Penname: Kimmydonn
Title: Monday
Summary: Jared's whole world changed, and it's about to do it again.
Word Count: 473
Rating: K+
Characters are SM's

Monday. Who in the hell invented Monday anyway? Putting my head on my desk, I nearly fell asleep before someone kicked my chair. I bolted upright, letting everyone know I had been half-asleep and earning a few chuckles. Nice.

As class droned, I looked around the room, out the window, back over all the heads, thinking about what Sam had tried to explain Saturday night, the first night I'd become a wolf. It was ridiculous, legends coming true, but I couldn't argue when his voice was in my head and I was howling to the moon.

Whoa, someone found a new shampoo. One head, three desks ahead of mine, seemed to shine today. Kim's hair had always been a little lighter than everyone else's. It wasn't crow black, but a deep brown. Today it seemed to sparkle. I stared at it until my eyelids drooped again. I hadn't gotten much sleep this weekend, hardly surprising.

I came to myself one more time as everyone started moving. Class was over, thank the Creator. I grabbed my books and nearly plowed Kim down, not seeing her until the last second. The hair let me know it was her.

"I'm sorry!" I said, grabbing her arm to stabilize her as she wobbled from the impact.

She tittered. "In a hurry, Jared? Hot date with a pillow?" she teased, pushing her hair back out of her face. Obviously my inability to keep my eyes open hadn't been lost on her.

I laughed back, about to agree. Her eyes, clear of hair now, found mine and I wondered if I'd ever noticed them before. It was like the hair before, only more so. I'd known she had hazel eyes, not dark brown, but had I ever seen the gold and green flecks so clearly, had I ever noticed the blue ring around the iris? How could I have missed how breathtaking her smile was? Or how perfect her tiny nose balanced her curved lips? I almost kissed her right there, but more was going through my head, like my soul was being pulled right out of my eyes and into hers, like the room had just started spinning around us, the whole world spinning. Not around us. I was spinning too, around her.

"Can I have a hot date with you?" I managed to croak out when I got my vision straight. It wasn't a perfect fit. The whole room seemed dimmer, as though all the light came from her. The colors seemed duller, except for her eyes, her hair, her skin...

"Um..." she blushed and I watched it bloom and spread on her cheeks, lifting my hand to touch one. "I'd like that," she said in little more than a whisper. Monday might be me new favorite day of the week, five days of Kim to follow.