A/N: dwparsnip's FanFic challenge is to write a fic about Rodney and a significant other, friendship or romance, based upon the title of a song from your music (WMP playlist, IPod, etc.) No lyrics other than the title and the title must appear in the fic. Does not have to be canon. 500 words or less.

Word count: 500

Rodney and Significant Other Challenge

That's When I'll Stop Loving You

Jennifer watched Rodney walk away with Radek and John after giving her a perfunctory kiss and a quick, "See you later."

It wasn't fair. She'd waited so long to find someone to love who loved her back with equal zeal and she'd found that in an arrogant, grumpy astrophysicist. Or thought she had. Almost a year ago, she'd declared her love for him and they'd been happily coupled since then. But lately he'd been distracted and even more absent-minded than usual when it came to arriving on time for dates.

Maybe he's changed his mind. I'm younger than him and he usually goes for short-haired blondes. That's what I get for letting my hair grow and for letting it go back to its original color. Maybe I should dye it again.

Her unhappy musings ended when a noisy group of Marines passed her table giving her quick "hi, doc" greetings.

Two Nights Later

Sitting in her office, Jennifer found it difficult to concentrate on her quarterly reviews. She hadn't seen Rodney since that evening in the Mess Hall. He hadn't called or come by her office. Needing to hear his voice, she recalled the video logs from his most recent illness. Once again, she listened to him tell her he'd loved her for a while and wanted her to know, just in case.

A knock on her door startled her and she hit pause automatically. It was Rodney and he was smiling…sort of.

"Um, Jennifer, can we…talk?"

Uh-oh! Here it comes. He's gonna break up with me!

Pasting on a smile, she stood and joined him at the door. He walked alongside her to the transporter, they got out on a high level and she was guided to one of the balconies. When they arrived, she found dinner waiting for them. Soft music, candles, the works. He'd obviously gone all out and she began to cry.

"D-did I do something wrong?" he stammered. "Today's the one-year anniversary of the day you told me you loved me. The single best day of my entire life and I thought…"

Shaking her head, she took his hands in hers. "You've been so distant lately I thought you were breaking up with me."

Now his eyes went very wide. "Oh, crap!" Taking her hand, Rodney led her through the halls of Atlantis, in and out of a transporter, and into what she knew to be the Stellar Cartography room. He activated the display zeroing in on one particular area. "This galaxy is billions upon billions of years old."

"Why are you showing it to me?"

"Look, if I'd fallen in love with you at the time it had formed, I would still love you." He pointed. "When that galaxy dies, that is when I'll stop loving you, and probably not even then."

Jennifer couldn't say a word. She just stepped into the circle of his arms as he produced a ring with a single diamond in the center, her tears coming again when he whispered, "Marry me?"


A/N: The song "That's When I'll Stop Loving You" is the tenth track on the No Strings Attached CD by 'N Sync, released March 21, 2000. Couldn't find the creator(s).