Pointless Fluff

A/N this is just a short, pointless GABBY fluff, written to relieve my brain of the intensity of Something Sinister.

Abby stared at Gibbs in amazement, he wasn't just yelling he was ranting and this was something she had never seen him do before. She knew that he wasn't really at her, just in her general direction, so she wasn't actually listening to him. She just stood and let him vent.

Eventually he ran out of steam and stomped off to the basement. Anger made his hands tremble as he poured an extra large shot of bourbon.

With each sip his anger dissipated, guilt gradually taking its place.

Of all the people to vent his anger on, why the hell had he targeted his Abby? The last person on earth he wanted to hurt.

With the last drop of bourbon he dropped his head into his hands, guilt and shame overwhelming him. He wanted nothing more than to go to her, take her in his arms and beg forgiveness but he didn't have the strength to face the hurt he knew would be in her eyes.

It was at that moment Abby slipped her arms round his waist. He twisted round and buried his face in her shoulder. "What did I do to deserve you?" he muttered

Abby pushed away from him just enough to force him to meet her eyes. She answered him with a smile that took his breath away.

"You planning on kissing me anytime soon, Gunny?"

He hesitated a split second before his lips crashed in to hers.


A/N I did tell you it was pointless