Title: Snow (Sequel to Smoke)

Author: Star and Victory Thru Tears

Rating: R because it's slash

Feedback: Oh yes, we like that. It keeps our brains ticking over.

Disclaimer: Disney et all owns 'em and we'll have 'em back before they even notice they're gone! Taz, aka Purple Girl belongs to Star, and Maya belongs to Victory Thru Tears

Summary: Sequel to Smoke. How is the team doing now that everything is out in the open?

Notes: SLASH! LOTS OF IT!!! If you don't like slash, please don't read this!

Victory and Star had a lot of fun writing together, this series could go on until we retire!

Chapter 1: Deep Freeze

By Victory Thru Tears

Adam's POV

It's our first game since the Great Divide, as I've started to call it. I'm taping my wrist, and watching everyone around me. We're wearing our new Eden Hall jerseys for the first time- white, red, and yellow, with the Ducks' logo. Guy's upset- they've messed up his number, and he's 10 instead of 00. Orion's promised to fix it as soon as possible, but he has to play this game with it. He's sulking in the corner with Connie close by laughing. Charlie and Dwayne are laughing about a movie we'd watched earlier. Russ is still trying to teach Ken how to talk trash. Julie's just gotten a haircut, and the Bash Brothers are teasing her while she fusses with it.

Coach Orion comes in, and tells us to get onto the ice. For once, Charlie doesn't lead the way. He lags behind, and is last out of the locker room. Even during warm-ups, one can tell something's wrong. Half of us are on the right side of the goal, and the others are on the left. The gap is about five feet wide. We move to the bench and into our cluster. Our regular chant is half-hearted, just as it has been for the last week and a half since the dance. Six of us move onto the ice. I'm center, and Charlie and Portman are on either side. Guy and Goldberg are behind us, and Julie's in the net. The Hoover Academy Tigers take their places across from us. Their center has a determined look on his face, but he's no match for me.

As the ref blows the whistle, I sail the puck to Charlie. Portman, with the aid of Goldberg, is checking everyone in our captain's way. Charlie makes a great shot straight into the goalie's glove. He sends it back out, and we become defensemen. I try to get the puck, but go flying head first over a Hoover player. I scramble back onto my feet and try to make it down to the action. Stick save by Julie, she passes it out to Guy. Guy brings it around the net. He passes to me, and I send it back as 2 Hoover guys knock me down. Portman helps me up, and I stake towards Guy, who still has the puck. He passes to Charlie. He fakes, and sends it backwards to Portman. Portman shoots, scores.

1-0, Ducks.

This time Charlie takes the face-off, and I take his spot at right wing. Guy's out, Dwayne's in. Portman's out, Fulton's in. Charlie gets the puck, passes to me. I start the breakaway, my mind set on the goal. I shoot, and the goalie blocks it. He tries to clear it, but Dwayne's in his way. Dwayne takes a shot, but the goalie saves it again. He has a quick glove. The Tigers get the puck again, and even though all of our players are hovering near the other goal, Julie manages to stop the shot. She has a quick glove, too. Fulton takes the puck as Julie the Cat sends it down to us. He passes to Goldberg, who passes to Dwayne. I hear him "yee-haw" loudly, and watch as he slips the puck in right between the goalie's legs.

2-0, Ducks.

I'm still on the right side, and Fulton's on the left. Averman's now taking the face-off. Dwayne's switched with Luis, and Goldberg with Connie. The Tigers get the puck on the face-off, and Fulton grunts loudly as he's knocked onto the ice. Luis starts on one of his bursts of speed, Connie trailing behind with the puck. Two Tigers are heading in her direction.

"Connie, pass it!" I yell from next to her.

She ignores me, and attempts to give the puck to Luis. The Tigers block her, and they come back our way. I do a 180, and concentrate on defending our goal. The Tigers have made a formation kind of like our trademark flying V. I focus on the center man. He tries to get past me, but goes flying over me as I duck.

"Nice move, Banks." Fulton passes me the puck.

I turn around, and skate towards their goal. I raise my stick to take my shot, and…

I hit the ice hard. I can feel my lip bleeding from where I had bitten down on it. I look up to see who had caused my fall. Luis shoots, scores. No Tigers are in sight.

3-0, Ducks.

My mind is not on the score.

Hooked by my own teammate?

I feel my blood start to boil. I struggle to my feet, and break through the celebratory huddle that Averman, Luis, and Connie have made.

"What the hell is that?" I ask Luis as I shove him again. "I'm on your team, for god's sake!"

"Hey, I made the shot. I deserved it." His eyes are cold and mean.

"What the-" I can't control my anger. I shove him to the ground and get on top of him, punching aimlessly. It takes two refs and Fulton to pull me off.

"Banks, #99…five minutes for disorderly conduct."

I've been playing competitive hockey since 3rd grade. In those 6 years, I have never ever been in the penalty box.

I let the ref pull me away.


Connie mutters it loud enough for me to hear. I struggle out of the ref's grip. I've never hit a girl in my life, but right now I wouldn't care if Connie were a newborn baby. She's going to die.

"Adam, Adam. Take it easy. Don't screw this up for yourself, you know you want to play." Fulton stops me.

I nod, not meeting his eyes. I pick up my stick and mask from the ground, and skate by myself to the penalty box. Charlie shakes his head as I pass, but he looks sympathetic. Coach Orion is staring at me, undoubtedly shocked by my display.

Oh well. So there's one more person in the world that now knows that Adam Banks isn't perfect.