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Chapter six: Sister to sister

Dawns first rays dance annoyingly across Xena's face as her eyes slowly blink open, to the otherwise beautiful morning. A weight is on her chest, and slowly her mind clears, as she realizes, she can't move. The weight is familiar. Gabrielle is sound asleep, half on top of her with the sheets wrapped around their entwined legs. A sleepy, silly smile appears, as Xena settles back, wrapping her arms tighter around Gabrielle's naked body.

What a night, she was wild! I love when she gets in one of those moods. Over and over, like she can't get enough. I wish those moods would strike more often. Even with having to be quiet because of her parents and sister being down the hall. Last night will go down as one of the most satisfying sexual experiences of my life.

A raised and knowing eyebrow follows with Xena's continuing explicit monologue.

Gabrielle can be a real minx when she wants to. That outward layer of innocents she projects is very convincing….until you get to know her on a more personal level, and then she shows a much naughtier side…

Gabrielle's body arches ever so slightly in her semi-sleep, inadvertently she rubs against Xena left nipple. Xena half stifles a whimper at the contact, biting her lip helps little. Gabrielle murmurs incoherently at the sound before her eyes flutter open.

"Good morning" I'm not sure which look, I like more. The, I just woke up look or the sex hair.


"Sleep well?"


Gabrielle is not much of a talker in the morning, never would have guessed that now would you?

Hazy green eyes slowly become clear, and focus as Gabrielle takes in her nights sleeping position, on top of Xena's very naked chest. Gabrielle keeps her head resting contentedly there, rising and falling to the steady rhythm of Xena's breathing. Feeling Xena's gaze resting on her, she gently takes her hand from under the blankets, and moves it up, sliding delicately over Xena's bare belly, and coming to rest just below her lover's right breast. Without moving her head, Gabrielle whiteness the reaction that her anticipated touch invokes as Xena's nipple pebbles. Her finger's teasingly play just below without rising to the temptation. Gabrielle's lips sensually find Xena's warm skin, after placing a few sweet kisses she raises her face up for a returnable one. Happily Xena complies and kisses the girl.

"Good morning." More awake Gabrielle's greets her with a sweet smile that unwittingly pulls Xena in for a second more amorous kiss.

After thoroughly kissing the bard in her arms, Xena takes the opportunity of Gabrielle's distracted state to roll her over on to her back. Now on top and in command; she straddles a strong thigh, pushing her own in-between Gabrielle's.

A few minutes of gently creaking springs and that knowing, sure touch, they reach climax almost simultaneously, one right after the next.

Xena's breath is fast and tantalizing as she nips at Gabrielle's shoulder, encourage her bard, for an encore performance. A shudder of desire runs through Gabrielle as Xena's larger hand takes her smaller ones captive against the headboard. Spreading Gabrielle's legs with her other hand she slips two long digits smoothly inside.

"Oh by the gods Xena" Gabrielle's begins a gentle thrusting upward to pull Xena even further in. Happily Xena complies with her demanding bards hips; suddenly they are stopped as a knock comes from the bedroom door.

"Hey Gabrielle, Xena, are you guys awake? I need to grab my hairbrush."

At the sound of Lila's voice Gabrielle sits up so fast she almost hits Xena in the head. "Oh shit" Inches apart, Xena drops her head to Gabrielle's shoulder as Gabrielle tells her sister to hold on a minute. Xena meanwhile reluctantly pulls her fingers from the warmth that is Gabrielle and rolls off to the side. Grabbing a robe Gabrielle hastily ties it and stalks to the dresser. She delivers the brush to her sister via cracking the door. A few minutes of whispered conversation ensues. Xena catches a few words such as, "No, yes, and soon." Closing the door, she turns back around after re-securing the lock.

Half of Xena's body is covered in a sheer white sheet, leaving the top half deliciously uncovered.

Resting on her elbows, Xena blows a piece of ebony hair from her eyes. "Well that was great timing…"

Ignoring the toned body in her bed, Gabrielle leans back against the closed door and searches the ceiling with annoyed eyes, before shoving her body off the door and walking back to the bed. Sitting on the beds edge, she looks into stormy blue eyes. Blue eyes hold green for a mere second before Gabrielle's gaze drops, and she begins playing with a lose thread on the bed spread.

