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A.N: Abduction of the Sabine Women is based on an actual event known as the 'rape of the Sabine women' although no rape occurred; I chose to change the name to give a more accurate description of this story.

Some events will be taken from history for this story, I'd like to apologise ahead of time because I royally screw with history, you could say I butcher it. One example being that I made the Sabine's heavily influenced by the Greeks, when they actually weren't.

I currently have no beta so if there's the small chance that anybody would be interested, it would be much appreciated.

This story is rated M for a reason, although I do have underage characters doing things they should be, you should not read if your under 18.

Isabella is 16 whilst Edward is 21

"Those savages" Jessica cried again as she paced the small room and if I were not so afraid I most likely would have joined her in insulting our abductors

I sat huddled on a wooden lectus stuffed with wool, it was far different from the straw stuffed one's I was use to, clinging on to Rosalie who seemed far calmer then the other Sabine women, most where either softly crying or cursing the heavens and the Romans for taking us away from our homes.

Rome was quite a large city, it had only established itself twenty seven summers prior but it had proved itself to be a force to be reckoned with, in a short amount of time it had conquered many of the neighbouring tribes and villages and now the Roman Empire as it was starting to be called was vast beyond belief

"Barbarians!" Jessica continued

What was suppose to be a peaceful celebration between the Sabine tribe and the Roman people had turned into a nightmare for us all

Romulus Aro Masen, the emperor of Rome had given some sort of signal, I presumed because one moment everything was fine and in the next I was being ripped out of my mother's arms by a red haired Hades

"They shall ravage all of us" anguished Jessica, making some of the younger women cry even more

I was sure they had planned to harm us all and take our maidenhoods, for maidens where all they took but no such thing happened. They put up with our insults and physical attacks and did nothing but restrain us and put us into carriages, more then a hundred women where taken and then once we had arrived into the city they split us up into groups and locked us in these terrible rooms.

They where finely furnished but they where damp and terribly cold

What little remained of my dress was torn at the bottom and was caked in mud and dirt, I looked a terrible sight and I gripped Rosalie even tighter, Jessica's words where frightening me

Suddenly the door opened and a dark skinned man entered the room, looked over all of us and then pointed at Jessica, this had been the third time the same man had entered and it was the third time he had taken a woman only to return alone

Jessica put up quite a fight, screeching and hollering to the high heavens and hitting out at the man, she would never have dared behave in such a manner in Sabine, just the thought of striking a man would have put the fear of Zeus in any woman

The man scowled as he threw her over his shoulder, it was obvious he wanted to shut her up, he could easily hurt her and I wondered why he did not, I questioned why every single Sabine woman had remained untouched, what was their reason for taking us if not to violate us, to take our bodies and our honour along with it

The door shut with a loud slam but we could still hear Jessica yelling, I hoped they would not harm her

I wasn't sure how long we sat there in silence now, without Jessica's constant predictions of our bleak futures; I was quickly lost in my thoughts.

My poor father would be so distressed, he was Chief of the Sabine's so he would surely come and fight for me, for all of us

The door opened again and the man returned. I was beginning to hate him.

He looked around and his eyes passed over me to land on Rosalie

"No" I breathed as the barbarian approached us and I held tighter on to Rosalie but I saw no fear in her eyes as she calmly pried my fingers off her, she held my face in her hands and spoke for the first time since we'd been taken

"When it is your turn do not fight" she said softly as she gracefully stood up, looking every bit the noblewomen as she followed the vulture out the door, I questioned if I would ever see her again and I silently sent a prayer to Aphrodite that I would

Woman after woman left the room until what had once been thirty of us we where now no more then six , finally the man returned and pointed at me, my stomach immediately tightened up and I felt a mixture of fear and anger but nonetheless I stood up and like Rosalie had asked I did not struggle

The man who was wearing a strange sort of robe tried to grab my arm but I moved before he could and glowered at him

Do not touch me! I internally yelled and he thankfully seemed to have understood for he did nothing but walk in front of me as he led me out of the room and into a hallway which was filled with Roman soldiers fully equipped with their swords and shields all posted in front of multiple doors which I suspected held Sabine women

The bastards

It was terrible to think such a way but I held no good will for these men or any Roman

I followed the man through various halls and was surprised at the fact that I did not encounter another person just more soldiers in front of more doors

How many had they taken?

