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It was morning in the Son house and everyone was still asleep. The only thing you could hear were the birds chirping. Gohan opened his eyes and instantly closed them again due to the sun being in his eyes. He re-opened his eyes and tried to move off his bed but he felt something on top of him. He looked down and saw black hair. There were only 3 people in the house that he knew besides himself that had black hair and since his mother and brother were in a different room. That only left one person Videl. He blushed and looked down at her face and thought Dende she looks so peaceful sleeping. Then he thought Wait a minute why is she on top of me, not that I mind by the way. While Gohan was in deep thought, Videl started to stir. She opened her eyes and the first thing she felt was something or someone's hard chest under her. When she looked up, she saw nothing but confused eyes staring at her.

"Ummm… Videl why are on top of me" asked a very confused Gohan.

So that's who was under me. Man does he have some muscles who would've thought that one. "Well you see since all the floor downstairs was taken up by everyone else your mother said I could come in here." Videl said nervously and with a blush on her face. Who knew he had such great muscles she asked herself one more time. Okay its official I do like Gohan I can't deny it any longer.

"Oh, but you could've just woke me up. I would've moved to the floor so you could have the bed Videl" asked Gohan.

"Yeah, but you were already asleep" Not to mention you looked really cute asleep Videl said.

"Oh, you should probably get up so we can get dressed Videl" Gohan said while he was blushing still from their close position.

"I'm not getting up until you tell everything about you Gohan" she said sternly.

"Ok Videl" Gohan responded seriously.

I'm finally going to know all his secrets Yes. Maybe just maybe I'll consider going against daddy rules and date him Videl thought.

(I'm not going into Gohan life story but he told her everything including cell in which he finished with. The only reason I am not telling his life story because I am feeling lazy right now.)

"So daddy didn't beat Cell but you did" She asked still recorving from shock of his story.

"That's right Videl" Gohan said

"But why didn't you take the credit for it" She asked.

"Well, I like privacy and having Goten being exposed to that much attention at a young age would not have a been a good thing" Gohan asked.

"Goku's your father right Gohan" Videl asked.

"Yeah he is" Gohan said looking downwards.

"I want to really meet him Gohan" Videl said with stars in her eyes

"You can't Videl, I'm sorry" Gohan responded sadly

"Huh Gohan you okay" Videl said with concern in her voice

"Its just that my father is a touchy subject for me" Gohan said

"Why he's not dead is he" she asked.

When Gohan didn't responded she knew her answer.

Videl hugged Gohan and whispered "Gohan its okay I lost a parent as well."

"Well at least you didn't make a mistake that cost him your parents life" Gohan said angrily at himself.

"Gohan" Videl said

"Yes" he responded

She kissed him on the lips and looked at his eyes and said, "Gohan I am always here for you."

Meanwhile Gohan was shellshocked that the girl he like actually like him back. Gohan looked at her and kissed her on the lips.

Gohan asked, "Videl would you be my girlfriend"

She smirked and said," If the kiss didn't get your answer right away then yes I would love to."

All of a sudden Videl felt something around her leg. She looked down and saw something furry.

"Ummm. Gohan what is this" she said as she rubbed the furry thing.

"Well that's my tail Videl , I'm actually surprised that it came back" Gohan said.

"Oh" Videl replied.

Then the two heard a loud shout "KIDS BREAKFAST IS READY"

The next Videl felt was a great wind as she saw Gohan and his little brother already sitting at the table.

Videl thought as she made her way into the living room where everyone is starting to make their way there as well. I wonder when Gohan and I should tell his mother that we are dating.

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