The Following takes place between 1:00 pm and 2:00pm

The group headed out of the Plaza in between the Snow Forts. "Here" the EPF agent said handing the five of them pistols. "Why do we need these?" Indeanae asked. "Protection, and after what just happened you will most definately need some!" he replied. They moved straight into the Snow Forts.

" Hold up I'm getting a call." the EPF agent said. The group stopped as he answered the call. " Yeah. I will. I'll get one of them to look behind at all times. Yeah. Bye." The agent hung up.

"Who was it?" Anakinm1 asked as they started moving again. "Director, telling us to be watcful.

We don't want to be followed." They entered the Town. As soon as they passed the Gift Shop

they heard sounds of gunfire. "GET DOWN!" the agent yelled. It was the Pizza Parlor owner. The group fired their guns but he dodged every bullet. "IM GOING TO GO BEHIND!" Choppy04 yelled above the gun fire. "WATCH!" Choppy04's flipper got hit with a bullet. She crawled behind the Coffee Shop and passed the back of the Night Club and took the back door into the Gift shop.


She was in the Gift Shop. She saw the door that went upstairs. She opened and ran.


Back outside in the Town the gunfight continued. He still missed every single bullet but he would run out of ammo soon. And so would they. Bullets whizzed everywhere until the owner collaped into a heap on the ground and Choppy04 was standing with a crowbar. "Did it!" she said. The EPF agent went inside the gift shop. The rest of the group followed. They were on the rooftop now too.

Suddenly a bunch of penguins in suits came running in to the area. They were EPF agents.

One ran up to the group on the rooftop. "Pancakes" he said shaking the groups flippers. "We watched the entire gun fight back at the EPF. We decided to come in the Coffee Shop truck."

"Cool!" Dog and StarWars said. They clamered into the truck and drove off.


They were driving through the Dock. No penguins in sight. But as they enterd the Beach there were penguins scattering everywere. They stopped. Then they heard someone get out of the front of the truck and yell out in a megaphone. " ATTENION PENGUINS! IT IS SAFE TO RETURN TO THE PLAZA, SNOW FORTS,TOWN AND DOCK AREAS!" They started to drive off again. "The body of that unconsious pizza guy is being transported in that small car behind us." Pancakes said.

Choppy04 was also in a separate vehical being transported to medical. They all could tell she was going to live.


They arrived at the EPF. They clambered out the truck. They walked inside, past the fake phone

and into lift. There sat the director. At the table HIMSELF!