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Gohan was riding on nimbus on his way to school. He had been going to Orange Star High for about a month now. He still remembers the day where his mother told he was going to school for the first time.


'WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP BIG BROTHER' screamed a seven year old boy who was hopping on his brother's stomach.

'GOTEN GET OFF ME' screamed an eighteen year old teen.

The little boy known as Goten got off his older brother who had an irritated look on his face.

Gohan who looked down at his little brother in anger after looking at his clock on his desk 'Goten why did you wake me up at six in the morning'

'Mom said that you have school today big brother' said Goten who looked at his brother.

'Yes, Gohan you do have school today' said Chi-Chi the mother of the two children.

'Mom since when do I go to school' said a very confused Gohan

'You have school now Gohan and I don't want to hear a word out of you about not going either' said Chi-Chi sternly

'Alright, fine I'll go to school and by the way where is the school and what is the name' said Gohan

'Orange Star High in Satan City Gohan' said Chi-Chi

End Flashback

Gohan had landed on the roof of Orange Star High and started to make his way toward class until


Gohan looked down at the ground and noticed somebody was on the ground

'Videl is that you' asked Gohan

Videl looked up at Gohan and said 'Sorry for running into you Gohan' why did he feel like a ton of bricks when I ran into him

Gohan offered a hand to help her up 'Need some help and sorry for not noticing you'

Videl took his hand and said 'it's okay Gohan I'm fine.'

'Come on let's get to class Videl' said Gohan

'Yeah let's go' Videl responded

When both Gohan and Videl both walked the class room everyone stared at them in wonder

'What' asked both Gohan and Videl?

'Amazing you two are actually on time today and please sit down' said the teacher.


When they sat down the teacher handed out permission slips and announced the class was going on a field trip. Just as she was getting ready to tell the students where they are going she was interrupted as the entire class broke out in frenzy. It took the teacher a whole five minutes to calm down the students.

'Now class we are going on a field trip tomorrow to four different places and make sure' said the teacher but before she could continue she was interrupted by the class again.

'Settle down class and maybe I'll just tell you where we are going' as that shut the entire class up.

' We are going to THE Capsule Corp, The home of Son Goku, The place where Our World Champion Hercule defeated Cell and finally we are going to watch the World Martial Arts Tournament in the stands' said the teacher knowing that the whole class would go nuts when the bell was rung.

'Any questions' said the teacher

Gohan in the back of the room putting the permission for the field trip in his pocket was thinking what the fuck is Bulma thinking allowing all these people come into her house and why did Mom allow these people to come and visit my house. Oh is this trip going to be bad, very, very bad.

Videl raised her hand 'Um, Where exactly are we going first'

'We are going to the house of Son Goku' this was responded by someone banging their head on their desk.

As soon as the teacher was about to figure out who caused the noise the bell rang and all the students ran out the door.

Gohan was not in a good mood. 'Of all the places we go first just have to be my house. Ah man now how I am going to keep all my secrets if were going specifically to my house especially if Videl won't stop trying to figure me out.'

As the students were on their way to their next class Gohan couldn't help but wonder how was going to handle the rest of the week.

God Bless His Soul

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