"Was it just me or did you notice how quiet Lila was at dinner?"

"Huh?" Xena asks in confusion at the drastic change in topic.

"Sorry it just hit me as I was talking with her. Didn't you notice? She was distracted and quiet the whole evening!"

"Maybe a little, I just thought it had something to do with…with me being there…"

"Perhaps, but I think it had something to do with "us" part, not just you."


"She knows."

"Knows what?!"

Sighing as if Xena should just know the answer in her mind she tells her. "About us, and our friendship being much more than it seems. She knows we're together, not just together, but together, together!"

"Oh." Xena's eyebrows draw together as she purses her lips. "Well I guess you should talk to her about it, if you think she knows, and if you think its bothering her."

"Yeah I guess. I just don't know what to say to her! I mean it seems so basic! I love you and you love me! Why is this even a question?"

Leaning forward slightly, Xena invades Gabrielle's personal space "Sweetheart…hey…" catching the elusive green eyes. "Sweetheart its okay." Xena's tone is soothing and her words do relax Gabrielle's rising anger. "Your right, there should not even be a discussion about this." Xena tips Gabrielle's face up so she can look directly at her. "But it is. I know you will find the right words, you always do." Gabrielle gives a bitter sweet smile at the compliment.

"Your right, I can't change this, but I can try. I just really don't know what to say to her. I'll have to give it some thought."

Seeing Gabrielle's concentration Xena offers a solution. "Well you could always just teller her I swept you off your feet, and now you have no choice but to love me."

The playful words have a powerful and drastically different effective then Xena intended as Gabrielle takes a breath before answering. "Well that'd work, and um, it's not far from the truth either."

The overwhelming need from earlier renews as Xena's eyes take in the sight of Gabrielle's moist pink lips. She recaptures the mouth hungrily, moving her down with purpose and this time there are no interruptions.

LATER that morning, after breakfast, Gabrielle searches for her sister. Her look about has taking her all over the house and farm. Finally she finds her sister out in the garden watering the ever thirsty patch of vegetation.

"There you are. I've been looking all over for you."

Lila greeting is half hearted at best. Swallowing down a wave of nervous frustration at the ridicules situation, Gabrielle tries to seem casual about the unique conversation.

"It is such a lovely day don't you think?"

"Um yes it is" Lila comments, glancing skyward, pointedly ignoring Gabrielle. Lila returns her attention to the watering, as if missing an inch of ground would spell certain death to the robust plants surrounding her.

Seeing this avenue as a lost cause Gabrielle tries a more direct approach.

"Lila, I…um noticed you seem pre occupied about something. Is there anything you want to ask me or talk about?"

Lila almost drops the ladle of water. Stuttering she lamely hides her true thoughts. "N…no what would make you ask such a thing?"

Holding back the urge to roll her eyes Gabrielle crosses her arms. "Because you have been acting a little odd, is something is bothering you Lila? Does it have something to do with me and Xena?"

Lila's "NO!" is far too fast, automatically making it clear that, Xena is the problem. Shading slightly, Lila's eyes drop back to the ground. "I mean no."

Gabrielle not wanting to admit anything that might drive a larger wedge between them, tries again to get the confession from Lila's own lips."Lila, what is it."

Knowing Gabrielle as she does Lila knows resisting is a hopeless battle. "Well it's just that I…I saw Xena look at you yesterday after you came in from the barn and well you seemed to return the...look." Unfolding her arms Gabrielle can only responds with a sheepish. "Oh you saw that huh?"

Nodding her head, Lila's cheeks turn a brighter shade of red as she confesses her inner suspicions. "Is it true Gabrielle that you and Xena are…" Lila looks up at her sister and whispers the last bit. "…more than just traveling companions?"

Gabrielle nibbles her lower lip in silent answer as Lila stares opened mouth, as if the news is a shock. "Bb…but she's a woman!"

Finding her voice, Gabrielle responds with a hint of amusement. "Yes, yes, she is." Seeing that Lila does not share in the amusement, she sighs before taking a seat on the small hard bench, gesturing for Lila to sit also. Hesitating slightly, Lila awkwardly sits next to her sister, as if Gabrielle's preference for women will jump and attack her. "Lila, I'm still me." At this, Lila's aqua marine eyes show a hint of normality, and her posture relaxes.