The man walking with me was quite strange, I knew people of his colour existed but I'd never spoken to one and I was exceptionally curious, not just of him but of where he was taking me and what had he done to Rosalie

How I wished I had the courage to ask him

An image of Rosalie suddenly entered my mind, of her broken and beaten and I could no longer remain quiet

"What did you do to Rosalie?" I blurted out and the man came to an abrupt halt and looked back at me with shock

If he wasn't a Roman I would have apologised for speaking out of term but not even my fear would let me lose the last of my pride

"You are the first to speak" he said impressed as he turned and continued walking, his voice was deep and rough and it reminded me of father

I hurriedly followed after him, trying to keep up with his long strides, Zeus help me if I got lost in this maze all alone

"What have you done to her" I demanded again terrified

He laughed as he walked "you will most definitely trouble Edward" he said speaking more to himself then to me

We finally stopped in front of large double doors made of marble, there where four soldiers posted at the doors

My escort suddenly stopped and expectantly looked at me, as I much I did not want to go I remembered what he had done to Jessica, the way she was hanging over his shoulder ass up in the air

I practically ran into the room

The room was large in size, with tapestries and paintings hanging off the wall, and at the end was a raised platform with two thrones both occupied one by the Roman Emperor Aro and the other by my abductor, the red haired Hades

His jaw was chiselled and his red hair was a wild mess, he had the strangest eyes the colour of an emerald stone and a red scar marred his cheek, the very one I had inflicted when he had grabbed me, it was still red and raw and I couldn't help the smile I produced at the sight of it, Hades however scowled at me as Aro laughed

"My dear boy we have a live one" he said joyfully as he got off his throne and approached me, as much as I wanted to run I knew there was no point, there where soldiers outside guarding the only exit

He stopped a few feet away from me "I've always wanted a daughter as sweet as you" he said excitedly

Hades snorted, the scar on his face clearly proving that I was far from sweet but I was more concerned about the use of the word daughter

Aro looked nothing like his son with his dark hair and eyes and his skin was unusually pale

He suddenly lost his smile as he stared at me

"What must you think of us" he frowned sadly "Isabella I must assure you that we mean you no harm" he said earnestly "this whole unfortunate incident is because of the Sabine" he finished sadly and I could no longer hold my tongue

"What so terrible deed have my people committed that you would abduct their maidens?" I asked scathingly

"Former people Isabella" he said not unkindly "and it is what they didn't do that has led to this" he said, he took a step towards me but he was still far enough away that he wasn't invading my personal space

"The Roman Empire has thrived" Aro said "but the one thing an empire needs to sustain its life, its glory is people" he said starting to pace "Rome has many healthy sons but it needs daughters to survive" he looked at me "Sadly the people of Sabine have forbidden intermarriages with a Roman fearing the emergence of a rival society, this is all down to your parents pride" he continued heated "If they would have allowed marriages to occur then we would have had no need to take maidens by force" he said his eyes pleading as he looked at me

Out of all the reasons they had taken us, marriage had never crossed my mind and I was not sure if I was either repulsed at thought of marrying a Roman or relieved at the fact that I would not be violated and used

"An honourable marriage" Aro continued as if he could read my mind "you would live in wedlock and share all the properties and civil rights of your husband and dearest of all to human nature" he beseeched "you would be the mother of free men"

"And if I refuse?" I asked even in Sabine a women could not share her husband's property or rights but the thought of marrying a Roman seemed to be its own version of the underworld

Aro sadly smiled at me as he walked right up to me and placed his hands on my shoulder "you will be made a slave and given to the highest bidder"

