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Back to the Doctor

Hello Sweetie Part 1


December 25th


Cleaning up a European city of a zombie outbreak was about as easy as it sounds. They spent a week essentially poisoning rivers, water reserves and food stores with the cure the Doctor had synthesized. Then there was the matter of rounding up the remaining zombies and taking them out with force.

It was, by far, the weirdest Christmas he had ever spent.

Marty had barely slept the past seven days. The few moments he did have to relax he would curl up next to Jennifer and try to drift off. Then finally the Doctor couldn't find any remaining radiation.

"Time to go!" He grinned at Marty.

"Are you sure? Or are you 'this type of radiation can't hurt humans' sure?"

"All right, all right. We all make our mistakes."

"So where to next?"

"I thought we'd just tick off the next name on your Doctor's letter."

"Let's do it."

Suddenly there was a noise, like a little chime or bell, a sort of a ding.

"Did the TARDIS just ding?" Marty asked.

It dinged again.

"It did ding," the Doctor smiled.

"Is that a bad ding? Tell me that doesn't mean there's still radiation out there."

"It doesn't! That is a very good ding!"

"What does it mean?"

"I've been monitoring Jennifer, so we can keep track of her progress."

Marty looked over the consol. Jennifer's body was still lifeless. "But… nothing's changed."

"But it has! She's experienced a millisecond of time since we've begun."

"A millisecond?" Marty looked disappointed.

"Oh don't look so depressed. Try to focus on what this means."

"What does this mean?"

"It's working!" The Doctor put on his glasses and started reading information streaming over a monitor. "The time vortex is putting her back into sync."

"Yeah, but… by a millisecond. Aren't there like a hundred of those in a second?"

"More like a thousand," the Doctor coughed.

"A thousand!"

"You're not looking at the positive! We can save her! She can be saved! Isn't that good news?"

"Of course it's good news! It's just… one millisecond in two weeks? I guess I just didn't actually think it would take years."

The Doctor didn't have to do a quick calculation; he already knew that at this rate Marty would be over 55 years old by the time Jennifer was back to sync with time. It was unfair to ask anyone to wait that long for someone and he almost suggested taking Marty home… except he had already gotten used to Marty being there, had started to enjoy his company.

"You don't have to stay," the Doctor began.

Marty looked away. "Yeah… I know…"


"Oh?" Marty turned back to the Doctor, who pulled the psychic paper out of his jacket pocket.

"Someone's sent me a message."

"What? So that thing's an ID that doubles as a fax machine?"

"Psychic paper can pick up all sorts of things drifting through time."

"And what's it saying?"

"It's giving me coordinates… and an eerily specific time," he started punching things into his computer and then looked at Marty over his glasses. "Let me look at that letter again."



July 9th


They stepped out of the TARDIS onto the bright green hill surrounded by mist-enshrouded mountains. Dull grey ruins Marty had never heard of or seen before dotted the grass, but they were expansive. It looked like an entire city that time had simply forgotten.

"What did you call this place again?" Marty was back to wearing his red shirt and jeans, a fact he was particularly happy about because not only was he no longer wearing clothing splattered with brains, but he was sick of essentially wearing knee-high socks and shorts all day.

"Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas."

"Well… we've found it."

"It was never really lost," the Doctor shrugged with a sly grin on his face. "But according to your Doctor's letter this was one of the places he wanted to visit. In another hundred years or so this place will be swarming with archeologists, I'm sure he wanted to visit before that happened."

"You think the Doc sent us that message?"

"Hard to know, but it's possible."

"Hey, before we go any further… is any of that radiation around?"

The Doctor took out his 3D glasses and looked around the site. "Hm…"

"Is that a bad 'hm'?"

"I can't see any radiation, but… well, here," he handed the glasses to Marty, who put them on for the first time, not entirely sure what he was supposed to see. The entire landscape was suddenly filled with colours and shapes that he didn't have a chance of understanding, but the mountain Machu Picchu lay on was completely black.

"It's not supposed to be black, is it?" He handed the glasses back to the Doctor.

"It's almost as if… it isn't there."

"Well we're standing on it."

"We need to investigate."

"Of course we do…" Marty sighed, but a small part of him felt a thrill of excitement.

"Look," the Doctor bent down. There were deep gashes in the earth, footprints left from something heavy.

"I really hope those aren't robot footprints," Marty groaned.

"Only one way to find out!"

They followed the footprints as they wound through the ruins, until they stopped at an opening that led into the earth. The Doctor took out his sonic screwdriver for light and they continued down. The hall was made of stone, and the footprints were gone, but the hall went straight and they were certain if the person had gone down here, they were still tracking them.

Then, the hall stopped.

"What now?"

The Doctor took out the psychic paper.

"This is it, the exact coordinates."

"And the exact time?"

"Give it second," he looked at Marty with mischievous eyes…

Suddenly there was a loud crashing noise somewhere outside and the hall was lit up with white light. Marty shielded his eyes then heard the noise of rocks scraping against each other.

He looked at the dead end and it twitched and then slowly started sliding open.

"Good timing, Doc… for once…"

The doorway opened and the two stepped inside to the low room. Lit torches were hung around the walls and at the far end a figure stood with the back to the entrance.

It was a woman with a mane of dark curly blonde hair wearing tight-fitting clothes. She slowly turned around, a bright smile on her face. She looked directly at the Doctor, whose face had become very grave.

"River," he whispered…

"Hello Sweetie."

To Be Continued…

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