Turn So Cold

A Harry Potter Story

Chapter One

A Whole New World

Author Note/Disclaimer: I don't own anything from Harry Potter. The series was created by J.K. Rowling. The only thing I own is the plot and some original characters. This story will be dark as the story goes on. Hadrian Blake will be much like Tom Riddle would have, only much worst, especially at a young age. Tom Riddle showed early signs of being a Psychopath, Hadrian has as well, just more...severe.

Summary: What would have happened to the Wizarding if there had never been a Dark Lord Voldemort and never would be a Voldemort…What if there was only Tom Marvolo Riddle in the Wizarding World? What would the Wizarding be like for the new generation of witches and wizards arriving to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? How would these witches and wizards handle a young boy that would become the rising new Dark Lord since Gellert Grindelwald? How would they react to a Dark Lord far more dangerous and threatening than any Dark Lord their had ever been?

Would they handle it?

Could they handle it?

From an early age, Hadrian Blake was never normal. As a baby he rarely cried and was almost always silent, almost like he was in a thoughtful silence as he studied his surroundings. Growing up, Hadrian was an outcast for his freakishness. The children in the Orphanage ridiculed him and the staff tortured him just as much. As he began to grow older, he continued to experience more strange things happening to him, more than usual. As a prodigy genius, Hadrian kept to himself and learned to control his strange powers.

With only himself as company, Hadrian became cold, angry and bitter from his torment over the years growing up and being left in the Orphanage in the first place. Without anyone to show him love and friendship, he learned to control his emotions (more than a young boy his age should have been able to) and desired knowledge, learning all he could from libraries around the cities and school. When Hadrian gets his letter to Hogwarts, he realizes his destiny would be greater than anyone would realize, and began his thirst for knowledge in this new world and reads everything he can from books at the shops and libraries. Hadrian Kristofer Blake would be the greatest wizard to ever grace the Wizarding World.

Hadrian Kristofer Blake was a gifted young male and a prodigy genius. He was intelligent, polite, hard working, charismatic, inquisitive and observant. He was also cunning, sly, manipulative, captivating, apathetic and nefarious. Hadrian was a very persuasive person. Dumbledore was the only one that didn't fall for Hadrian's charm. He was the only one that knew nothing good would come from Hadrian Blake learning magic. This story begins with a young boy receiving a very special visit, by Albus Dumbledore himself.

Pairings: Hadrian/?, ect.

Setting(s): AU

Rating: NC-17 or M at times

Warnings: Violence, Strong Language, Adult Situations, Graphic Sex (maybe), Mention/Show of Martial Abuse, Mention/Show of Child Abuse, Mention/Show of Alcohol Abuse, Mention/Show of Drug Abuse, Mention/Show of Zombies Eating People, Murder, Suicide, Rape, Kidnapping, Nudity, Fights, Slash (Male/Male & Female/Female), Religious Themes, Religious Talk, Disbelief In Religions, ect.

Turn So Cold

By Drowning Pool

It's too much, not enough
What you need I don't get
I don't know why you never say, you never do
Is this my luck again
Silent words never shed
All I get is you turning away
You turn

So cold
It's never enough it's always too much
For what you never say
What you never go and say
You're so cold
It's never enough it's always too much
What you never say
Never do
Never say

Is it me that you see changing
What you think you need
All I can say is I'll always trade me for you
Is it my heart I break
Hard to give what you won't take
If you did would you throw it away
And turn

Our time is slipping away
Slipping away

Isn't my word enough
What I say is what you get
And all I get is you turning away
You turn

The silence within the naked and insipid bedecked room was thick with tension and raw rage. A tall black haired boy, no older than eleven, sat silently beside a rectangular size window. The ledge he sat upon was cold and uncomfortable, leaving his butt and legs numb with chill after sitting there for so long. Bright emerald green eyes, brighter than any other green, stared blankly out the window. Intelligence gleamed in his eyes as he watched everything going on outside his prison.

