Victor walked Carmen home. She pulled a key out of her pocket and opened the door. Victor could hear yelling inside. He took a step back "I'll see you around Carmen."

Carmen looked down at her feet.

"Hey, you know if you ever want to practice basketball I'm always having to play these days." Victor said kindly "I'm in the park almost every afternoon after practice."

Carmen nodded and smiled.

"See you later." Victor left.

Carmen waved.

"Something is very wrong with that kid." Victor thought.

The next day everyone met a Lenni's house except for Jamal and Rob. "We better hurry." Lenni said and they all trooped out the door to Robs school. The school was huge! It was an old building and they found Rob sadly perched on a statue of a lion outside. He was listening to a girl who seemed to be angry.

"Hey Rob!" yelled Alex. The gang ran over to see him.

"Hey!" Rob said perking up "Elyse these are my friends."

"A pleasure." Elyse said then turned "They can't do this. You know where all the funding went don't you! I bet it went to the science school. They get everything! It's all about technology now isn't it?"

"Hey maybe we can raise the money." Rob suggested

"How? With what?" Elyse said.

"What's going on?" Tina said

"The funding for the mural's been canceled." Rob said.

"I'm going down to the science school and give those jerks a piece of my mind!" Elyse growled "You coming Rob?"

"Maybe you ought to calm down?" Rob said "You have to think these things through."

"I'm done thinking. We need to take action now, even if I have to do it alone!" Elyse yelled and ran off.

"She seems cheery." Gabby muttered.

"She's just angry." Rob said "She'll get over it. What we need is a way to raise money."

They thought for a few minutes. "Hey let's start a book sale!" Gabby said "We could ask people to donate used books and then sell them to get the money we need!"

"Yeah, that sounds great!" Rob said "Let's go Mr. Williamson if its alright?"

Jamal had finished his orientation, now he was doing his very first titration. "Careful." Said the teacher. "Very good now add slowly. You want to stop when it first starts to turn purple."

Jamal sighed as his solution had just turned the brightest purple/pink color ever.

"It's alright. That is why we're only doing practices. Try again Jamal." The teacher said. Suddenly an older student ran in "Hey teach! Mike spilt a bunch of stuff in the supply room!"

"I told him to be careful! Jamal stay here don't touch anything." The teacher said running off.

Jamal sat down and stared at his notebook. He couldn't figure out what he did wrong. He just needed practice he guessed. The teacher returned "I'm sorry Jamal I'm afraid I can't finish the project today. Go on home we'll do some more Thursday."

"Ok," Jamal said "thanks." He picked up his backpack and left.

As he left he heard a girl screaming about funding. Suddenly he ran into Erica Dansby. "Hey watch it." She said as she almost tripped.

"I'm sorry." Jamal said helping her pick up the box of floppy discs and manuals "What are you doing here?"

"I'm in the computer science club, I'm helping catalog all the schools programs. If you must know." Erica said grumpily

"Hurry up pipsqueak!" yelled an older student

"I've got to go." Erica said "Duty calls."

Jamal walked past the biology lab where two seniors were working. They waved at him. Soon he was out of the building and on his way to Lenni's.

Everyone was there and they were all looking excited. "Look Jamal!" Cassey said holding up a poster.

"Book sale?" Jamal said

They explained. "What a great idea! We've all got books we don't really read very much and we can get new books to read while helping out a good cause." Jamal said

"Exactly what we were thinking." Alex said.

"Let me help." Jamal said. Soon they had tons of posters put together.

"Don't forget its going to be a week from now." Lenni said "On a Saturday so people can come."

They all went different ways.

"This is going to be the best ever." Casey said then stopped "But all my books are in Detroit Jamal!"

"That's ok you can share ours." Jamal said

"Yeah," Rob said "We've got lots of books."

When they walked in Grandma Cici was looking worried "Jamal, Lt. McQuade would like a word with you."

Lt. Isaiah McQuade looked grave "I'd like to talk to you about what you were doing between 3 and 4pm today. Some valuable computer parts were stolen."