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I'd always believed a women's job was to quietly sit at home and do nothing but to bear children and pleasure their husbands. That idea was quickly thrown out the window, in the past two days I've had to take care of everything.

I was now the head of the house whilst Edward was away, in charge of practically everything, but I knew nothing of distributing wages and work hours or which servant went where and I was far too stubborn to ask any one for any guidance.

Thankfully Aro had arrived the very same day that Edward had left offering me his help, which I gladly took. Sadly he refused to help me run the house, something he believed to be a women's job and he had strongly advised me not to ask anyone else either.

Why? I did not know but I was going to follow his advice, I felt like a child that had been thrown to the wolves and then had been told to beat them with her bare hands, I was confused and scared and for the first time since I had met him I wished for Edward's help

I found myself thinking about him often and regretting our last encounter, I still couldn't think of him without feeling a little anger and resentment but the bitterness was no longer present

Even thought he'd only been gone for two days I was sure that something terrible had happened, although he had not told me who he was off to battle, deep down I knew that it was the Sabine men and I could do nothing but stand around and wait for news

It was on the third day that something strange occurred, Victoria arrived.

I wasn't sure of how to react or what to say, I had only met her twice and neither of us had uttered a word to each other, so why was she here now?

"Isabella" she beamed as Bree led her into the main room

"Victoria" I replied curtly, this was the women who had taken the lives of innocent children, she was capable of anything "to what do I owe the pleasure" I said sweetly, determined not to underestimate her

"Oh you poor thing, cooped up in here for days, whilst my brother goes gallivanting" she said dramatically, taking a seat across from me

"I would hardly call war, gallivanting" I said annoyed

"Oh you know what men are like" she said waving her arm "they kill a man and then ride a whore to celebrate" she said plucking a grape from the bowl in front of her and eating it

I looked at her astounded, surely she was joking

"Although, knowing Edward, he'll ride more then one" she continued "at the same time" she added

By now my eyes where falling out of their sockets, but I was more surprised that she was talking about a man that was not her husband in such a manner, then I was at what she presumed Edward was doing

If I ever spoke of Garret in such a manner to any women let alone his wife, I would have been beaten to within an inch of my life and who was she to presume what Edward was doing, that was between the two of us

"So" I said casually, feeling bold nothing was more humiliating then insulting a woman in her own home and Victoria had underestimated me "is Lauren with child yet?"

That wiped the smirk off her face

It was low of me to say such a thing but I only felt a dash of horror as the triumph in her eyes changed to anger

"What?" she said outraged, the grape in her hand falling soundlessly to the floor as she gawped at me

I felt a wave of uneasiness hit me as she jumped to her feet and stood towering over me but I could not and would not show fear. I stood up and faced her, my face an emotionless mask

"Well, I presumed since James was not with you, he was with his bed warmer, from what I've heard falling with child is a regular occurrence for her" I lied, I had no idea how many children Lauren had brought into the world and how often she actually fell with child but it seemed my bluff had paid off for Victoria looked as ruffled as a feather

Bree suddenly entered the room, cautiously looking at the two of us

"The Emperor is here" she blurted out

The mood suddenly shifted, Victoria's head snapped towards her and then at me before she smiled and sat back down in her seat

"He may enter" I told Bree not taking my eyes off of Victoria, I had no idea what she was thinking but I knew it could not be good for me

Aro entered the room, followed by his usual group of people; he stopped in his tracks when he spotted Victoria

"Victoria?" he said surprised "what are you doing here?" he asked suspicious

That was exactly what I wanted to know

"Oh papa" she chuckled "can't I even visit my new sister without questions being asked" she said sweetly but Aro still looked suspicious, "look at this place" she said gesturing to room "you can't expect poor Isabella to run this house all alone, I just came to offer her my help" she lied

Aro suddenly looked alarmed and I remembered his warning of not asking anyone for help

"Which I promptly declined" I said quickly

Aro looked at the two of us, his unease slowly ebbing away, there now seemed to be more to his warning then I first imagined but I could think of what it could be

Aro clicked his fingers and one of the men by his side stepped forward his arm full of scrolls

