Storming through the emergency room doors, Germany carried Italy in his arms as gently as he could without jumbling his head. Italy had suddenly became cold in the car and then promptly passed out. It was so odd, it all happened out of no where. Italy seemed fine in the car when they first got in. What changed that made Italy so sick all of a sudden?

"Sir. What is your emergency?"

"I…I, uh, I don't really know…I mean, he was in an accident a few hours ago, but the ambulance checked him out…they said he was okay to leave… and he was fine in the car…but then his attitude changed and then he passed out." The nurse quickly jotted down a few notes, whistled for a wheelchair to be brought around, and then promptly instructed the German to place the unconscious man in the chair. Before Germany could even move, the nurse was wheeling Italy away from him.

The moment Italy was no longer in Germany's arms, the whole world seemed to speed by the German. There were blank faces all around him, rushing to attend to patients, doctors running from counter to rooms, but all Germany could see was Italy being taken away. He wanted to follow, he took a step to catch up to them, but before he could even take a breath, another nurse blocked him. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Germany could roughly comprehend that she was talking to him. But it wasn't until a sharp SNAP of her fingers did Germany finally come back to his head.

"Eh! I need you to answer these sir. Otherwise I'll leave you out in the waiting room and you won't be able to go see him." With a defeated sigh, Germany took the clipboard from the nurse and begrudgingly sat down in an empty chair in the waiting room. He tried to answer the questions to the best of his ability, but Germany realised that there were a lot of things that Germany wasn't sure about. He didn't know how old Italy was (in human years), nor did he know anything about Italy's medical history. I mean, he should, shouldn't he? He's had to clean up and bandage Italy so many times, so why didn't he know if Italy had ever had a broken bone or the flu.

He ended up just saying no to everything he didn't know. After all, he wasn't a relative, so they couldn't expect him to know everything. Nor did they need to know that Germany wasn't a relative. Handing the nurse the clipboard, Germany quickly asked the nurse what room Italy was taken to and before she could blink Germany took off towards the room.

Emergency Room # 6

The door was closed. There wasn't a do not enter sign on the door, but Germany still felt an aura of 'you probably shouldn't enter' anyway. As the door un-clicked and slowly opened, Germany walked in the room. Laying on the bed, was Italy. He was awake, but very disoriented. There was a nurse next to him taking a blood sample, talking to Italy as she did so. She asked him about his brother, their home in Italy, if they had any pets: just trying to distract Italy from the needle. Miraculously, it seemed to be working. But then again, Italy's eyes were swimming around the room, so maybe he wasn't even aware of what the woman was saying.

Quickly looking up at Germany, the nurse finished the blood sample and went to go put the vials on the counter behind the emergency room bed. It was for both the sake of the doctors, nurses and patients that only the hospital workers saw the blood. At least half of the people who have blood drawn end up passing out from the sight of it sitting in a vial. But years of being on the battlefield had made Germany less receptive of the crimson fluid.

Dazedly, Italy looked up to Germany, not really seeing him but knowing he was there. He looked pitiful. Tears were brimming in his eyes and his jaw slightly shaking. He looked away from the German, embarrassed and annoyed at the same time.

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