So I got this idea while I was in the shower listening to Rolling Girl by Hatsune Miku… And this is my first Hetalia fanfic so please don't rape me if it sucks. (- _ -) Anyway, I'll probably put some Hetaoni references in here. Because Hetaoni is terrifyingly brilliant.

Title: The Mysterious Case of White

Rating: T… for now

Warnings: Swearing, near death situations

Pairings: GerIta and Spamano

Summary: When Italy and Germany get into a fight, Germany tells Italy to go home. Italy calls Romano while he's at Spain's and Romano goes home to make sure Italy is ok. The two Italian's go for a walk when Italy notices a kitty in the middle of the road and runs out to pick him up. But what happens when Italy ignores the on-coming traffic?

Chapter One: The Words We Fail To Say



"God dammit, Feliciano! How did you manage to mess this up!" Germany shouted at the Italian. Said Italian was sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor covered from head to toe in flour. Bits and pieces of cake batter matted into his hair and splattered on the kitchen walls, counters, and floor. The mixing bowl still spinning in the blender from not being put in right. The carton of eggs was on the floor upside down, half of the eggs broken and oozing on the floor tiles.

Italy looked up at Germany with big, wet eyes. Tears were lining up his eyes and threatened to spill over. Deep down a part of Germany felt a chip in his heart. He grabbed a towel and kneeled down to wipe the flour and cake batter from the Italian's face.

"Feliciano…why don't you spend the night at your house tonight? I have an important meeting tomorrow morning and I can't be distracted by you."

"B-but…o-oh, alr-right… I guess I'll just b-be going then…" Feliciano hung his head and walked past Germany without a second glance. Germany frowned and turned to watch the Italian walk out the front door, slowly starting to fill up with guilt. 'Maybe I was too hard on him…'

Germany was brought out of his thoughts at the sound of the mixing bowl spinning out of the blender and crashing onto the floor, spurting Ludwig with cake batter.

"…God dammit…"


Italy wiped another tear from cheek as he entered the front hall of the house he shared with his brother in Italy. Or at least, they did share before Romano started dating Spain and Italy started spending more time at Germany's. Walking further into the house, Italy felt somewhat surprised to feel so foreign in his own home. He stopped at the closet at the end of the main hallway to hang up his jacket that was surprisingly not covered in baking goods.

Italy continued walking into the kitchen and sat down at the table. The house was dark, for being only a few hours into the day. Italy stared at the kitchen table as he debated what to do next. This was the first time Germany had gotten so mad and actually threw him out of his house. Deep down. Italy understood why Germany did it. Sure, anyone would have gotten mad if they walked into their kitchen and found it covered in baking supplies. It was a normal reaction, right?


Germany will probably call or come get him as soon as he's done with his work and misses Italy.



Italy jumped out of his seat and fell onto the kitchen tiles. He looked out the kitchen window and saw what looked like a boney long hand trying to break through the window. Italy paled and ran out of the kitchen, upstairs, and dove under his bed shaking. "F-f-fratello…."

Italy shakily pulled out his cell phone and dialed Romano.






"Nghh… w-whatthe…. The hell doyou want?"

"F-fratellooo! I'm scared! Our house is so big and scary and there's a skeleton outside of the kitchen trying to come and get me and it's dark out so I can't see very well and I didn't stop to see but I think we may be all out of pasta and it's so scary in our house and it kinda chilly an-!"

"FELICIANO!" You could hear Romano twitching in annoyance through the phone. "Shut the fuck up and tell me again, SLOWLY, what in fucking hell you are talking about."

Italy, completely unaffected by Romano's colourful vocabulary, took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Alright, so I came home because Germany threw me out and when I came home I sat in the kitchen but a skeleton started tapping on the window so I ran upstairs and now I'm hiding under the covers of our bed because I'm scared!" …So much for slowing down…..

Romano sighed, "Ok… what do you want me to do?"

"COME HOME PLEASE!" Italy shouted into the phone, oblivious to the fact that it was midnight where Romano was in Spain.

"Gah!" Romano flinched and pulled the phone away from his ear. "Alright alright! I'll be there soon."

"Gratzie fratello."

"Yeah yeah… just… give me a minute, okay?"

"Sure thing fratello. Ti amo."

You cold hear the blush Romano tried to hide. (It can happen?) "Yea… you too." they both hung up. Italy curled into the covers tightly and made himself more comfortable. He was lulled to sleep from the warm blankets and the sense of relief of knowing his fratello would be there soon to protect him.

~~~~~End Chapter One~~~~

Well? Advice? Comments? Suggestions? I have an idea where I'm going to take this but if anyone wants to see anything specific, like a character cameo or stuff like that, feel free to say so.