"These are for Edward when he returns" Aro said as the man passed the scrolls to me "I expect you to put them in a safe place Isabella" he said sternly as Victoria watched the scrolls like a hawk

"Of course" I replied as Aro's smile became even bigger "I'm glad I found the two of you together, it'll save me a trip. I expect to see you both at the amphitheatre before noon"

The amphitheatre was a large arena that could be seen from all of Roman

"Why?" I asked as Victoria smiled

"For the fights' my girl" Aro beamed

"Fight's?" I questioned confused

"Gladiator fights" Victoria said triumphantly, sneering at me

"Ahh, my dear daughter believes she stands a chance of besting you Isabella" Aro chuckled

I looked at him puzzled

"With my gladiator" Victoria explained "Alistair is ruthless" she gloated

"Yes he is" Aro agreed "but Stefan and Vladimir are like two monsters sent down by Pluto himself" he smiled

I was still somewhat confused

"Surely you must have seen them around" Victoria said superiorly "fighting in all that sand in the courtyard"

I had seen men fighting out there the day of my wedding but Edward had warned me not to approach them and I had not seen them since he had left

"Yes" I said a little apprehensive

"There Edward's gladiators" Victoria smirked

Aro spoke up "As Edwards wife, there also Isabella's"

Victoria grimaced "of course" she said "I better go and check on Alistair, make sure he knows what's expected of him" Victoria walked towards the door

"Take Isabella with you" Aro suddenly said "give her a chance to see her warriors before they enter the arena"

Victoria looked horrified as she looked from her father to me and then back at her father

"Surely, father there's no need-"

"There's every need" Aro said coldly, glowering at his daughter

She stubbornly looked at him

The silence stretched as I and those accompanying Aro awkwardly stood watching

Victoria suddenly bowed her head a little "as you wish, father"


A gladiator school?

I'd never known such a thing existed before today.

Everywhere I looked there where half dressed men learning to beat each other to a pulp, I mostly kept my eyes to the ground not daring to look at them in such a state of undress

Victoria however was shameless; I'd never seen a women as wanton as her, as she fawned over the owner of the school, Jacob Black.

If I was to be so bold, I would even dare that there was something going on between the two but I could not believe it, no matter how many times she brushed her hand against his thigh or he did the same with her breast, surely if there was something going on they would not be so obvious

"And these two are Stefan and Vladimir" Jacob said introducing me to the two men who where now my gladiators

The second they looked at me both men dropped down to their knees, their heads bowed, I was speechless but Jacob and Victoria seemed to expect such a reaction

Victoria scoffed and rolled her eyes at me

"Are you going to keep them on their knees all day" she sneered "tell them to stand"

The smaller of the two gladiators raised his head a little and glared at Victoria, all though she was too busy glaring at me to notice

"Stand" I lamely told the two men

They both jumped to their feet. They looked quite similar with their dark eyes and pale skin but unlike Jacob I could not guess where they where from. Jacob had the tanned complexion of the people of Thrace, whereas Stefan and Vladimir looked far too pale to be from any of the places I had heard of.

"This is Stefan" Jacob said motioning to the smaller of the two "and this one's Vladimir" Vladimir's hair was lighter then Stefan's by a shade or two, I assumed they where brothers

We only spent a few moments in their company before we where off to see Alistair.

Alistair was a large, burly man, seven feet tall with arms and legs the size of tree trunks. He had several teeth missing "a champions wounds" he called them. He was from Britannia, once a Knight to the King, Jacob had told her but he had been exiled and then captured when he was in Caledonia by James himself, he had been a wedding gift to Victoria and so far he had destroyed anyone that had faced him in the amphitheatre

Victoria took Alistair a few feet away from Jacob and I as they held a private conversation, I felt uncomfortable being left alone with Jacob even if it was outside in full view of other people

"I hear that Edward has not yet returned" Jacob suddenly spoke

"No" I answered not really sure why he was asking

"You must miss him" he said, looking straight at me

"Very much so" I lied and he burst out laughing

"What is so amusing" I snapped acutely aware of all the looks I was receiving from the training gladiators