"I'm sorry Gabrielle, it's just this is all new to me…I mean…I thought you liked men. You married Perdicas!"

"Yes I did. And I did love him in a way, just not in the same way I love Xena."

"So why did you marry Him if you knew you liked…loved Xena."

Smiling at her sister's effort, she answers her question. "I was afraid."

"Afraid? Why were you afraid? Was it Xena who you were afraid of?"

Gently laughing away her sister concerned face, Gabrielle begins her tale.

"No I wasn't afraid of Xena. What I was afraid of, was making Xena resent me for always tagging along. I thought she didn't love or even really like me for that matter. I thought if I stayed she would just end up hating me. I saw Perdicas as an opportunity, to let Xena be guilt free at my leaving. He was the answer. I could stop being Xena's responsibility and she could move on. " Smiling sadly at the memories brought back from that fateful night. "Back then we were a little horrible about telling each other how we felt."

For the next half hour Gabrielle relates to her sister the few months before and up to her wedding day to Perdicas. Lila intently listen to a part of her sister history she had never known about.

"So after Perdicas and I said I do…I um had to say goodbye to Xena. It's hard to explain but as she held my hands and I looked up into those blue eyes." Gabrielle looks off a moment as if recalling the image to mind before continuing. "When she told me to be happy with him, I knew what she had done. But by then it was too late. She kissed me ever so gently and my heart stopped." Gabrielle fights a sudden urge to cry, as she remembers the bittersweet memories of that afternoon. "So I put on a brave face for Xena and marched out with Perdicas." Shaking the next depressing chapter away, Gabrielle finishes. "I've told you what happened after. That doesn't need repeating."

Nodding solemnly at the burden of grief Gabrielle carried for her dead husband, Lila waits a moment in respectful silence. "I never knew."

A long moment passes before the curiosity that runs within the family's veins wins out. "Gabrielle…so how did Xena and you final get together?"

A sweet smile, one of pure joy, appears on Gabrielle's face. "Well one night by the fire, under a sky full of stars, we were talking and we realized that we both felt the same way. It was amaaazzzing." Lila's curious gaze catches Gabrielle and she clears her throat."Anyway I understood, after that night, being with Xena, that I prefer the company of a female rather than that of a male."

Lila gives a light shake of her head. "I won't pretend to understand it, but as long as you're happy with her, I'm happy for you I guess. It will take me a bit to get used to the idea but I am truly happy you have found love Gabrielle."

Again tears rush to Gabrielle's eyes.

"That's all I ask…and yes Xena makes me very happy." They share a smile only sister's can before hugging and washing all other awkward feelings away.

A last squeeze and the two women turn and head back toward the house to meet with the others for a last shared meal.

AFTER A LATE LUNCH, Xena sets off to saddle Argo as Gabrielle packs their few belongings.

"Do you have everything?"

Hecuba asks from the warn doorway. Shouldering her small leather bag Gabrielle walks toward her. "Yes, I think so."

Hecuba affectionately touches her firstborn's cheek. As her face shows strain at the coming separation, pushing back the tears that threaten to fall she hands Gabrielle a wrapped packaged. "Here's some cheese bread for you in case you get hungry along the way."

Taking the bread Gabrielle hugs her mother tightly. "Thanks mom. I'll be back before you know it." Pulling back she adds. "It's only four months until the wedding."

Hecuba nods tearfully not trusting her own voice.

Holding the reins, Xena quietly waits outside for Gabrielle. A few moments later Gabrielle exits, handing her the parcel of cheese bread. Taking the bread Xena busy herself with stowing the appetizing bread while Gabrielle says her final goodbyes.

A small way down the road the peacefully silence is broken by Xena.

"So did you straighten out everything with your sister? Her hug seemed real."

The smile Gabrielle shares, confirms the answer before words are spoken.

"Yes, we talked and she is happy for us both."

"Well good. I was worried but I knew you could handle it fine."

The two walk on in silence a few more minutes, each in her, own thoughts. This time it is Gabrielle who breaks the silence.

"Ah well it was nice to visit, but I'm glad were back on the road. Where are we headed for anyway?"

"I'm not sure…Athens is nice this time of year. Are you up for an adventure?"


Holding tight to Argo's reins, Xena clasps the smaller hand in her own, and side by side they leave Potidea.


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