B's pov

The next few weeks had been the most painful I've ever went through. Piper was really running a toll on all of us.

It wouldn't be bad but she was the most annoying, rude, and intensely unintelligent girl in the world. She was driving all of us crazy.

When it wasn't Piper making all the guys chase after her, showing off her incredible speed, it was she was crying over her lost family.

I'm sorry, I know you're homeless, but is it any wonder, you probably chased them all off.

What I hated most was the fact that she was always following Paul around; even though Paul showed no interest it just bothered me.

I watched now as the guys chatted with each other across the huge bon fire. It was dark outside tonight, and we had decided to relax a little, and have a bon fire.

I sat comfortably in Paul's lap, content to just listen as he talked to the others, making sure he keep his hands busily tracing shapes across my skin.

It had been a pretty good day so far, Piper hadn't been around at all, in fact I didn't see her once this whole day, I could finally fully relax.

"Bella, you haven't eaten anything at all today, don't you want something to eat?" Paul asked looking down at me with concern.

I smiled at that, my heart filling at warmth at his concern.

"I'm not really all that hungry, I'm on a diet." I lied, really it was because ever sense Piper came I have lost all appetite when I saw her eat for the first time.

Paul narrowed his eyes at me.

"To bad, I'm making you." He said, and pulled his stick from the fire that had a marshmallow lightly browned. He smoothly stroked my cheek, staring into my eyes.

"Open." He said to me seriously, but I could see the teasing in his eyes dancing.

I bit my lip, and reluctantly did what he said. He gently popped the marshmallow into my mouth. I laughed a little at the stickiness as I chewed.

Paul slowly leaned in and licked the rest of the stickiness from my lips, and locked his eyes on mine as desire filled them.

The look sent a ball of warmth to bounce around in my stomach.

I went to get closer when a shrill scream from the forest filled the air.

Everyone was on their feet in seconds, and in wolf form before I could blink, leaving Paul and I alone.

I was now shaking as I thought of what might have happened was Jacob here, did he hurt someone, and was he coming for me next?

I could already feel myself falling to a panic attack, but Paul's hands quickly went to my face to stop me.

"Bella, please don't worry, the guys got it." Paul said looking at me seriously, and I gulped at the grimness in his face that he was attempting to cover but failed.

I shook my head, tears filling my eyes.

"This is all my fault, if I just would have hung out with him more instead of ignoring him, this wouldn't be happening." I my fists clenched as I tried to hold back my tears.

Paul growled at that in anger, and he gently shook me.

"Bella, this. Is. Not. Your. Fault. I don't want to hear you say that again." Paul said looking at me with a frown, but I couldn't help it.

Another howl of pain echoed through the air now, making us both cringe, and I now knew that Paul was needed.

He slowly let go of me, keeping his eyes locked on mine.

"Bella, I'm going to go help the others, don't move, stay right here ok." He said seriously.

I nodded weakly, unable to smother my now doubled fear, what if Paul got hurt or even worse, killed. My heart exploded with pain that I hadn't felt for months.

I welcomed it back reluctantly, and bit my lip as I watched him.

He slowly kissed me, and ran into the woods.

I slowly sunk to the ground, unable to hold myself up any more, and the growls and the trees crashing to the ground coming from the forest kept me from passing out.

What was happening, surely it shouldn't take this long to kill one wolf, or person, or whoever it was out there.

But I let out a scream as I felt someone grab me, and began to run.

My legs hit everything as we went, making blood run down my legs, and who ever had me, had grabbed me by my hair, and was ripping at it harshly.

I screamed, and kicked, and tried getting away but it was no use, they had me, and I was now miles away as I watched the trees disappear behind me.

"Paul!" I screamed out, but I heard nothing.

"Shut up, he will never be able to get to you now." The person who grabbed me said, and I looked up to see Piper glaring down at me with an evil smile.

"Let me go now!" I yelled, but I was beginning to get sick as the world around me began spinning the faster she ran with me.

She didn't say anything, but just stared at my legs with hunger.

What the hell? What kind of wolf is she?

"Just shut up girl, or I'll drain you dry right now." She hissed before quickly snapping her head away from me.

I winced as I hit a stump, and she let out a laugh.

"What are you?" I spat to her through my pain.

She snickered.

"Jacob was right, you do ask a lot of questions, well here's my answer, I'm half werewolf, half vampire, and you my dear are in for a world of pain once we get to Jacob." Piper snarled, and her eyes flashed red as she looked back at me again.

At that I had to bite down not to scream, but I ended up passing out to my luck, this was terrible.