Sharp eyes watched at the other children from the Orphanage played about, playing together. The front yard of the Orphanage was large, and caged in with black metal wrought iron bars. Green grass surrounded the area, leaving only a long and narrow cobblestone pathway that led to the front door. Trees were placed at the sides of the gates with bushes and flowers in between. The sound of the laughter of the other children filtered through the young raven hair boy's cracked open window.

A dark gaze crossed the child's face as he stared hatefully at the other children. They thought him as some freak, a sinner among the holy. I'll show them one day. I'm more than some freak. The small boy thought scornfully to himself. Oh how he hated these…simpletons. They were nothing. Would never amount to anything. They were cattle following the flock, while he was the lone wolf, just waiting to attack.

With a sneer of disgust at the childish behavior the other children were showing, the young boy turned away from the open window, away from watching the children play together out in the front yard of St. Abigail's Orphanage for Abounded and Orphaned Children. While he himself sat locked in his bedroom, away from everyone. It was his latest punishment, though he had, had worst before. Jaw clenched in aggravation, the young boy fought off the need to grind his teeth together or release an irritated roar. He was better than that. Only those unable to control their emotions would ever allow such pathetic emotion to be shown.

Looking back out the window from where he stood in the middle of the room, his eyes glared at the storm filled sky with dislike. He hated how the sky seemed to reflect his inner emotions. A turmoil of emotion swirled through him, rage, disgust, apathy and many other dark emotions. These emotions showed on his face for a split second, before quickly disappearing behind his barrier, his wall that kept what he truly felt hidden. Would he ever be able to leave this place? To find a better place that he belonged, instead of this building of hell? Would he be able to last much longer with the Nuns and Priests preaching about how he was a sinner and would burn in hell? He wished desperately so. He knew he was different than the other children at the Orphanage. He was special and powerful. He had learned over his short eleven years of life how to control these strange abilities. It was one of the reasons why he was able to do the things he did.

St. Abigail's Orphanage was a rather imposing building. It was rather dark, with black and dark brown bricks holding it together. Large dark brown doors could be seen through the narrow entryway. Large square or rectangular windows where placed sporadically through out the building, allowing what little sunlight that London got, through. Inside the building, was an entryway that could lead to three different quarters.

To the left side of the entryway, was a large open doorway that led into the living room where couples would meet and converse with the many children within the Orphanage's walls. Pass the doorway of the living room, led a dining room, large enough to fit it's staff and children. The doorway to the dining room had a rectangular door, that color of light brown with a golden doorknob that was rusting slowly.

Across the hallway and across the door to the dining room was the kitchen. The kitchen's door was light brown in color and no door handle. The kitchen's door was one of those swinging doors that squeaked every time you pushed it. A few feet down, was a dark brown door that blended in with the staircase. This door was smaller than the others and led into a linen closet. At the very end of the hallway was a door that led into an office/lounge.

To the right of the entryway was another large doorway, but with two dark brown doors with two golden doorknobs that swung outwards when you entered. Inside this large room was were most of the children entertained themselves. It had many tables with bookshelves filled to the brim with old and worn books.

One small section in the room had cushioned chairs and a fireplace. Walking past the library/children's room was a door a few ways down that had a small and decently cleaned bathroom. Across the hallway was another dark brown colored door with a rusty gold doorknob that led down to the basement. Another doorway a few feet away from the basement doorway was where they washed all their clothes. At the very far end of the hallway was a door the led out to the gardens.

It was a place the small boy hated. The Orphanage had four stories. The last three stories were the rooms where all the other children slept. Each child had its own separate room. That was the only thing the boy could ever be happy about. The Orphanage was more like a prison than anything. It looked like one too. Or, maybe even one of those Insane Asylums.

With a glower once more out the window, he gracefully walked over to his desk. Taking a seat on the hard wood chair he flipped open the thick tomb sitting atop of it and began to read where he last left off.