I could not hold in my gasp at his words, a wife of a Roman or a slave of a Roman to me their seemed to be no difference

Aro grasped my chin and tilted my head up so he could look into my eyes "you will be treated honourably as a wife of a Roman" he said and again I wondered if he could read my mind

I realised that although he was giving me a choice, they where terrible one's and in the end I nodded my consent

"Excellent" Aro clasped his hands and took a step back as Hades stepped forward "Isabella meet my son and your betrothed Edward"

I could not hide my shock as Hades smirked at me, wearing a tunic with a leathered doublet instead of the strange robes, Romans seemed to wear

"Can I not have another?" I begged and Aro looked at me before his eyes filled with mirth and he started chuckling

"Another Roman" he guffawed "my dear a man can only marry a woman of his status, and you are the Chief's daughter, Edward here is my only son and so the only man befitting of your standards" Aro beamed

"I'll marry below my standards" I said quickly desperate to get away from Hades, I could not marry him, my abductor

Hades rolled his eyes, as if this was all a joke

"Edward I suggest you take my future daughter home" Aro smiled as Hades walked towards me and held out his hand

I paused, uncertain if I wanted to touch him or not

"Take it or I will throw you over my shoulder" he said so quietly that Aro couldn't hear, I immediately grabbed onto him, Jessica again coming to mind, I wondered what she had chosen

"I shall see you soon father" Hades said

"Not too soon I hope" Aro replied as we left the room and walked through the maze

"Where are we going" I asked terrified, trying to keep up with him

He looked down at me and then suddenly slowed down, his jaded eyes softening

"You must be tired" he said his voice velvet like and smooth "we're going home" we walked down some stairs and entered some sort of courtyard, filled with Sabine women and Roman men, most of the women looked terrified and I truly felt for them

We walked past all of them outside towards my new home

Just the thought of it made me sick

It was lightly raining and Hades let go of my hand and took off his leathered doublet draping it on my shoulders

"Thank you" I managed to say through gritted teeth for I did not want his help and if I wasn't freezing I would have declined it

A small smile graced his lips as we walked through the streets of Rome, there where so many things I was unfamiliar with, the streets where not as dirty as they where back home and there where all sorts of rather large buildings

I gasped as I saw men and women tied by their hands to the top of a small pillar in the middle of the street

"Slaves" Hades' explained shrugging his shoulders

"But why are they tied up in such a manner?" I asked distressed at the mere sight of them, their where four of them tied up wearing scraps, their ribs where protruding out of their skin as the rain pelted down on their freezing bodies

"They disobeyed their masters" Hades' said nonchalantly as he pushed me passed them

With a sickening feeling I realised that I could not help them, maybe back in Sabine I would have implored father even begged him to help those poor souls, but Hades did not care and he was nothing more then a filthy Roman, with neither a heart nor a soul

We walked for what seemed like hours to me, I was exhausted and Hades was practically carrying me through the streets; we suddenly came to a halt in front of large, thick, dark gates

We walked through the front gates which where guarded and with wide eyes I took in my new home

It was a palace; it was large and intimidating, made out of marble and wood, with jumbling towers and large windows. The courtyard was covered in sand and I wondered why

Hades turned and examined me but I refused to look at him

"You're tired" he stated again

"You'll wash and then we shall retire" he said as we walked through the double doors and into a spacious hallway, I was too tired to pay much attention as we climbed the stairs and walked through multiple hallways and climbed numerous stairs, we finally stopped in front of a door at the end of a hallway

He opened it and I entered a barren room with a just one large tub and as a waft of heat hit me I was suddenly alert again as I realised I was in a caldarium room

Hades' suddenly took off his waist belt and his sheath and sword and carelessly threw them on the ground, he then grabbed the helm of his tunic and pushed it up over his head, leaving his torso bare as he started to undo the laces on his boots I snapped out of my shock and found my voice

