About A Guiding Darkness

For those of you who have read this story, and are wondering why I haven't done anything more since then, I have been working on it. I've gotten quite a few chapters written for it, but I've had to change a little of the other chapters that I adopted from MagnaVictoria without actually changing everything about those chapters from the other author. For those wondering why I never posted any of the finished chapters, the answer is easy, I wanted to actually have the story completely, if not almost finished before I posted because I know how I get, and other authors. We usually, as authors, and I'm not saying this is everything author, but we get a bit burnt out and often don't post anything for the story.

So as I stated above, I have been working on the story and I do plan on posting the chapters I've worked on and what not. Though the difference between the adopted story and how I've changed it and MagnaVictoria's, it's alost a completely different story, but not quite. If that makes any sense?

Thank you if those that read the Author Notice,