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Chapter one: A rainy day

The sky is a dull grey blanket of misery, which seems to know the mood I'm in. Gabrielle has been gone three days now. I even miss her nonstop chattering; I forgot how quiet it is. I need to focus on something. Maybe I should mend my leathers…

With a decision made, Xena sets to work but soon finds her leathers done and once again she is staring out the window. The threatening rain has started to fall and dejectedly Xena recalls her last conversation with Gabrielle.

"Gabrielle! Stop pulling on that, I'm fine!" After pushing Gabrielle's pestering hands away Xena crosses her arms tightly against her chest.

Gabrielle sighs heavily at Xena childish antics. "Xena, you are a terrible patient, you know that!" Giving Gabrielle an adorable pout for the playful reprimand, makes Gabrielle chuckle at the wounded warrior.

"I don't like you fussing over me."

Rolling her green eyes, Gabrielle reaches over and begins to retie the last lose ends. "Xena, since when is helping you changing your bandage, fussing over you? Besides I like fussing over you." Catching Xena's blue eyes, Gabrielle winks.

This time Xena sighs, "I'm sorry Gabrielle…I know your just trying to help. I guess I've been cooped up to long."

"It's okay. I understand you're not exactly one for lazing around."

Xena reaches out, touching Gabrielle's face, just as she finishes the last of the tying. The air ceases to move as Xena stares intently at Gabrielle before pulling her in for a light kiss.

"Thank you." Giving Xena a Gabrielle smile, "Anytime."

The sweet moment passes and Xena mood shifts as Gabrielle turns from Xena, back to the bag she had been packing.

"Gabrielle why do you have to go visit your family you saw them just last month!"

"Xena, I saw them last year!" She says without a backward glance, "We already went over this; you will be perfectly fine here without me for a few days. Your mother promised me she'll take good care of you and besides with me gone it will give you and you're mother some very overdue alone time."

Her thought on the matter finished, she turns, to look at Xena, the look she gets, drives another chuckle from Gabrielle. "Time with your mother won't kill you, Xena." Xena continuing pout only deepens, making Gabrielle reach over and tug her big toe.

"Hey watch it I'm wounded!" Xena pretend pain makes Gabrielle's give an undignified snort in reply. "Oh stop that did not hurt." Xena's silence confirms Gabrielle claim. "I still can't believe you broke your leg!"

Crossing her nicely defined arms over her even more nicely defined chest Xena retorts in a disparaging tone."Well I was a little distracted, as you may recall?"

"I recall alright. Everything was going great until you rolled off me and fell from the hay loft!" Almost as an afterthought she adds with a confounded look. "I thought you always landed on your feet?"

Assuming a straight posture Xena explains the reason behind her mishap. "Yes well I normally do, but after are vigorous roll in the hay, I was a bit dazed. I may have many skills Gabrielle but as many times as we switched positions…I simply miss calculated my proximity to the edge." Switching her demeanor drastically, Xena gives Gabrielle her best hurt looking eyes. "Everyone has an off day you know…"

Xena's plan works to perfection as Gabrielle stops packing, a light worry tingeing her voice. "Xena I didn't mean it like that." Shrugging indifference Xena fidgets with the blanket, as Gabrielle walks to the beds edge. "Another kiss would make it better…" She says peeking up at Gabrielle.

Crossing her arms at Xena's act, Gabrielle's tone is that of a disbelieving mother talking to a child. "Oh it would huh?" Nodding her head Xena closes her eyes and tilts her face up expectantly. Thinking that two can play this game, Gabrielle places a quick kiss to Xena's forehead before declaring. "There you go, all better!"

Xena's eyes pop back open in disbelief at Gabrielle so called kiss. "Hey! No fair!" Gabrielle's cheeky laughter is suddenly cut short by Cyrene's concerned voice…

"Are you alright dear?...Xena?"

She must have been calling me a few times.

"I'm fine. Did you need help with something? Not that I can do much." Xena gestures at her bound leg.

Waving off Xena's offered help she enters the room."Oh nothing like that dear. I just thought you might like to sit in the dining room for a change of scenery, unless you're too tired, than I could bring your dinner in here for you."

"No, that would be nice. I think I can hobble my way. I've been in this room for almost two weeks!"

As we come down the hall I am assaulted by the most delicious of smells.

"Mother what did you cook?"

"Oh nothing to amazing, just fresh bread with some lamb stew. I thought with the rainy day and all it would taste good."

"Well it smells great."

Xena gives her mother a true smile, before she leaves to get the food and drink.

I know I am slowly losing my mind when I find a trip to the dining room as the highlight of my day! Oh Gabrielle at least if you were here you could entertain me.

After dinner Xena and her mother did have some "Mother daughter" time. It turned out much better than Xena had feared. Being home and doing embroidery was not as bad as she remembered. Of course this could have had something to do with the fact that now her mom can't tell her when to go to bed and that she also had not done embroidery for over ten years!

Later that night in Xena's childhood bedroom…

Sleeping sucks and that's putting it lightly. I can't sleep on my side or my leg will start to throb. Xena's mind continues to churn as she stares at the same ceiling she used to look at every night as a child. Only difference now is the beds feels a lot smaller. Funny how even though I have not slept in my room in many years I can still see the pictures I created out of the lines and squiggles in the wood. There's the sword, and that weird bird with the hat…

She lifts an eyebrow at that, wondering why she pictured such an odd thing. Shrugging it off as the weird world that is a child's mind, she readjusts her pillow by punching it a few times. Once resettled, Xena's mind naturally returns to thinking of Gabrielle.

Gods Gabrielle I miss you more at night than any other time. During the day I keep my mind somewhat active but at night all I feel is that empty void by my side. I miss the way you always use me as a pillow. The sound of her breathing as she sleeps, how it changes from dream to a deeper slumber. The scent of her hair, it always smells like some kind of flower. Covering her face with her hands, Xena rubs with agitation. I need to get a grip she's fine and time apart is probably good. Rubbing her head tiredly this time, she sighs. Then why if being apart is good does it feel so terrible?

A deep frown creases her face as Xena starts her nightly tossing & turning. Her mind and body stay tense, making sleep elusive; more than a candle mark passes before finally she feels her eyes slowly begin to close. Her last waking thought is of Gabrielle and wondering how she is fairing on her own.

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