Dear Arthur,

I admit, I did hear it from Alfred... Sorry if I offended you at all by using that nickname, though! I must admit, it is rather cute hence why I used it, yes~

By the way, one is never too old to celebrate Easter! I don't actually have Easter eggs myself. To be honest, the most exciting part of it for me is the bank holidays!

It's funny that you mentioned the French seeing as I was actually being talked to by one on the plane back home from the USA. It amused me how he was saying how boring England is and that he was only going there to transfer...

Personally I felt that we was going there for other reasons... Have you ever come across Anglophiles? I had a good few run ins with some myself whenever I went abroad. It's the accent apparentally!

Anyways, back on topic. Italian is awesome~ Do the Italys ever cook for you? You're pretty lucky if that's the case...

Yes, I do love pasta... especially lasagne!

Moving on to tea, I can't stand sugar in any kind... And what's this about Alfred? If you see him again, give him a hug from me? Pretty please with a cherry on top? I did enjoy my time in Michigan after all... Which reminds me of another question.

Is one of Alfred's hands Michigan? I only thought so since the people there refer to it as the mitten, which reminds me of a certain story involving kittens...

Please forgive me, I ramble a lot, oops...

The River Thames is amazing~ I used to enjoy taking the DLR up to Greenwich just to look over it. One time I saw one of the battleships there! Cue another question, where's the River Thames on you? Sorry if it's personal, I'm just curious~

Aww, I hope that the recession isn't being harsh to you~! I can see why bringing the pidgeons back would be a problem though... Apparentally they discouraged them because of... well... mess on the monuments. I feel bad for whoever has cleaning duty..

That's a pretty good saying regarding 3am. Luckily I got a lie in due to the Bank Holiday so I'm right as rain, but thank you for the concern! Has anything bad ever happened to you after 3am?

Oh! Did Alfred call you back at that point? You can get back to me anytime, since you're most likely very busy most of the time...

Thank you for the reply and I look forward to hearing from you too~!

Take care~



To GilbertofPrussia: I really did enjoy typing that letter and this one too! I hope that you'll enjoy responding to this one...

I couldn't resist sending a letter so soon! Poor Arthur...

And don't worry, I at least sent this at a much more sane time, aka. 6:30pm my time, so hopefully I make more sense!

I'll stop now... But this is awesome~! :D

Dear Mochirisu,

Ah…there's no need to apologize. Even my fellow nations have begun calling me by that nickname, so I suppose it's alright that civilians are, as well…of course, then it's usually followed by squeals of delight or a fair bout of cursing. Why do you think that is?

Come now, I'm pushing more than two thousand years! You're absolutely positive I'm not too old? Mm…yes, the most enjoyable part of any holiday is time off from work. I haven't had any in a while, but I can relate.

Is that so? I'm surprised you weren't sexually violated by him…of course not all Frogs are as perverse as the Frog, but you can never be sure.

Wha-that's rubbish! I-I'm not boring! Humph…well, what did you tell him?

Anglophiles…? Unfortunately, yes…more often than not, it's when I visit America or talk with tourists, but I can fake a Southern accent rather well, so I've learned to avoid them well enough. Of course, there was that unfortunate accident with that group of men on the trolley…

*ahem* Of course, I'd rather not bring bad memories to light.

The Italian brothers do cook for me from time to time, actually…usually it's because they've accidentally wandered into my territory, only to be dragged out by the Kraut…

And as to be expected, their pasta is better than any I've ever tasted in a restaurant. You're right- I consider myself very lucky. O-Of course, my own cooking is more delicious than anyone's…

Honestly, I must agree with you there…sugar ruins the flavor and dulls the senses, and I can't stand to drink tea with it. Which reminds me…when you visited America, did you sample the sweet tea? Three cups of sugar per gallon…my word…

When I see him again, indeed…he sent me a text message last night, so I suppose I'm not as upset with him…yes, alright, I will. I'll send him your regards, as well.

Michigan? That's a very good question, though I'm afraid I don't know the answer. I've could ask Alfred for you, though, if you like…hm…if they refer to it as the mitten, though, I wouldn't doubt the possibility of it being one of his hands.

Kittens and mittens..? Reminds me of a nursery rhyme…or did you have something else in mind?

Yes, it is quite spectacular…hm? It's a birthmark, oddly enough…light-brown, just above my abdomen. Doesn't look much like a river, but I don't believe there are rules for these sorts of things.

It's harsh on everyone, but I suppose I have it easier than others…we'll just have to wait and hope that it picks back up again, won't we?

Ah, yes, unfortunately…the population became much too large, so they decided to be rid of them completely. If only I had a decent argument to propose to my boss…if you were to ask my opinion, though, he's not the most reasonable man on the planet.

Well, I've always done my best to live by it. Some things can't be helped, of course, but that's the way life is…you were able to sleep in, then? That's good. If you don't have your health, than you've got nothing! …except for the unicorns, of course, but they'll always be there.

As I said, he sent me a text late last night…apparently he's in Texas, getting wasted. I'm not going to go save his sorry arse this time, I promise you that! Not even if he begs…

Ah, you're more than welcome! It's a pleasant change to have someone intelligent to talk with…after all, my magic friends are hopeless and the other nations are even more so.

Warmest regards,

Arthur Kirkland

GOP to Mochirisu- As expected, this is a lot of fun. ;) I can see why the meme's become so popular!

Haha, poor Arthur indeed. He has to put up with an awful lot, doesn't he? ^^

Ah, don't worry about it! Your first letter was coherent enough, and I'm glad you slept well.

Until next time, everyone! Au revoir~