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The heart dies a slow death

His body was against hers. Separated only by mere silk clothing and a thin bathrobe.

Shedding each hope like leaves

Her tears flowed from her eyes. Trying to forget what she was doing. Trying to forget what was going to happen.

Until one day there are none

"CLACK" The door opens. In peeks her dearest friend, Pumpkin and her lover. Leaving without words said, he storms out of the room. Temptation to forever rip the man's genitals remained pumping through his veins.

No hope

Eyes as wide as they can go, dearest geisha screams for her lover. Her man. Her everything. Abandoning the garbage that lay sprawled on the floor, like leftover dinner.

Nothing remains

She misses him. He has escaped her. Blood pumping through her veins and heartbeat racing, dearest geisha wonders 'Where did he go?'

She paints her face to hide her face

The promotion was important. The fame was great. The recognition would be all hers. But she didn't want it.

Her eyes are deep water

With dark blue gems shining through the mask, the dearest geisha performs.

It is not for geisha to want

She is not going because she wants to.

It is not for geisha to feel

She is going because it's for him and him only.

Geisha is artist of the floating world

Her gracefulness impresses the foreigners.

She dances

Her movements please the foreigners.

She sings

Her voice warms the hearts of foreigners.

She entertains you

Her performances entertain foreigners.

Whatever you want.

Geishas are works of art to admire.

The rest is shadows

How they are to be admired…

The rest is secret

Is left into the hands of the admirer.