"Women" he snorted "if a man does not like another he tells him but women, you hide your scorn and contempt and let it all fester, such strange creatures" he shook his head

"I hold neither scorn nor contempt for my husband" I snarled

"Who said I was referring to you?" he smirked "I was merely speaking of all women, I'm sure you hold only love for your dear husband" his smirk got bigger "and lucky for you Edward will most likely return, he's the best swordsmen I've ever met and he is a Primus pilus, he shouldn't be in too much danger" he shrugged

Primus Pilus? He must have seen the confusion on my face for he explained the term "he's one of the Senior Centurion's, he leads over a thousand men into battle or in this case only about two hundred" Jacob chuckled "nevertheless he'll be safe high up in his pavilion far away from the fighting"

"Why so little?" I asked curious ignoring his other comment, I didn't know Edward very well but he did not look like the type to hide whilst his men died around him.

Jacob looked at me. "Only the men who stole their wives are going off to face their fathers and brothers" he chuckled

"They're fighting the Sabine men?" I breathed desperate for clarification

"Yes" he shook his head "the fools-nothing more unlucky in this world then spilling your father's blood, Mars himself shall curse those men. Father pitted against son! And it's all because of that husband of yours"

"What did Edward do?" I asked confused, trying to hide my nerves. There was nothing possibly worse then killing your father, be it the man who's blood you carried or the one your wife did, they where both the same.

"Look around you" Jacob grunted "for every one women in this city there are five men, all desperate for a wife, yet only a thousand men went to abduct the Sabine women" he shook his head "when the idea was first mentioned, every man from Capitoline hill to Campus Martius signed up to go, farmers and soldiers alike, then your dear Edward ruined it all. the Sabine men weren't just going to forget this, so he demanded that only men who where willing to kill their future fathers be allowed to wed, needless to say nearly every man changed his mind" he chuckled "except the foolish ones, they joined the army and are now most likely being cursed by the gods" he said with a shrug of his shoulders

Victoria returned at that exact moment with a large smile "Alistair knows exactly what to do" she beamed. I stood there, not caring about a word she said, all I could see was Edward striking down my poor father.


The amphitheatre was a large arena packed with men, women and children.

The sun was about to set and torches had been lined up in rows and rows, lighting the whole place up.

I sat in the largest balcony, with the emperor and Victoria and James and a handful of senators. We had the greatest view of the carnage and I hated every second of it.

Alistair truly was a monster; he'd killed men after men in the most violent of ways but the Emperor was worse, if Aro had wished it he could have saved every one of those men, but each time Alistair looked up at them for the verdict, Aro would give a thumbs down and elicit a roar of cheer from the crowd as Alistair killed them

"It's for their own good" he said "what would a man do if he can not see" he shrugged referring to the man that Alistair had speared in one eye

I knew better then to dare say anything, so I smiled and kept quiet as I watched the rest of the fights.

Stefan and Vladimir where a different breed of gladiators, not as cruel as Alistair but just as effective and when Aro told them to kill, they did it swiftly.

Aro seemed to like them, for he kept praising them and although he was impressed with Alistair, he rarely mentioned his name.

Finally it was the match everyone wanted and I dreaded, Stefan against Alistair.

"This will be quick" Victoria smirked, sitting to Aro's right side. When we had first arrived she had sat to his left and her mother had sat to the right, but Aro quickly removed them both, declaring now that I was his eldest daughter and so the seat belonged to me. Victoria was moved to the right and her mother had been kicked out of the balcony.

The fighting was anything but quick. Alistair was stronger then Stefan, but Stefan was quicker and more agile, every blow he received, he returned.

Towards the end, they where both bloody and bruised but Stefan was the one in trouble, he was slowing down and Alistair just kept pounding on him, in the end he was speared though the heel, his scream could be heard across the amphitheatre as people jumped up and down, some cheering and some booing, Victoria was the loudest, she had jumped out of her chair and was now cheering with the best of them.

Alistair looked up at Aro, Stefan had lost and now it was time to find out if he would die.