An elderly man, with a short white beard that reached in length to the middle of his chest, walked swiftly down the desolate metropolitan side street. His shoulder length, white hair fluttered behind him as the wind blew by. The elderly man wore normal attire. The suit was dark in color, with dark thin gold stripes. His shirt was dark gold as well and his shoes black. A suitcase was grasped in a pale hand, swinging as he walked. A long black overcoat hung over his left arms, the same arm that the suitcase was being held in. The elderly man looked forward, looking at the sinister and ominous looking structure at the far end of the street.

The sound of pleased children reached his ears as he neared closer to the building, causing a bright and cheerful smile to grace his aging face. Ah, the wonderful sound of children's laughter. It was a sound that always brightened his day. With a friendly smile, the elder man pulled open the black wrought iron gates and stepped into the courtyard of St. Abigail's Orphanage for Abandoned and Orphaned Children.

Many children froze as they noticed the elder man, stopping in the middle of their games to look the strange stranger with wary curiosity. With a smile and small chuckle, the older man continued on his way, humming a small tune to himself. He walked down the cobblestone pathway to the front door and rang the doorbell to the left. He waited patiently, his humming continuous, as he listened for the sound of footsteps nearing the front door.

"Can I help you?" A young female voice questioned as the door swung open. Looking away from the roof, he came face to face with a fourteen-year-old girl with long blonde hair and sparkling honey brown eyes.

"Ah yes, I'm hear to speak with Mrs. Rose Cole." The elder man declared in a rather cheerful voice. The young girl looked at the older man with a raised eyebrow before shrugging.

"Mrs. Cole!" The young girl hollered over her shoulder for the head of the Orphanage. An elderly woman, in her late thirties or forties appeared from down the hallway with a strained and harassed look across her face.

"Make sure you give Julie her medicine. That girl has been sick for far too long. And find Steven, he's been hiding again. Also make sure you get Austin and Alicia to clean up their mess in the play room." Mrs. Cole ordered to the two helpers that were following her.

"What is it Diana?" Mrs. Cole questioned as she finally stopped beside the young girl.

"This man said he had a meeting with you?" Diana issued more than stated as she looked to the older gentleman.

"You are Mr. Albus Dumbledore, correct?" Mrs. Cole requested with a raised eyebrow. Albus nodded his head in agreement. Without another word, Mrs. Cole allowed Albus entrance before turning on her heel and heading down the left hallway to her office. Albus followed after the elder woman. Inside the Orphanage was much quieter and Albus assumed it was because all of the children, except for a few were outside playing. Mrs. Cole pushed open the office and allowed Albus entrance before closing it behind her.

"Please, take a seat." Mrs. Cole stated kindly, pointing at the two chairs on the other side of the desk. With a smile Albus seated himself on the comfortable looking chairs while Mrs. Cole took her seat across from the elderly man, who looked a few years older than herself. "Before I let you see him. I want to make sure that no matter what I say, the boy still has a place in your school…correct?" Mrs. Cole subjected slowly as she looked firmly at the man across from her.

"Of course." Albus replied with a curious raise of his eyebrow and a twinkle in his blue eyes.

"I'm just curious as to how Hadrian has a place in your school. I never signed him up for anything and he's been here his whole life." Mrs. Cole avowed as she stared at the man across from here.

"His name has been put down since birth." Albus replied in a reassuring voice, a smile across his lips. Mrs. Cole raised an eyebrow and hummed to herself as she leaned back against her chair.

"Did his parents sign him up? Do you know who his parents are?" Mrs. Cole queried curiously. Her bright gray eyes stared blankly across the desk to the older man.

"No, I'm afraid I don't." The man replied with a frown and a heavy sigh. Mrs. Cole gave a nod and rubbed her face.

"Could you tell me how Hadrian came to be here, Mrs. Cole?" Albus questioned.

Mrs. Cole gave a heavy sigh and nodded her head slowly. What could it hurt? "I was just starting here when a young woman, perhaps in her early twenties appeared on our doorstep. It was raining and chilly for July. The girl had gone into labor when we finally pulled her in and into one of the unused rooms. An hour after she was here, she gave birth. I remember she said to me 'I hope he looks like his papa and I', and I won't lie she was right to hope it, because she was a beauty — and then she told me he was to be named Hadrian, for his father, and Kristofer, for her father — yes, I know, funny name, isn't it? We wondered whether she came from a religious family — and she never said what the boy's surname was to be. She died soon after that without another word."

