Chapter One

(Ian's P.O.V.) (Escape)

We walked silently away from Tower and into the woods.. I was still thinking about Whisper's hologram. What did she mean about us helping Headmaster? I would never help Headmaster again after what he did to us, especially CJ. It must feel bad to be away from the only family she has.

I Slowed down and cached up to CJ. "Hey how you doing?" I asked. She looked up to me with those adorable eyes, but I could still tell she felt bad for leaving her dad, Headmaster. "Its gonna be okay",I assured her , "We're gonna get out of here and go back home".Home. My parents. I have no idea if they still want me, after that call I made the day we went into Headmaster's office. I came back to reality when I realized I only heard 3 pairs of footsteps. I looked up to see Suki and Gabe still walking, I turned back and saw Cj ,she was hugging her knees and silently crying. I let Suki and Gabe keep on walking,and walked back towards CJ.

(CJ's P.O.V)

I was walking silently when it hit me. Where was I gonna live? I had no home to go back to. Ian had asked me to stay with him, but what if his parents didn't like me? What if my dad came back for us? But I couldn't possibly go back, could I? He wouldn't want me back, and he'd be mad at me. I was too tired to think. I slowed down and lay down next to a tree and hugged my knees as the tears swelled up in my eyes. I couldn't leave my friends , I couldn't leave Ian, but he's my dad, my only family. I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard crumbling leaves. I looked up to see Ian looking down at me. Whats wrong he asked . I didn't know how to tell him, I didn't even know what I as thinking. " I.I don't know what its like out there. What if I don't belong" I cried. "You do belong, you belong with me. And Suki ans Gabe, he stammered."

(Ian's P.O.V)

"I.I don't know what its like out there. What if I don't belong" she said. "You do belong, you belong with me" I said. Then I realized what I had said and added"And Suki and Gabe". That's when she looked up to me with her beautiful brown eyes and I felt like I was breaking. I didn't like to see her cry. I hugged her and held her tight. That's all I could think of.

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