman in question started losing consciousness and falling face first on the floor. She ran even faster and slid the last 2 meters toward Hawke, catching her just in time. She turned her in her arms, afraid that the worst has happened, that Hawke was dead because of her. She checked her breathing and let the sigh of relief. She's alive. But just barely. She looked frantically around her, trying to see where the hell is that damned mage. Just as she thought that, Anders emerged from the sea of the last of the retreating Qunari, followed by Fenris and Varric. He saw Isabela's pleading look, and hurriedly knelt beside her to check on Hawke.

"We need to get her to her home, it's closer than my clinic." Isabela just nodded, letting go of Hawke, so Fenris could take her in his arms. Varric and Anders started clearing the path for them, pushing people who started to crowd on them, after the retreat of the Qunari, wanting to see what happened to the new Champion of Kirkwall (as they started calling Hawke), so they could make path for Fenris, while Isabela trailed after him, never taking her eyes off of Hawke.

Few minutes later, Anders burst into Hawke's home, followed closely by Fenris still carrying unconscious Hawke, with Isabela, Varric, Aveline, Merrill and Sebastian (who were waiting outside the Keep, protecting First Enchanter and Knight-Commander, while Hawke was dueling the Arishok) on their heels. Anders told Fenris to take Hawke to her room, but that the rest of them needed to stay downstairs, until he called them.

"No! You wont keep me out, I wont leave her side, not until I know that she will be alright!" Isabela yelled at the mage. Anders was just about to protest, when Aveline interrupted them, putting a hand on Anders's shoulder "Leave her Anders, she wont be a bother to you" She gave Isabela don't-make-me-regret-this look, who gave her small smile and quick nod, before she raced up the stairs, not waiting for Anders's permission.

When she got into room, she saw Fenris leaning on the wall, near the door. Even though he looked relaxed, she knew he was tense as a string, watching for any sign of danger, even here, in Hawke's bedroom. She wanted to sit next to Hawke on her bed, but she knew that she would interfere with Anders's healing, so she took her place next to a window.

When Anders got into room, he glared at Isabela and told Fenris to wait outside. He raised his eyebrow questioningly, but left the room without a word.

Sometime later, Isabela thought it was hours, but it couldn't be more than just a few minutes, Anders raised himself from the hunched position he was in, wiping his brow "That's the best I can do" He frowned "There must have been some kind of poison on Arishok's blades. I don't know if she will pull through."

Isabela looked at him, worry evident in her eyes "Call me if she wakes up." Said Anders. And as an afterthought he added "Or…. If something happens." Isabela nodded and went to sit on bed, taking Hawke's pale hand in her own.

"How is she?" Aveline just asked from the door. Not taking her eyes from Hawke, Isabela answered "Not good. I think she has a fever." Aveline approached the bed, putting a hand on Isabela's shoulder "Go. Take a sleep, I will watch over her." Isabela started to protest, but Aveline just picked her up and threw her out of the room. Isabela got up and turned to face Aveline, but all that greeted her was closed door. She wanted to break the door, and more than that, she wanted to break stupid Man-Hands, but just as she was about to kick the door open, she remembered that Hawke is inside and that she needs rest, more than she needs some selfish pirate wench by her side. So she took a deep breath, calmed herself and went downstairs. Bodhan tried to ask her something, while Sandal was yelling "Enchantment", but she waved them off and went outside.

She was blinded by the amount of sunlight outside, so long was she in half-dark in Hawke's room. When her eyes got used to the light, she went to find Anders and tell him about the fever. He listened to her, nodded, and left without the word to check on Hawke. He must still be pissed on me. I know I would be too. She sighed and went to the Hanged Man. Big girl was right, she really needed sleep. So she went straight to her room, ignoring all the drunk patrons who wanted to buy her drinks.

Next few days were the same, only now she didn't let Aveline to throw her out of Hawke's room, she knew what to expect, so she was always on guard, when Big girl came to visit. Aveline quickly realized that too, and didn't press the matter; she didn't want to disturb Hawke. So Isabela spent her days in Hawke's room, watching the young woman, holding her hand. One companion came every day, never 2 at the same time, unless Anders was coming to check on the Champion.

On the tenth day from the battle with Arishok, when Anders finished his checkup, a little smile danced on his lips "She is getting better, the fever is gone, and her heart and breathing are faster and stronger. Now it's only a matter of time before she wakes up." With that he left. Isabela felt like a stone fell from her heart. Relief filled her. But also another feeling was creeping its way into her heart. Fear.

She came back with the relic, because she couldn't let Hawke die because of her. She planned to be on her way as soon as she gave the damn book to those bloody Qunari. But then Hawke and the Arishok decided they wanted a duel, with her as a prize, like she was some bloody trophy! Hawke won, but just barley, she couldn't leave her now that she was near death, not until she knew she would pull out. And now she know. So its time for her to leave again, without looking back. She cant stay near Hawke anymore, emotions are getting involved. Well, emotions are involved for quite some time now, but its still not too late for me to leave. Is it? She couldn't answer that question now, only time will tell. She got up, kissed Hawke lightly on the forehead and went to the door. She turned around to get one last look on the sleeping rogue, before she shut the door of Hawke's room and her own heart.