"A few days later we finally decided to give him a last name," The younger woman remarked in a rather offhand manner. "As for his last name, Blake was named by one of the girls that works here. She thought, along with everyone else, that it fits the boy." With a shake of her head she continued to articulate.

"His mother was quite beautiful. I'm not surprised Hadrian is such a looker, especially if his mother was that stunning, I can only imagine what his father must look like." With a finger tapping her bottom lip she continued talking.

"After his mother died, we never did get her name, we took care of Hadrian, hoping perhaps his father would come and take him or one of the girls family members would…" She trailed off before sighing heavily. "It never happened. Hadrian has been here since he was born." Albus Dumbledore gave a frown at the statement and pursed his lips in thought.

"I believe I have enough information. If you would be so kind as to take me to Hadrian please." Albus questioned as he stood from the uncomfortably stiff cushioned chairs. Mrs. Cole gave a small nod and pushed herself slowly up from the more comfortable looking desk chair. She patted down her dress of any wrinkles. Without a word she led Dumbledore out of the office and back down the hallway. Their footsteps echoed in the silent hall, as most of the children were playing outside. Taking a sharp left she swung around and made her way slowly up the staircase, with Dumbledore closely fallowing.

"Hadrian, you have a visitor. Mr. Dumbledore." Mrs. Cole affirmed as she gave a small knock on the opened bedroom door. Dumbledore stood slightly behind Mrs. Cole and quickly got a good look at young Hadrian Blake. The boy was thin, but not overly so, and was tall for his age. He had silky locks of raven black hair that was cut short, and also had a slight curl to it. His skin was a beautiful, velvety, ivory white that seemed to gleam in the dim lighting of the small bedroom.

Hadrian looked up from his book from his arrangement at the writing desk and what the old man saw caused Albus's breath to catch. The most shocking thing about the young boy was his eyes; Albus realized. They were a brilliant verdant. There seemed to be a mixture of greens, from the palest lime to the darkest emerald and everything in between. They looked eerie, with how intense and radiant they were. They seemed to smolder with a hidden command and strength he had never seen before. It left the older male feeling on edge and uncomfortable. He had never felt that way before.

Without a word Mrs. Cole turned away, shuttering at the sensation of the young lad watching her leave. Hadrian had always made her experience that he was gazing through her, to her very soul. Hadrian turned away from Mrs. Cole's back and moved to glimpse at Albus with a raised eyebrow. "Are you a physician?" He questioned calmly. His voice was soft, melodious. His voice was also held a rigid edge and held a silent power that demanded notice.

"No, my dear boy. I'm no doctor. I'm here to tell you about a school you've been accepted to." The raised eyebrow of the eleven-year-old child was clearly stating that he did not believe him. With one more look to the older gent, Hadrian looked back at his novel. "I am not lying Hadrian. This school you had been accepted to is named Hogwarts, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy." Hadrian, who had been ignoring the older man for the most part quickly snapped his head up from his volume and turned to look at the older gentleman with curiosity and excitement in his eyes, making them glimmer.

"Magic…that's what I've been able to do." Hadrian exhaled breathlessly. His heart pounded in his chest while his mind raced with different questions and possibilities.

"And what can you do Hadrian?" Albus inquired.

Hadrian ignored him for the moment before his excitement, his hope, crashed down and burned like a fire destroying a forest. He turned to look at Dumbledore in distrust; his bright eerie green eyes stared coldly at the man that sat on the bed across from him. "Prove it. Prove that Magic exists." He demanded.

Dumbledore looked the boy over closely. He knew from just the boys attitude he was use to getting his way, that he always had people doing what they were told when young Hadrian told them too. With a purse of his lips, Dumbledore pulled out his thin and beautifully crafted wand from his wand holster on his wand arm. Pointing it at the wardrobe and with a mutter of spell, the closet caught on fire, burning a bright redish orange. Hadrian gave a shocked cry as he jumped up from his position at the desk.