Aro took his time, looking from Victoria to me. He held out his hand and I closed my eyes and prayed for Stefan, a loud cheer arose from the crowd and my eyes flew open to see Aro's thumbs up.

Stefan would live?

Stefan would live!

I stood up and cheered just as wildly as Victoria had been a moment ago, she was now staring at her father in disbelief as James held on to her hand, restraining her.

Vladimir ran up to Stefan in the arena down below, with Jacob and what I assumed to be surgeons and physicians behind them. Alistair was still looking up at Aro, dumbstruck and I could not help the smile on my face.

That was the last fight of the day and the senators had already stood to bid their farewells so I followed suit, declining Aro's invitation of riding in his carriage and then quickly left.

Billy was waiting down below for me and held out the carriage door when I approached, Billy had been born in Rome but his mother had been a Celtic woman who had married a roman soldier. He was a kind enough man, never speaking unless spoken to and always ready to take me where ever I wanted to go.

I'd never seen him away from the carriage but I knew that he had a wife

"Did you watch the fighting Billy" I asked him as he closed the carriage door

"No, my Lady" he replied "I am not a fan of such violence" he grimaced and I had to agree with him, he walked to the front of the carriage and that's when I saw her-Rosalie!

It had been so long since I had last seen her so I was far too shocked to do anything but look, she looked better then the last time I had seen her and she was entering a carriage with one of the men I recognised as one of the senator's.

"Rosalie!" I yelled once I realised that she was leaving but she could not hear me as the man closed the carriage door behind him.

I yanked open my carriage door, desperate to see her again. I ran out of the carriage and hit something hard; hands grabbed me before I could hit the ground

"My lady" Billy said behind me, but I was to busy trying to free myself from Jacob

"Let go of me" I snarled, looking at Rosalie's carriage, I could see her inside but the driver had already started to move and now even if I ran I would not reach her

Jacob looked from the carriage to me, bewildered

"My Lady" Billy said anxious but I stood and watched as Rosalie's carriage disappeared amongst all the others

I turned and went back to my carriage, ignoring both Billy and Jacob, who was following us.

Jacob stopped Billy from closing my door, "I was hoping for a ride" he smirked as Billy looked at him, furious.

"No" he said, getting between Jacob and me

"The carriage you where looking at" Jacob smirked "I could tell you who it belongs to"

I looked from Billy to Jacob, I normally would have said no but I needed to know about Rosalie, now that I had seen her, I could not just forget her

"It's just to the hill" Jacobs said to Billy, "you wouldn't be going out of your way"

"Let him in Billy" I said, he didn't look happy about it but he stepped aside and closed the door once Jacob had entered.

Jacob sat across from me as the carriage began moving

"Who does the carriage belong to?" I asked sternly

"Lord Emmet" he answered with a shrug

"Emmet?" I repeated

"Yes" he smiled "but unlike me, he's not a friend of your husbands"

"They do not like a each other?" I asked hesitantly

"Like?" he guffawed "my sweet lady, your husband and Emmet hate each other" he laughed

"But what about the women in the carriage?" I asked, desperate to know anything about Rosalie

"The yellow haired one?" he replied

"Yes" I answered

"She is his wife" he shrugged "Rosalie, I thing she's called-she's one of your people, a Sabine"

"I know all that, what else do you know?" I asked frustrated

He shrugged and I had to hold in my anger for all I wanted to do was grab him by the scruff of his shirt and throw him out of the carriage

"This Emmet? Is he a nice man?" I asked

"I am afraid that we interpret nice differently" he replied with a smile and I could not take any more

"Billy" I called, the carriage came to a halt and Billy was at my side quicker then I expected "Jacob will be leaving now" I said to Jacob's astonishment and Billy's great pleasure

I arrived home shortly after that, the sun had fully set and all I wanted was to sleep but when I entered my bedroom, there sitting on the bed removing his blood soaked armour was the last person I had expected to see

He looked up surprised to see me

"My wife" he murmured, a sad smile on his face

"Edward" I breathed, unable to take my eyes off his blood red sword.



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