Fourteen Lights

I. Begin

There was no way to begin the conversation. The conversation they had put off for far too long. But she was her, and he was him, and they started anyways.

II. Hand

He gave her his hand. She gave him her heart. An unfair exchange, but she was quite happy with it. To just have his eyes on her for one moment in time was better than never at all.

III. Attention

She never noticed the attention he gave her. He could avert his eyes as easy as he pleased, and she never even considered that he was looking at her. That was just the way it worked.

IV. Temple

She dragged him with her to a temple, once. He hated the idea, but followed her, as he always did, as he always would.

V. Courage

He admired her courage, just as he always had. She didn't see that she had any, but he did. It was one of her charms.

VI. Provocative

No matter how much she denied it, she enjoyed his provocative remarks. Even if they were just a joke to him, nothing made her happier than when he said one to her. It made her feel special, if just for a short while.

VII. Senseless

Being without her was senseless. He would never give her up, no matter what happened. Even if she didn't want him like he wanted her, he'd always be there.

VIII. Excruciating

It was excruciating to know that he didn't care. He didn't care that he was constantly breaking her heart. He didn't care that he made her lose all thoughts. He didn't care that he was the sun to her.

IX. Year

One year apart was enough to make him insane. Without her, he was just a shell of himself.

X. Yes

In her head, she dreamed of questions she'd like to ask him, if she was bold enough. And they were always questions she wished he'd answer with an adoring yes.

XI. Thought

She was the basis of almost every thought in his head. She was his passion, his obsession, and she didn't even know.

XII. Vehement

Everything about her was vehement in regards to him. He made her feel more strongly than anything else ever had.

XIII. Outrage

He was filled with outrage every time he heard a rude comment about her. In his eyes, she was perfect. Anyone that didn't agree was just one less person that he was concerned with.

XIV. Need

They need each other. Together, they are everything; apart, they are nothing. They are better together. And they know that. Everyone saw that. It just took a while for them to get there.