"What are you doing?" I squeaked my face heating up

Hades looked at me perplexed as if I was the one that was undressing

"Do you expect me to bathe in my clothes" he asked his humour easily detectable

"You're bathing" I said perplexed as he looked at me like I was stupid "very well then, I shall wait outside" I complied moving past him, his arm suddenly shot up grabbing my wrist, forcing me to look back at him

"You are bathing with me" He said authoritatively

"It is improper" I said quickly and nervously

"We are to be wed in less then a week" he said frustrated "and this will save time, the sooner we bathe, the sooner we can retire to bed, our bed" he said as if to remind me again that I was to be his

I stood perfectly still, my lips tightly pressed together

He heaved a sigh and ran his hand through his hair "Isabella you either get in that tub willingly or Jupiter help me I will do something we shall both regret" his once smooth voice was now cold and eerily calm but I remained still

He would not dare

He suddenly pulled me against his chest and grasped at my dress

I struck at him but it was for nought, as he grabbed my arm before it made contact with his face

"I only wish to bathe you" he said, his voice now only conveying his weariness "nothing more" his green eyes bore into mine and I saw no deceit in them

"Alright" I said giving up and taking a step back, I turned my back to him as I slowly undressed, my eyes stinging as I took off his leathered doublet and then I took off my mother's necklace my last remnant from home and then what was left of my poor dress pooled around my feet, I slowly stepped out of it as naked as the day I was born

I had never seen a man's body and a man had certainly never seen mine, gathering what little courage and pride I had left I slowly turned around and came face to face with my future husband

With surprise I realised he stood quite close to me and we did nothing for several seconds but stare at each other, I saw him shudder and heave a slow breath as I tried not to look below his muscled chest but I could not help myself as my eyes darted to his manhood

It was the first time I had seen one, so I could not compare him to another but he was most definitely large in size, and just the thought of it inside of me terrified me

He stepped closer to me, his breathing laboured as I stared transfixed at the lines on his stomach, not daring enough to take another look at his manhood

He stepped so close that I could feel his chest against my bosom, he raised his hand and touched a stray hair on my shoulder sweeping it back and then his knuckles made their way slowly down my arm, leaving a trail of blazing fire

"Come Isabella" he suddenly said holding my hand as he walked me towards the tub in the middle of the room

We did not have such things in Sabine, everyone just bathed in the river, the tub was quite tall and before I could even comprehended what was happening, Edward had picked me up, his hand below my knees and the other cradling my head, as he softly placed me in the tub

His touched made my body shiver and I moved as far away as I could from him as he swung his legs over and sat close to me, he had a cloth in his hand that I had not noticed before and I wondered where he had gotten it from

He moved closer to me but I pressed myself up against the tub trying to put some distance between us

With a frustrated sighed he suddenly dropped the cloth in to the water and opened up his arms to me

"Come here" he demanded, I could produce no words but I vigorously shook my head, I wanted to be nowhere near him or his manhood

"Come here or I will force you" he threatened, his eyes dangerously glinting

I could stay pressed against the tub and just wait for him to force me or I could do it willingly and preserve whatever little dignity I had left

I slowly moved towards him and sat next to him, when he grabbed me and forced me onto his lap, his glare silencing me

He grabbed the cloth again and started washing my back

We stayed silent for a few minutes before his quiet voice filled the air

"I am to be your husband" he suddenly spoke "from now on it will be my job to clothe you, feed you, protect you and do with your body as I wish" he said "but I will also respect and cherish you" he breathed, as he suddenly held my face in hands and forced are eyes to connect "and I will do my best to rid you of the sadness in your heart"

I did not know how to reply to such a declaration, it was more then I certainly expected from a Roman and so instead of replying I asked the question I longed to know the most

"Will I ever see my family again?" my voice was so quiet that I doubted he could hear it

"I am your family now Isabella" he finally answered and I could no longer hold in my tears as Edward held my head to his chest and let me cry