The sound of something rattling within the confines of the closet caused Hadrian to stiffen, whether in fear or shock, Albus wasn't sure. "I believe you have something in your closet that doesn't belong." The older man stated as he looked at the young boy over his glasses. Hadrian gave the man a sharp look, but walked slowly over to his closet. Pulling it open slowly he looked down at the rattling box with trepidation. He bent down and scooped the box up into his arms. Walking back over to the desk he dumped the box onto the table, allowing all his prizes fall onto the wooden and aging desk. "I believe you shall return those to their rightful owners and apologize. Hogwarts does not accept liars and thieves." Albus looked down at the tall eleven-year-old boy standing at the desk. "Do you understand?" He questioned firmly.

"Yes Sir." Hadrian muttered with a glare down at the box. Jewelry, notebooks, yo-yos, and many other treasures that he had collected over time now lay bare before him and his new Professor.

"Here is your letter and a bag of money, enough for you to get your school supplies. Shall I have someone take you to Diagon Alley?" Albus questioned.

"No thank you sir. If you could just give me directions on how to get there, I shall be fine on my own." Hadrian replied calmly. His bright eyes stared into Albus's own clear sky blues. Reaching forward he took the letter and bag of money that was held out to him. Setting it back down on the desk he turned to look out the window. "Is that all sir?" The raven-haired adolescent inquired quietly. His voice was emotionless. His hold over his emotions made Albus Dumbledore uneasy. How could a child have such control? With a shake of his head, Albus slowly stood from the bed and began to make his way to the bedroom door.

"I can make things move without touching them." Hadrian stated, as he remained starring out the window of his room. "I can make animals do what I want them to do, without training them. I can make bad things happen to people who are mean to me. I can make them hurt if I want to...I can speak to snakes too. They find me, whisper things." Hadrian murmured with a small smile gracing his lips.

Albus froze at those words. His stomach turned and his breath caught in his chest as he turned to look at the young child sitting calmly at his desk. "What kinds of things do they tell you Hadrian?" Albus questioned cautiously. Did he really want to know?

"Bad things. They tell me things of people I don't know. They whisper secrets. They whisper dark things." Hadrian looked over his shoulder at the Professor. A small smile graced his red lips. It wasn't a friendly smile.

"I shall see you on September 1st Hadrian. Your ticket is with your letter, along with directions on how to get to the train that will take you to Hogwarts." Albus said as he gave a nod to Hadrian before turning and walking out the room.

"Thank you sir." Was the last thing he heard from the strange and rather dark child as he made his way down the hallway and towards the front door of the Orphanage.

Hadrian gave a smirk as he looked down at his letter with glee. Oh yes, this was what he had always hoped for. He had always wondered where these abilities, these powers, came from. And now he knew. Now he could train to his full potential. He could learn everything he could from books at Hogwarts library and perhaps, in time, he would finally be able to buy his own books, with money he earned. With one last look out the window, watching as Professor Albus Dumbledore made his way slowly down the street of London, Hadrian nodded. Yes, he couldn't wait until he finally went to Diagon Alley. It would have to wait a day or two, but he'd finally get to see the place where he belonged.

Well, there you have it. The first chapter of Turn So Cold. I hope you guys enjoy this story. I'm not trying to make him that similar to young Tom Riddle, but for the moment, he's going to seem like that. In this story, Tom Riddle aka Lord Voldemort, doesn't exactly exist in this story. Only Tom Riddle, who while charming and cunning, isn't 'evil' or anything like that, Since he grew up differently and didn't have the inspiration to become the next Dark Lord.

In this story there will not be another Dark Lord, until Hadrian that is. This story will have many original characters and some out of character, characters. You'll understand why later.

You'll have to wait until later in the story to discover who Hadrian Kristofer Blake really is and who his parents were (are). As well as learn new mysteries and surprises.

If there are any errors in the story, then I'm sorry about that. I reread the story countless times, but after awhile you start getting tired of rereading the same thing.

Some feedback would be nice!

Your Writer,