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He had promised her a better life, so today Jacob was doing something special. Something the average person usually takes for granted. Something that Marlena had never truly experienced. A date: Jacob was taking Marlena on a date.

After their walk to Ithaca, Jacob and Marlena had found, what they assumed, was an abandoned house and farm on the outskirts of town. The house was still in good condition and the acres of land were still well plenished, much to Rosie's liking, yet there were no inhabitants on the land. So the two lovers, along with their animal friends decided to live in the country-style house until they could either afford their own or the rightful owner reclaimed the property. The latter happened first.

Both Marlena and Jacob had found work in town, Marlena as a tailor's assistant and Jacob as a grocery store cashier. Both humble jobs having nothing to do with their extraordinary talents, however the jobs supplied an income and until Jacob received his degree from Cornell (after passing his final exam with flying colors) Jacob and Marlena were happy to do whatever they could to reach their ultimate goal, Ringley's. The tailor and grocery store were located within a block of each other and Marlena's shift always ended a few minutes before Jacob's. She would sit on the windowsill of the store in her beige dress covered by a white apron, watching the love of her life check out his last few customers. Today his last customer was an elderly woman, small and frail, buying a few eggs and miscellaneous items. Jacob greeted her with a smile, as he did all his customers, rang up her items while making small talk and then placed the items in a brown paper bag. The woman thanked him and reached for the bag when he stopped her. From Marlena's perspective she could see Jacob hold a finger up to the woman, then jog off to his boss most likely telling him he was leaving, the boss placed his hand on Jacob's shoulder in a friendly manner and nodded. Jacob then returned to the elderly woman, grabbed her grocery bags in one hand and escorted her out of the store.

As he opened the door and the bell at the top rang, Jacob caught sight of Marlena. A wide grin appeared on his face, he couldn't help it, he then turned his attention to the woman and said,

"Mrs. Caldwell, I'll like to introduce you to my friend, Marlena." Marlena shook the woman's hand politely.

"Friend my behind!" The woman exclaimed, "I saw that look you two shared, you two are in love ain't you?" A blush appeared on Marlena's face along with a smile, she liked this woman. Jacob scratched the back of his neck as a laugh escaped him,

"Well you've got that right Mrs. Caldwell, you're a very bright woman. Marlena, I was just helping Mrs. Caldwell with her things, she lives up the street."

"Well that's fantastic." Marlena replied with a smile while hooking her left arm with the elderly woman's right.

"You have a very sweet boy Marlena, reminds me of my Harry. I told him I could walk myself but he insisted." Marlena nodded, keeping her eyes on Jacob,

"You're right , he has a very big heart."

The couple then walked the elderly woman home, both embracing her in a hug when they left. The pair then walked hand in hand to their home on the outskirts of town. What they found shocked them.

They found Rosie playfully tapping a mysterious man on the head with her trunk. The man appeared hesitant but enthralled, elephants are not exactly common in New York.

"Excuse me. Excuse me!" Jacob called, dropping Marlena's hand while approaching the man. The stranger then turned to face Jacob, his eyes wide.

"Jankowski? Is that you?"

"Brzoza?" Jacob replied, astonished.

"Jacob is that you? I can't believe it!" The two men embraced while speaking in rapid Polish.

Adam Brzoza was the man's name. Jacob's father had helped Adam's family through the depression. Both families were from the same area in Poland and had become fast friends. The Brzoza family moved into the city when Adam's father found a new job and Jacob had not heard from him since. That new job proved to be very prosperous and the Brzoza's were now incredibly wealthy. Adam and his wife owned the house Jacob and Marlena had been sleeping in and Adam assured them they could stay for however long they wished.

So here they were, stable home, steady jobs and a dream they were close to reaching. Perfect time for a date. Jacob had been flabbergasted when Marlena had mentioned her lack of experience with courtship. One night as they laid together, tangled in the sheets, Marlena had mumbled,

"One day, I hope we can go on a date. I've always wanted to go on one" The more he thought about it, the more it made sense. August had lured her in at a relatively young age, she never had an opportunity to be courted. August knew she was hers so he had no need to woo Marlena. Sure the two had been to dinners and parties but Marlena had never truly enjoyed them, or when she would begin to enjoy them August would be stone drunk and she would have to drag him home and tuck him in.

This is how, on a warm Friday night, Marlena and Jacob ended up in Central Park.